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Found 3 results

  1. I know that I myself have had a large love for deli! Probably the most outstanding thing in my eyes is the community that is involved. I remember when I started playing back in 2013 and everyone was so helpful and to this day Deli is in my eyes, a beautiful server. What stories do you guys have?
  2. So not keeping old player stories and what little history (timeline and William Benth (spelling?)) the devs premade in wiki anymore?
  3. Very simple, just post something crazy or funny (crazily funny?) that once happened to you in Wurm online. I will start. It was nearly a year ago, it happened a few days after i returned to playing after a few months of inactivity. I had no home and nothing to my name except a couple of yellow potions and a long sword and some spare change. I needed iron one day to build my house so i ended up surveying an enclosed location around the only iron mine that i remember, it wasn't deeded anymore but it did have fences and a gatehouse. I noticed that it was unusually empty than i remember when i checked it the day i returned, there was barely anything except for a forge next to the mine entrance and some empty BSBs. Since the gatehouse was unlocked i just assumed the owners moved on and took liberty going in and mining some iron, i used to forge and made myself some nails, but to my surprise just as i was about to leave, the two 'owners' got back (i heard the gatehouse door open), i took a peek and sure enough, they were there on their wagon and blocking the only exit out.. I freaked out and quickly snuffed the forge and hid every trace that i left, i couldn't let them find me because i was worried about being mistaken for a thief or whatnot, they didn't see me but they started chatting me up on local as i could see them coming my way, so i hid graphically 'inside' the forge but as i was still showing up in graphic a little bit, i used one of my yellow potions and (luckily) turned into a pile of items graphic image, which is significantly smaller in size than the human model. Sure enough they passed right by me several times as they went in and out of the mine, i didn't want to log off because i was worried they may lock the gatehouse and pretty much lock me up inside, so i waited the next time they went inside the mine, and made a run for the exit, basically a pile of items running as fast as it can right out the door. I felt like Snake from Metal Gear for the rest of the day Side note : i found out they were indeed moving out and they were just loading all their left BSBs and they later even took the actual forge that i hid inside, which thankfully i cleared just a few minutes from them loading it up and mosey-ing out town.