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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all! I'm going to do a series of streams on some In-Depths on various features in Wurm Online. Sharing knowledge, information, experience Doing tutorials on various topics. Feel free to drop suggestions on future topics! Episode 1: All you want to know about Runes! Wednesday december 19th, 3pm UTC+1 - 6pm UTC+1
  2. Now that i'm officially a member of VEN i decided to stop slacking and make a post about my Twitch for all you Wurmians that like being distracted by my weird accent. I currently don't have a set schedule as i'm still planning enough content for upcoming streams to keep people engaged. As it is, if you keep an eye on GL chat or in Discord, i advertise in those when i''m going live with wurm related content, i am a variety streamer so if you do follow me, you''ll get notified when i go live with other games too. Also i'm constantly upgrading my stream and chat commands so i'll create a list so people in chat can interact more (currently i have auto DJ so viewers can request songs in case we have different musical tastes) If there's any issues or if anyone wants to collab or has suggestions, please feel free to message
  3. Ran into this new Wurm player that is a streamer. Caught him streaming this morning. Seems like a cool dude. If you want to check him out the link is below. I know I like to play Wurm and watch Wurm videos.
  4. As many that subscribe to my channel on youtube, I've been doing a lot of streams of late. These are not specific topics or showcase, just gameplay that people can watch while grinding away. We do chat about specific wurm stuff it does come up but mainly it's just fun times, adventure or whatever comes up. Anyway, this is a heads up to those who don't sub to my channel. I know a a lot of people like watching stuff while grinding away so here the playlist. I mainly stream weeknights after 9;30pm (+10 gtm) Come along for the ride
  5. Wurm Unlimited Stream

    Hey everyone, I've been around playing Wurm Online since around the time Freedom released, though I haven't participated in forum discussion much, haha. I keep finding myself coming back to play every few months and with the release of Wurm Unlimited and my recent foray into streaming, I decided to combine the two! I'll also be hosting a server relatively soon, though I don't know how well it'll work while I stream... ISPs here kinda suck. >.> What this means for everyone here is that if you so desire, you can come hang out with other Wurm lovers and watch me play (or even join in!), haha. I love having people show up and provide advice, conversation and whatever else seems fun or interesting at the time. All info regarding my stream is on the Twitch channel. If you would like any additional information you don't see there, please let me know! Stream: Thanks everyone and have a great day! Llurendt (LtGreeneyes) Schedule: Every Friday from 7pm on. Occasionally on other days as work, school and family allows.
  6. Wurmian Adventures

    Welcome to Wurmian Adventures! Twitch: YouTube: Don't expect anything close to perfection. It's very raw and uncut. When I post the edited versions of the videos on YouTube I make the originals unlisted with a comment linking to the new edited version. I don't always have the time to edit right away. I'm far from being a pro at this but I don't think there's anything wrong with adding more content to the mix. We could probably use some more streamers/youtubers for Wurm Online. Keep in mind, I don't have a set date/time for streaming. I just do it whenever I feel like it so it's completely random. However, that's why I post the videos on YouTube. Have fun :-)
  7. New Player and Streamer

    Hello, my name is Szai and I have been playing Wurm Online now for 10 days along with my girlfriend Afanasyi. I was refraining from making this post because watching Wurm isnt exactly exciting but after the suggestion of multiple viewers I have decided to. I have been a small-time streamer for 10 months or so, mostly streaming Dota2, League of Legends and Archeage plus others. I am somehow having more fun in Wurm than i have in a game in probably a few years and in only 10 days, with the help of people from my stream chat I think im off to a pretty good start. I know not a lot of people stream this game and maybe with good reason, but it is a great game and ive met really nice people from it so far. I cant promise tons of excitement but I do invite anyone curious or bored to stop by and say hi. Its usually pretty laid back and just talking, sometimes we break out some music or funny videos, i usually get a helpful veteran or 2 in chat and you can listen to all the noob questions i ask! I generally stream starting around 2pm EST and go until 5am or so EST. No set in stone schedule but thats typically the case, unless i stay up way too late playing. PS: im sure people will ask. In game i am located on the SE corner of Independence Stream is located at
  8. Streaming Wurm! Status: offline

    The Gnome Depot is now streaming Wurm Online live every day! Join us for fun and adventure! Giving away one Corb, Cog, or Knarr to one lucky viewer/follower every weekend! Come on out and visit Gnomegates and Yagyujr live on twitch! Tons of adventure and actions for everyone! Keep us company while we build ships, imp ships and sail ships! Want to be part of the action while it happens? Stop on by the Gnome Depot island and visit us in person any time we are streaming! Just ask us in chat where we are located! Giving away ships to viewers/followers all thru the week as we hit different milestones. 100 followers, 250 followers 500 followers, 50 viewers, 100 viewers and more! The more people watching and joining in the community the more we will be giving away to you the community! Be sure to stop by every day and stick around and help grow the Gnome Depot Wurm Online community! Daily Streaming Schedule Starting every day at 12am (midnight) Est (click here to find your time) We may be streaming other games before we go to wurm online, you are more then welcome to join us in those games as well! Want to be able to help Gnomegates keep streaming and see the community grow? Consider a donation to the stream! Every donation receives an in game gift if so desired! Ask during the stream for more info!
  9. Hey all! I'm streaming Final Fantasy X International right now. In case anyone in interested in watching. Currently at the start just reached Besaid Island and will be working from there. Various things will be new game, Grinding, Listening to story (Japanese Vocals, English Subs based on the NA version). and sphere grid completion, Blitzball, and Arena + more and what not. WARNING: My computer does NOT run this 100%, there WILL be some lag, but it's fair enough to enjoy with minor annoyances that will likely make you feel irritated (Digital Audio scratching and such) but it's usually short lived. Feel free to watch and share, as well as post your streams here. Hopefully this section is suitable for my post, Thanks for reading Hope to see you in the stream ;D
  10. I'm Streaming Wurm On

    So, I noticed few people ever streamed or made videos about wurm online through all the years its been out. I'd like to advertise and show this game off to the community and the new people who know nothing about it. I'd like to give people who like watching videos about it, like me, a chance to watch someone play. Overall, I'd like the community to come together with me and make something neat and fun for viewers of all types to watch. Feel free to come see my channel, even though its small. I'd love for some people to say hi, follow, and regularly show up to chat. I'm putting my location details of where I am on deliverance so you guys can come down and help me out, join me, or just say hi to me and the viewers. Please don't judge me too much... Just come, hang out and have a good time while we play Wurm! Join me here! -