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Found 45 results

  1. Supreme Studded Leather Cap 86,03ql AoSP 90 A leather cap strengthened with metal studs. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: off Buyout: off Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  2. Morkesh Leatherworking If you're interested in one of these items, PM me here on the forum, in-game under the name Timoka or leave a comment. My skill in leatherworking is 99+ and custom orders with higher or lower quality's can be arranged. I get my tools imped and enchanted at Honeywood, they offer high imps and enchants at fair prices. PM Kain, Myriam or Bristan for more information. Armour: Complete leather armour set QL71 - 95C (3 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL81 - 1s20C (2 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL91 - 2s50C (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL71 - 1s (2 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL81 - 1s30c (3 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL91 - 2s70c (3 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL81 - 20c (4 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL91 - 30c (3 in stock) Toolbelts: Toolbelt QL60 (6slots) - 30c (6 in stock) Toolbelt QL70 (7slots) - 40c (4 in stock) Toolbelt QL80 (8slots) - 50c (3 in stock) Toolbelt QL90 (9slots) - 1s (3 in stock) Rare Toolbelt QL90 (10slots) - 5s (0 in stock) Saddles: Saddle QL71 - 40c (2 in stock) Saddle QL81 - 60c (5 in stock) Saddle QL91 - 1s40c (9 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA82 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA83 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA85 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA92 - 1s80c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA93 - 1s80c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA96 - 1s80c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA100 - 2s10c (1 in stock) Bardings: Leather barding QL81 - 70c (5 in stock) Other horse equipment: Bridle QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Saddle Bags QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Archaeology journals: Archaeology journal (empty) QL70 - 40c (3 in stock) Archaeology journal (empty) QL90 - 1s (3 in stock) Quivers, Almanacs and Animal Rugs: Leather adventurer hat (Cosmetic only) QL+50 - 15c (10 in stock) Quiver QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Almanac (empty) QL+50 - 20c (unlimited stock) Black bear rug QL+50 - 15c (6 in stock) Brown bear rug QL+50 - 15c (19 in stock) Black wolf rug QL+50 - 15c (15 in stock) Mountain lion rug QL+50 - 15c (6 in stock) Rares: Rare studded leather boot QL93 - 2s70c Rare studded leather jacket QL93 - 2s80c Rare leather sleeve QL93 - 2s70c (2 in stock) Supreme leather sleeve QL93 - 7S Imping rates:
  3. Jasiek's Leatherworks Contact in game: Jasiek Location: Independence, Krotharin (S10) Mail: Buyer pay COD Merchant: Placed in Glasshollow Public Market - Central Market. Feel free to contact me in game or here to get more info! Every order is individual! Every stuff can be imped up to 93ql - ask aboute price if you are intrested. Studded Leather Sets Toolbelts: 50ql - 35c (or 5c pp) 15c 60ql - 60c (or 9c pp) 25c 70ql - 95c (or 12c pp) 35c 80ql - 1,4s (or 20c pp) 55c 90ql - 2,7s (or 35c pp) 95c 91ql - 4,1s (or 50c pp) 92ql - 5,4s (or 65c pp) 93ql - 6,3s (or 75c pp) ~ There is possibility to mix ql of studded parts - for more details and prices pm me ~ Horse equipment: Saddles Bridles Bardings 50ql - 10c 10c 25c 60ql - 15c 15c 35c 70ql - 35c 35c 45c 80ql - 55c 55c 70c 90ql - 1,4s 1,45s x Special Zone Others: Containers (40ql) - backpack/quiver/waterskin - 6c Animal rugs (50ql) lion/bear/wolf - 15c Armor improving - pm me with details of armor ql to get the price Alternative payment methods: Sleep powder - 75c Referral - 5,5s Buying: Drake Hide - 30c per 0,01
  4. Hello i would like to buy any ql RARE studded leather pants and sleeves PM me for discussions TY
  5. I wanna auction this complete rare studded armor set, QL is 85, except the pants that is 90, and all the pieces have Aura of shared pain casts. (The QL might be a bit higher as I will improve them a bit when i'm bored ) Starting bid: 20s Increment: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hours Buyout: None Winner will recieve it in a backpack by mail as soon as I get online after the auction has ended.
  6. Paradiso Sale I am selling a few of my old enchanted tools/weapons/shield/armour i had laying around. Since they are laying around anyway, i'm only looking for half decent prices. If you still think it's too much you are always welcome to make an offer. Studded Pants oasp27 - 10c Studded leather boots aosp71-74 - 30c Longsword ms81c73fb90nim72 - 2.5s Longsword ms63c76fb98nim73 - 2s Longsword w98c83ms67 - 1s Two Handed Sword c70n66 - 80c Axe Iron c65 Flaming Aura 20 - 30c Large Shield c71 - 60c Hatchet w57c79 - 50c Hammer c54 (will be imped to 70 before sale) - 25c Saw w50c68 - 46c
  7. Random enchanted leather goods I'm selling in my spring cleanup. Give me your offers.
  8. Does this mean than chain now has a base damage reduction of 55 and the studded of 60 ? does this also mean that chain damage reduction was reverted to the old version before the last armour update ?
  9. pls close

    #1 Rare Cloth Shoe 80.13ql Sold, buyout #2 Rare Chain Sleeve, Iron 90.74ql Current Bid: 1.5s Neuronus #3 Rare Studded Pants 90.96ql Current Bid: 2s Vortexxx #4 Rare Studded Glove 82.36ql Current Bid: 2s Vortexxx #5 Rare Studded Glove 81.25ql Current Bid: 2s Vortexxx #6 Rare Studded Boot 81.33ql Current Bid: 2s Vortexxx #7 Rare Studded Cap 81.14ql Current Bid: 2s Vortexxx #9 Rare Long Bow Willow 80.18ql (pick up or delivery required) Current Bid: 5s Milso #10 Rare Short Bow Willow 80.39ql Current Bid 3s: Riddic
  10. Merchant - Exodus, Sandhill Market (m15; x23 y31) Contact - Tris (in game, forum) Pick up - Exodus, Sandhill (m15; x23 y31) Mail - buyer pay CoD
  11. Price: 3s Buyer pays cod or pickup at C14 Xanadu (Nowe Wszczeniesz) Note: If you buy, please write your nickname.
  12. Price: 2.5s Buyer pays cod or pickup at C14 Xanadu (Nowe Wszczeniesz) Note: If you buy, please write your ingame nickname, thanks.
  13. Price: 2s Buyer pays cod or pickup at C14 Xanadu (Nowe Wszczeniesz) Notes: If you buy, please write your game nickname in post.
  14. I will be providing ALL armor sets AS-IS, I will not touch any of these as I simply want them gone. I may be willing to dispel enchants, as I do realize that Web Armor has little use on Freedom. I can do blank weapons and shields to go with these sets, up to 75QL, for an extra 50c. (For both pieces) Plate sets: #1 - Plate Set - 80QL AVERAGE - 80+ WEB ARMOR Asking Price: 5s SOLD #2 - Plate Set - 80QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 4.5s #3 - Plate Set - 74QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 4s #4 - Plate Set - 74QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 4s #5 - Plate Set - 70QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 3.5s Chain sets: #1 - Chain Set - 75QL AVERAGE - AOSP Asking Price: 2s #2 - Chain Set - 68QL AVERAGE - BLANK (No enchants) Asking Price: 1.5s Studded Leather sets: #1 - Studded Leather Set - 65QL AVERAGE - (Mag and Libila Shield, AOSP and WA mix) Asking Price: 1.5s SOLD #2 - Studded Leather Set - 65QL AVERAGE - PARTIAL WEB ARMOR Asking Price: 1s Other Items: (Boats, Seryll, Santa hats, and more! If no price, make an offer.) 2x Seryll Chain Glove, ~27QL SOLD 1x Seryll Chain Coif, ~28QL 1x Seryll Open Helm, 89QL 2x Snow Lantern 3x Fireworks, 80QL SOLD 4x Soft Cap (Santa Hat), 94-97QL SOLD 1x Cedarwood Corbita, 19QL 2x Cedarwood Knarr, 26 and 46 QL 10+x Small Sailboats of varying QL - 1.5s Each 3x Empire of Mol-Rehan Wagons - 5s Each 2x Glass Flask + Transmutation Liquid (.14KG) - 3.5s Each Pickup is from Deliverance west coast, Soleil at 8,L. Delivery to old-freedom is negotiable, PM me. I do not deliver past Xanadu. I may be willing to meet you on Xana's east coast, but no further.
  15. 90ql- Rare Studded Leather Armor Set - w/AoSP Starting Bid: 30s Increments: 1s Buyout: 40s SOLD No Reserve, 1h sniper
  16. 80,18Ql 3s (but if someone is poor i can lower to 2,5s) I send by cod (buyer pays) or pickup C14 Xanadu
  17. Up for auction is a full, 90 ql, all rare studded leather armour set, completely enchanted with AoSP and a rare 90ql toolbelt as a fabulous accesoire. Starting Bid: 15s Min. Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 30s Snipe protection: 1 hour Auction ends: Wednesday, November 19th, 12:00 noon Central US time Mailing possible at the buyers expense, otherwise pickup at Xanadu, Ondlangr, B16 on the ingame map.
  18. Selling 5 Rare items. I believe all items are mailable or we can arrange a pick up on indy. 5s each. 1) rare chain gauntlet, copper -- AosP 71 2) rare chain sleeve, iron -- AosP 81 3) rare sickle, iron 4) rare studded leather pants -- AosP 75 5) rare toolbelt, leather
  19. Lothak's Leatherwork COD from Chaos Toolbelts: 50QL: 20c 60QL: 30c 70QL: 40c 80QL: 50c 90QL: 1s Saddles: 52QL: 30c 62QL: 40c 72QL: 50c 82QL: 1s 92QL: 2s Studded leather sets: 60QL: 0.5s 70QL: 1s 80QL: 2s 90QL: 3s Bardings: 70ql: 1s 80ql: 1.5s 90ql: 2.5s
  20. #1 90ql rare studded boot with 74 aosp Start bid: 1s Min increase: 50c Hidden reserve: yes Snipe protection: 1 hour After auction, send via mail COD (10c on xandu, 20c other servers). Current winner: McGarnicle - 2,5s #2 90ql rare studded sleeve Start bid: 1s Min increase: 50c Hidden reserve: yes Snipe protection: 1 hour After auction, send via mail COD (10c on xandu, 20c other servers). Current winner: McGarnicle - 2,5s
  21. Welcome to the Bratokars Leatherworkshop and new High Tanner in 05.aug.2013: [01:28:00] Leatherworking increased by 0,0118 to 70,002 (last update: 26.Jan.2014 02:45pm GMT+1) I can Mail1 Items with Cod2, or can be picked up at Water Seven at +++ x:27 - y:04 +++ from the Harbour. Order ingame at Bratokar or Baium, on Forum at Baium or here as Reply. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Permanent specials: !!! >>> Every 2nd saturday of the month, the COD fee will be omitted to sales in server release3,5. <<< !!! !!! >>> Every 4th saturday of the month, i will give a 25% discount on my goods ordered via mail5. <<< !!! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Improvment Service: coming soon ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ list of the Merchantprices: Studded Leather ArmorSet: QL 50: Gloves,Boots and Sleeves: 8c Cap and Pants: 10c Jacket: 15c Ordering a full Set4: 0.70s (price by order only) QL60: Gloves,Boots and Sleeves: 10c Cap and Pants: 15c Jacket: 25c Ordering a full Set4: 1,00s (price by order only) QL70: (new!) Gloves,Boots and Sleeves: 15c Cap and Pants: 20c Jacket: 25c Ordering a full Set4: 1,50s (price by order only) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Toolbelts: QL50: 0.40s QL60: 0.60s QL70: 0.80s (new!) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Saddle/Bridle: QL50: 0.60s QL60: 0.80s QL70: 1.00s (new!) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leather Barding: QL50: 0.20s QL60: 0.40s QL70: 0.60s (new!) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ other leatherworking stuff by order only Backpack: 5c Waterskin: 5c Quiver: 5c ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1Mail Time is <5min. ([00:22:19] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98] ) 210c per Item to Release, 20c per Item to Pristine 3except by 50ql items 4full set and his prices is only by order 5special offer is only by order not for the Merchantshop on this day!
  22. We also sell Drake Hide Armour and Butchering Produce. For more information, check this thread: All orders and inquiries can either be posted in this thread, or PM'ed to Xallo / Alyeska either in-game or on the forums. Purchased items will be COD'ed to buyer. Bulk items will be available for pick-up at my deed unless otherwise discussed. - Deed Location (Independence) - (9,R) Ingame & (8x,55y) Community *NOTE - You will be responsible for delivering or mailing your goods unless otherwise specified. Not responsible for items lost due to bugs.
  23. I have to sell 2 boots: 1. Rare studded leather boot - 90,36Ql 2. Rare leather boot - 90,81Ql SOLD I can improve them to 95Ql for 0,5s each Starting bid: 1s on each Minimal increasement: 0,5s Buyout: 4s No priv bids or reserve Sniper prot. 1h
  24. Hello things for sale: Rare Picaxe 80ql no casts - 10s (send by COD or pickup) Studded Set 82ql - 3,5s (only pickup) Rare Needle 83woa 84coc 80ql+ - open for offerts (Cod or pickup) Merchant Contract - 8s (pickup) Snow Latern - 1s (Cod or pickup) Lump Seryll 1kg 80ql - open for offerts (cod or pickup) Saddle 90,5ql no casts - open for offerts (cod or pickup) Large Anvil 50kg now its 30ql+ but can imp to 80ql+ if you want - open for offerts (pickup) Plate Sabaton, seryll 30ql - open for offerts (cod or pickup) Deed 23x23 with guard tower, coast of west Deliverance (PM for more info and pictures) 2x Rare Cloth Glove 50ql - 75c each (cod or pickup) Picaxe 48,5ql 87coc - 1s 20c (cod or pickup 11 source crystals ( 4 weight 0,03 and 7 weight 0,01) - open for offerts 45 small rafts - 8c/ea (pickup) Rare cloth glove 50ql - 65c (cod or pickup) rare studded sleeve - 2,5s - (cod or pickup) If you have any questions PM me
  25. Full studded set with bonus great helm. All AOSP'd and 85ql studded. Start bid: 5sMin. Increments: 50cReserve: nonePrivate bids accepted and buyout offers welcome.Sniper protection: 30minruntime- 2days Happy bidding! don't miss out on this great set of studded for your main or priest!