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Found 53 results

  1. WTS 3k stone brick

    Want to sell 3k stone brick for 1,5 s per k, send me a message
  2. Valentines is right around the corner so why don't you spruce up your deed for that love one of yours! PM Legios in game for faster response time! Valentine Pottery only 1s each!!!! Limited Quantity Here are some keys thanks to the wonderful Wurm Communities to get 2 free!! Per Premium character!!! Valentines are redeemable for premium players by using the /redeemkey chat command: /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018) If you ever need more than 2 you know where to find more! have a wonderful Wurmy day!
  3. Stone brick

    I sell 5k stone brick 1k= 1,5 silver
  4. I am not sure if it exists yet...but there should be a "Fantastic Recipe: Stone Soup". Atfer the story of the 3 soldiers who came to a town and got the village to help make a soup from a stone. You would need three people to make it in a cauldron. It would start with a stone or marble ..."stone" (even of a certain more/less kg) with three people in attendance to start the recipe. You would then continue on the one or all three people to add the normal base of water, potatoes, carrots, and an onion then or more herbs/milk/honey to finish the recipe. I would like see this in honor of the gift of giving...maybe allow a +5 to one or more characteristics or such...determined by Wurm. Please.
  5. Maybe a bit early, but I think it would be cool to give stone furniture the same treatment that wood and metals have gotten in their newfound decorative and practical varieties. Things like marble benches, slate tables, sandstone forges; maybe even introduce a colorful new stone type to spice things up. A stone throne would be cool too, like something you'd find in a dwarven hall.
  6. Well now that we have the plain stone walls for houses should the tall stone walls be remade and take the wood trim off of them too? (or maybe a new tall wall without the trim)
  7. Forges - New Types

    Sorry, didn't feel like search-fu'ing But would an update on forges/ovens with the new wall types be feasible? I.e. rounded stone, slate, pottery brick, etc.? I can see where marble might be weird but I'd fit someone's deisgn. Personally I'd like to see a rounded stone forge seem to be a part of the room wall, as if it were built into it (or, hey, new walls with built in forges/ovens)
  8. for the first item, I'd like to have a plain and trimmed narrow stone archway. This would help make some of the interior rooms easier to separate without needing doors or huge open arches. The second item would be useful for farmers with large fields. Activate the seed spreader, and you can use it to sow your fields without having to activate every seed. would still be limited to 100 seed count.
  9. We now have rendered versions of house walls and stone fences. Unfortunately a rendered version of the "low stone wall" seems to be missing. It would be good to have that too. Please add "rendered low stone wall".
  10. Sold Please Close

    Lot of Rift Stone Shards, asking 7s for it, pick up welcomed, mailing posible
  11. wts rare mats

    wts rare mats and more. post here or contact me on game Rumble
  12. WTS Rift Materals (sold)

    Selling low to mid quality rift materials, 5c each, buyer pays COD.
  13. Gem Cutting

    The current gems, or roughs, can keep their current usages. Perhaps a subskill under masonry, akin to stonecutting. Use same chisel or multiple tools? Chisel, pelt, water, .... Gem cutting would serve the purpose of enhancing the roughs gems in their ql, base value, and etc. Successful attempt on say a diamond creates a faceted (different term?) diamond with higher stats. The exact boosts from a success would be skill dependent, hence higher skill means a better chance at high boosts. I'll leave exact numbers, formulas, and caps to the devs for balance reasons. A fail could range from slight damage and a loss in actual gem ql to the gem being destroyed. Gem powder? Thoughts. Comments.
  14. hi. Trying to build a stone fence at the highlighted border. There is a pottery T arch there, which shouldn't be a problem. There is a camelia hedge adjacent to the left. There is a rendered wall at 90 degrees to left. Error reads: [20:49:14] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed. Will attempt taking the hedge down and report back if it makes any difference. Edit: Taking down the hedge didn't help. There is also a pottery T arch where that rendered wall is. So it is a corner made of 2 pottery T arches. I suspect that may be the problem as on the other side of the house, I used a regular arch on one side and had no problems.
  15. Auction has ended!

    Supreme Statue is sold to: Mykoal Thank you all for taking interest.. Picture of auctioned off item:
  16. Masonry 35, Carpentry 40. Was building a multi-storied stone house, got to the fourth floor, built the floors and made wall plans, but when I activated my trowel with a mortar and brick in my inventory and tried to build a stone wall, it triggered an event message saying that only craftsmen of greater skill could build walls. Tried building the same wall on a lower floor and was able to, but when I went to build it on the fourth floor, the event message was triggered again and I was unable to. This could easily be me not understanding game mechanics, but at 39+ carpentry I was able to build the fourth floor, and all that is required to build stone walls is 30 masonry. Can be replicated by trying to build a stone wall on the fourth floor of a house with 30+ masonry and 39+ carpentry.
  17. 2s per 1K Stone Bricks Will deliver all around XAN. Delivery charges may be applied depending on distance from i12
  18. rare stone chisel,

    wts a rare stone chisel 90ql. 6s
  19. Hello, I make made to order tools and enchants and have a selection of pre-made items below. Please contact Qwizat in game for COD delivery, my Merchant Gears in Glasshollow Central Market for pickup, or leave a message. Prices are as follows: Custom Vyn Enchants: Guaranteed 70 Power :1c per power to 79 then 3c per level afterwards ie 79 coc is 79c, 85 is 97c. Guaranteed 80 Power: 1.5c per power Guaranteed 90 Power: 2.5c per power (currently not available) *Blacksmith 0.5c per QL to 75 QL ** Extra .5c per power charge for Nimb *** I take no responsibility if your item shatters *All custom skillers can be made from STEEL, same pricing* WTS Full COC 60+ Enchanted Noobie Tool Set: pickaxe, lantern, hammer, hatchet, shovel, rake, carving knife, pelt, saw, whetstone, stone chisel, file, and a mallet. 13 items 50c each 6.5s total. I can make the following items: Horseshoes Awl File Hammer Hatchet Large anvil Leather knife Metal brush Needle Rake Pickaxe Saw Scissors Shovel Small anvil Stone chisel Trowel Whetstone Mallet I also want to sell various tools shown below. WOA can be cast on any of the tools below for 1c per pt.
  20. Rare Stone Chisel ( Beast )

    your bidding on : (94.58 QL Rare Stone Chisel, Iron ) 99 BOTD 100 IMBUE 94.58 QL [23:29:38] A straight tool with a strong hard blade made for cutting stone. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It has a malevolent aura. You will want to polish the stone chisel with a pelt before you improve it. [23:29:38] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Blackice'. [23:29:38] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves stone cutting max ql [100] [23:29:38] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [99] Starting Bid : 20 silver Reserve: Yes 1H Snipe Protection Buy Out: Private Offers I will include one stone cutting to re cap this beast should it fall below 100. good luck bidders
  21. SOLD

    WTS stone bricks Price: 2s/1k Location: J19 Exodus PM: Panalik or Aliko SOLD
  22. WTB Supreme Slabs

    Buying Supreme Slabs °°Stone. 20c each °Marble. 30c each °°Slate. 40c each
  23. Chisel of the Gods

    I'm auctioning a perfect tool for all of your brick-spamming or forge imping needs. Only a handful of these rare steel chisels exist, as they are normally not possible to create. [00:44:05] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Enki'. [00:44:05] A straight tool with a strong hard blade made for cutting stone. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [00:44:05] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [102] [00:44:05] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves stone cutting max ql [100] 100 Imbue was added to this chisel, and to top it off, a 102 WoA cast. Auction ends Sunday, July 26th, at 14:00 Central US. Starting Bid: 20s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Offers Considered No Reserve, Private Bidding Accepted 1hr Sniper Protection Happy bidding!
  24. Skillgain Milestones

    Unlock milestones, a new type of achievement, per 1000 total skill points gained. Every milestone acts like a trait for your character such as faster run speed, slower food/water drain, quicker skill gain, etc... One time buffs/rewards could be made available as well such as reaching 5000 total skill gives your character a free 1s. I think I counted 140 total skills, which means 14000 total skill, and 14 milestones. It could range from silly bonuses at lower level, to really helpful stuff at the top tier or just generally useless, but quality of life improvements that amount to a significant help at higher tier. I'll lay out a list of how it could work as an example, but these idea's are really just off the top of my head. 1000: 5% increased bite resistance (To help noobs out early on) 2000: Slightly decreased food/water drain 3000: 5% increased damage against mobs (Again, just a helpful nooby buff) 4000: Moderately reduced food/water drain 5000: 1s suddenly appears in your inventory! 6000: +1 quality on all items gathered/created 7000: Slightly decreased wear on all tools used 8000: Chance to critically fail gathering/creating items eliminated (Those random 1ql logs/ores/etc you get even at high skill) 9000: Moderately reduced wear on all tools used 10000: 5s suddenly appears in your inventory! 11000: Greatly reduced food/water drain 12000: +2 quality on all items gathered/created 13000: Greatly reduced wear on all tools used 14000: 1km Walk speed boost Considering the highest total skill uploaded to niarja currently is 8k I figure that list seems fair. If people have more idea's the buffs could be changed to every 500 total skill instead of 1000. I realize some of these suggestions might look OP, and I don't doubt that at all, it's just an example and anyone is free to throw in their criticism's,
  25. I would like to see Gilding be used in the game. My first idea is the use of gold/silver applied to statues to detail characteristics and add some accent/beauty to them. Then I would also like to see the use of Slate applied to Marble and Stone creations for Black created versions of these items..and the Gilding would make it "Pop!" even more. Gilding could also be used on houses on the Non-Plain Stone builiding, benches and even Water Fountains to really add a lot of style to all of it. Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper and Brass could also be incorporated..but my focus is Gold and Silver for this article. Better use of Jewelry skill could applay here to especially on "Upgrading" of tools to better receive enchants???? Just an idea..what do you think?