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Found 5 results

  1. As of this post Masonry is 77 and Stone cutting is 70.
  2. Greytown Goods, Independence R21 Masonry and Stonecutting 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c 90ql 90c 95ql 3s 95+ can be arranged on request. No travel fee on orders over 2s or bring your forge to our place! Blacksmithing 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c 90ql 90c Platesmithing Plateset Iron 70ql 60s 80ql 1.5s 85ql 2.75s 90ql 5s Plateset Steel 70ql 2.25s 80ql 2.75s 85ql 3.75s 90ql 8s - currently no 90ql steel Shieldsmithing 70ql 30c 80ql 50c Carpentry Tools 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c Bows 70ql 30c Arrows Pricer per 100 30ql 65c 50ql 1.25s 70ql 3s Cloth tailoring Meditation rug 80ql 40c Enchants We can not ensure 90+ power, but will give it our best shot on any item you buy from us. If we do not meet the requirement, you may cancel the order. Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, Frostbrand, Rotting Touch 70-79 30c 80-84 50c 85-89 60c 90+ 80c Blessings of the Dark 70-79 40c 80-84 70c 85-89 85c 90+ 1s Life Transfer 70-79 60c 80-84 80c 85-89 90c 90+ 1.2 Nimbleness 30-59 (+1 CR) 35c 60-89 (+2 CR) 60c 90+ (+3CR) 1s Aura of Shared Pain, Web Armour Piece 70-79 30c 80-89 50c 90+ 60c Set 70-79 2.5s 80-89 3.6s 90+ 5s Courier 70-80 40c 81-90 60c 90-95 1s 95+ 1.2s Contact Forum Ingame Sharkin Sharkin Riceri Greyhound
  3. Wts my potions colection, prices are listed in the weight slot If you dont like the price, pm me here or in game to Tuga aswell and maybe we can work something out.

    Post or PM, buyer collects from Southern Release or pays CoD. potion of leatherworking 68.80QL - 3s potion of leatherworking 79.13QL - 3s potion of leatherworking 72.82QL - 3s potion of leatherworking 75.44QL - 3s oil of the armour smith 48.46QL - 2s oil of the armour smith 58.43QL - 2.5s oil of the armour smith 81.38QL - 3s oil of the armour smith 91.25QL - 3s oil of the weapon smith 92.93QL - 3s potion of woodcutting 84.50QL - 4s potion of woodcutting 80.85QL - 4s potion of woodcutting 76.77QL - 4s ointment of stonecutting 87.61QL - 3s black dragon blood (armour smith) x2 - 2s each troll king blood (stone cutting) x2 - 2s each green dragon blood (acid) x3 - 1s each
  5. I've been playing Wurm for a few years now, and from what I can remember we've almost always had the same type of Colossus: the samurai guy. Not sure exactly why it's a samurai by the way. It would be interesting if Wox and the dev team could implement new designs or variants of the Colossal giants we love to build. Perhaps there could be a Knight, a Cyclops, a Scorpion or even a Dragon. These are just a few ideas that would make Colossai even more interesting and worth while to build. As it is now, everyone has the same ol' boring Colossus that has lingered for far too long. Please Dev team look into this. I know you all are talented enough to create and imagine such beautiful works of art. Image does not belong to me, it was taken from as an example.