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Found 1 result

  1. First of all I'd like to say that I didn't really know where to put this thread so I post here. Also, I'm aware this is not the first time someone has an idea like this one but I'm really psyched up for it and think it might work with a bit of effort. Also, the thread talks about the freedom cluster. Also, I'm making this thread to gather votes and opinions, not to state a happening fact. EPIC AMAZING BADASS ARENA GLADIATOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS WITH ANIMALS! Possibilities: - duels; - team fights; - 1v1 championships; - team championships; - animal fights; - wrestling; - animal wrestling; - rewards. Possible/known problems: - people won't be too eager to travel all the way from wherever they are to the arena; - concentration of the whole wurm world on fighting related skills just to win the championships. Organisational matters: The arena would not be open 24/7. Instead there would be events announced in global chat and on the forums a week up front. These events would include all the things written in the "possibilities" part of the thread. All this would last a few days starting with training fights not affecting the score and ending with recreational unarmed animal wrestling. PvP fights would happen only via "spar" option to minimise the death rate. Animals can't be controlled so there would be a possibility of dying. I still have no idea how to make the team fights happen since we have no team spar option. Reward system: As I do realise championships come with rewards I'd like to present possibilities: 1v1 championships: 1st - highly enchanted high ql weapon of choice / armor set of choice 2nd - enchanted high ql tool of choice 3rd - high ql tool/weapon of choice OR 1st - 3 silver coins 2nd - 2 silver coins 3rd 1 silver coin Team championships: 1st - armor sets / bulk resources 2nd - lesser bulk resources quantity 3nd - even lesser bulk resources quantity OR 1st - 5 silver coins 2nd - 3 silver coins 3rd - 2 silver coins If you have a better rewards system idea post it below. Rewards of items would mean free beds, imps, sign up and everything else throughout the event. Rewards of money would mean a 10c participation fee from everyone and a 5c bed fee. In my opinion it seems reasonable. Again - if you think I missed something, explained something poorly or you have a better idea about anything feel free to post below. Also please take a vote in the poll.