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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Everyone, my name is nachtiti and i like to see and build stuff in wurm, i like specialy when i go by my boat to see how other have build and think. share with me what buildings and structure you are brude of, it maybe get you new idees, show off your deed etc etc. my self i like my new harbour for an exemple
  2. STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS: WALLS It seems surprising to me that after about a decade, we still have the same three wall types and very basic construction creativity options in a, for all intents and purposes, game revolving around construction and design. There isn't a single player who doesn't need a structure of some kind, regardless of PVP or PVE servers. That's why I think it's high time to go through a number of additional option ideas. TYPES OF WALLS Log Cabin: Pretty self explanatory - easier than the wooden plank walls, an ideal first home for a new player - chop some trees down and use the logs as well as a few pegs to create your first home - no nails required! Mud Hut: Gather some dirt and some water, and mix that tincture together for some sloppy, nasty, dirty wet mud to sling up yourself a nice one story, 2x2 tile max size mud hut. Perfect for that long trip when you really need to get some shelter. Tee Pee: Of course, what's better than a good old fashioned Tee Pee when you're a wandering nomad? Nothing, that's what. Get yourself some square pieces of cloth, some shafts, and blammo you've got the makings of a nice cozy native home. WALL PLACEMENT As we all know, roads have overgone a nice little overhaul, for paving you can now pave a corner, which makes diagonal roads look like an actual road. Why not structure walls? Diagonal walls would - all by themselves - make constructing structures far more in-depth and amazing. Pretty simple. Round Wall: Also something I would love to see is a rounded wall, for that castley feel, or that gazebo you've always wanted in the back garden. That's all I've got - if more good ideas show up in the below replies, I'll add em in.
  3. Gateway Gateway is situated on a small island on Xanadu, Q-22. We are in the alliance of Rhino Lake which is comprised of nearly 20 deeds. The deeds are all very closely knit group and very helpful. There is canal systems linking the mainland to the south and eastern seaboards. Since Gateway is still largely under development there a a multitude of projects to include but not limited to: Digging Mason Work Carpentry Farming This is the bulk of the work that is going on at the moment. However, there are always smaller projects to be done if a break is needed. This is not a recruitment thread for "labor" or "hands for hire". Plots of land will be handed out immediately and houses may be built. Any upkeep will be maintained by myself, no monetary commitments need to be made. Alliance TS and Mumble Casual play is acceptable, however, looking for individuals that play on a fairly regular basis. Noobs or veterans may apply. Kingdom drama is not allowed nor tolerated, keep it in Chaos. There WILL BE NO AFFILIATION WITH TROLLS OR GRIEVERS IN THIS DEED OR ALLIANCE, ANYONE DEALING IN SUCH MATTERS WILL HAVE CITIZENSHIP REVOKED IMMEDIATELY. Perms are made to individuals as needed until such a time as I see fit for a more lenient role to be est. based on trust and amount of time individual plays. These are fairly straight forward rules you will find on most deeds and alliance across the board, so I hope it is nothing to disparaging. Looking for 3 individuals off the bat. Thank you for your interest. Krisstofer in-game name is Krisstofer
  4. Hello Wurmians! Let me begin with a story: When I first moved to Xanadu from Pristine, I acquired two mission structure "Shrines" and built them at the end of my docks as decoration. Fast forward nearly a year later, when my deed has expanded and rapidly changing - and I no longer wish those decorations to be where I once planned them to be. Today I went up to the shrines, expecting to activate my large maul and right click -> Destroy, only to be baffled when no such option appeared. Frustrated, I submitted a support ticket in which Enki responded, telling me that GMs are instructed NOT to remove them. This story has led me to post this suggestion: We need a method to remove these sort of things on the Freedom Isles servers. Lets face it, these items are pretty much purely decorative on these servers. They have fancy, flashy models and are somewhat difficult to obtain for the common player, so they make great deed decoration. Destroying them would have no effect as most of them are not constructed with a mission in mind. I've also noticed that not all Mission Structures are created equally. Obelisks, for example, can be created off deed, and then are able to be pushed on deed to act as sort of a monument - similar to the colossus. However when I attempted to do the same with my shrines, the object did not move, though the event logs did not complain as though it was impossible: "[21:00:43] You push the Shrine Of Fool a bit." Maybe this could be another suggestion to alleviate some aggravation on the subject: If ALL mission structures could be pushed, players could push the structure out of the way of new developments and move it to decorate elsewhere. The two underlined suggestions in this post need to be taken into consideration by the dev team. Enki told me in our conversation that this has been reported 4 times in the past 2 months alone. He also let me know that it would be brought up this week in the GM meeting with Rolf, so there's hope! TL;DR - Mission structures need reformatting for freedom deed decoration purposes. Thanks for reading! Yours truly,
  5. I was thinking if there could be a new way to connect high points besides the know dirt ramp. So maybe wurmians can invent a primitive elevator? This can be a new structure type akin to colossus building, taking lots of materials to build, like logs, beams, planks, ropes, nails, tackles, wells, and maybe some new items like rails, huge chains ( made with the same links we use for the fence) huge wells, and so on. The skill can be either carpentry or masonry or maybe a combination of both skills. Some restrictions, max slope 300x tile, max span 3 tiles, all tiles must have same slope (so if the first tile is 70 slope, the other 2 must be also 70 slopes) must start and finish in a flat tile (maybe the base and end should be something like 3x3 or 3x1) About the way to drive this, probably the best way will be with bulls or horses. lets say once it is finished you need to lead 4 bulls and "attach" them to the structure, once you do that the bulls banish but the structure have "power", the bulls attached don´t starve unlike normal bulls in the game, but they age and finally die as same as normal ones, once one of the animals die the rest also die so you need to replace the entire crew with another 4 bulls.
  6. I need 3 structures planned out for me, my future temples of Fo, Mag, and Vyn. I will have the land terraformed in a few days and am hoping to find someone to plan them for me since im just over 40 carp :\ Can pickup if you need transportation, may pay a small fee if required. Post here, or PM me in game or on the forums if you can do it for me, and if you want payment, how much. Deed is located at AN-14 on Pristine Thanks!
  7. I got this idea while reading this thread: /> The idea is basically that in addition to the structure itself a writ could control an attached yard as well. It's basically a mechanic similar to the enclosure rule, just that it is enforced automatically by the game. That would give free players, new players and other hermit types actual security instead of the fake security of the enclosure rule, without reducing the need for premium or deeds. It would work by having a "plan yard" option next to the "plan building" that gives sufficient room of freedom. It could be limited by saying the yard can't be larger then twice(?) the building, otherwise you can't finish the plan. It could also be extended for deed owners to be able to plan yards on their deeds without any buildings to give to a citizen. This would both improve the Mayor ability to restrict the citizen and give the citizen more freedom of action in their area. So what do you think?