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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to Bifrost Canal Market! We are located at map tile P15 on Harmony. Easily accessible by both water and land! Merchant available with leather items such as saddles and studded leather armor! Merchant with up to 90ql+ metal tools at low prices!! Merchant available with Plate Metal Armor!!! Limited horses available for self serve!! Shields available for order! 50c for 70ql (iron) We are pleased to announce we now have a self-serve area located on the east side of Bifrost Canal right next to the water. We have horses, leather items and metal tools available. SELF SERVICE STABLES Available Horses, Mules and Hellhorses: IMP SERVICES Leatherwork Leatherwork (up to 90ql) provided by Darwenius. Please message him in game! Blacksmithing Blacksmithing services (90ql+) provided by Katharina. Please message her in game! Plate Armor Smithing Smithing services (80ql+) provided by Zegrim. Please message in game! Bifrost Canal is located on Harmony at map tile p15. Easily accessible by both water and highway. Thank you! Horses viewed at over 65 Animal Husbandry. All traits are shown above. Merchants located at Bifrost Canal, on the east side. There's a small gravel road behind the market leading up to the token for anyone that needs to access their bank and there is a mailbox with a 90+ cast for use on the west side of the canal.
  2. A leather glove strengthened with metal studs. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The studded leather glove has some excess leather that needs to be cut away with a leather knife.The glove is currently 40.37 ql with no damage Starting bid 5s Bid Increments 1s Buyout Pm me offers ingame Sniper protection 1 hour please note COD will be at the buyers expense, Item is located in the S11 grid of Xanadu happy bidding
  3. 70+ QL Studded Leather Set (except Gloves which are 40+ QL no enchants free with purchase) AsoP 60+ Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increases: 50c Buyout: No Sniper Protection: No Happy Bidding
  4. Welcome to Greenwood Market! Current Status : Available for orders We are located on the Black Dog Isle (26x, 27y) on Independence. We have a merchant on deed that sells in stock items. Items that are currently in stock will be listed in this thread as ready to sell. I mainly make leather items and jewellery as listed below but please feel free to contact me if you are looking for something that is not listed and I'll see what I can do! How do I place an order? Orders can be placed by responding to this thread, sending me a PM, or contacting me ingame (Kasumi) How do I get my order? You can either pick up the items at Greenwood, or pick up can be arranged at Freedom Market. If you want me to deliver to your deed this can be discussed (cost of delivery will depend on how far away you are - but I do like to travel so you might be in luck ) Or items can also be mailed to you, COD to be paid by buyer. Discount can be discussed for bulk orders