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Found 5 results

  1. It appears that the tiles under a building on my property appear to generate side shaft warnings when I attempt to remine a mine tunnel perpendicular to them. I had a shaft that ran under a building but it collapsed. While mining it out I ran into this problem when I reached the first set of tiles directly under the house. I tried to go around but it appears to be the length of the structure. It looks like it is treating the building as a side shaft and not allowing another tunnel into it. Clearly it was not like that when I first made the original tunnel.
  2. Okay, so, we all love building mega super awesome epic castles... but why do they have to be split into 14 different buildings that look odd with those wierd gaps? Simple, Carpentry skill limitations and hardcarps set by the developers. What I am proposing is to allow Carpenters to link, just as priests do, to lend their skill to a combined pool. This would allow one carpenter to plan larger buildings. I believe a hardcap still needs to be set for this as well as possibly limiting a carpenter to have 2-3 links (amounts to the combined skills of 3-4 carpenters, of which have a hardcap set on them). The idea would benefit any server; chaos, epic, freedom. Chaos and epic get their longhouse walls larger one large longhouse that wraps entirely around a fortress. One writ. One set of permissions to manage. Furthermore, Freedom can use this to build colosal buildings or forts of it's own. - 70+ Carpentry requirement to link - Increased hardcap to match current hardcap multiplied by number of links? Example is Current cap is 100, then with max allowed links of 3 the combined hardcap for any combination is 400. - All accounts, links or toon being linked to, must be premium. (just incase of exploits from skills not capping at 20 when prem runs out?) - All other current restrictions apply; aka building height, skill requirement for floor types, wall types, etc. Good / bad? Discuss!
  3. Ok I know this was probably suggested before but a search didn't bring up any results... When you get over 20 repairing (or other lvl the devs see fit), you are able to see the DMG of items and structures by hovering the mouse over it, like: Oven DMG: 0.0 Yeah, I know we can do that by a simple "Examine", but if we follow this way of thinking, we can also examine or double-click to see the slope of a tile but at 15 digging skill the slope is shown by hovering the mouse.
  4. Near to where I live there's a multi-story building that was constructed by someone who has since converted to BL and moved away. However they left the house standing. I have endeavored to knock it down to open more room around my house. (This is in the EPIC environment, by the way) I have catapulted and large-mauled it extensively. Absolutely no wall, door, floor, or roof section remains, on any level. The entire structure consists of "wooden wall plan." And yet, the darn thing just won't collapse. When I use a large maul on the ground floor, it gives me the option to "destroy wall;" I select it, wait the 30 seconds, and get the message "the last parts of the wall fall down with a crash." When I right-click on an upper story I do not get the option to destroy the wall, but instead get the option to "remove wall plan here." However when I select that, I get the message that "This would cause a section of the structure to crash down since it lacks support." (Even though that's exactly what I'd like to have happen.) What am I missing? Someone told me I might have to wait 24 hours after removing the last structure section for the frame to disappear, but it,s been over that and it's still there. Any suggestions? Or might it actually be bugged?
  5. hey i've been playing and building on wurm for a long time and the one thing that i've had a problem with is how roofs work, i cant help but feel they are lacking at the moment. i feel that not only shoudl they link to other roof parts but they should link to a wall at the same level next to it too as though it was a roof part, so that there is a seamless connection there. because whenever u make a house with a 2nd floor thats smaller u end up with a little '/\I I' thing, when it would look much better in my opinion if the roofs linked to the walls and, '/I I' just seems more natural and it has them different parts in the game anyway.