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Found 30 results

  1. 🅢🅟🅘🅒🅐 🅢🅤🅟🅟🅛🅘🅔🅢 Greetings Everyone, Welcome to my store Feel free to browse what i have in stock. Its updated daily ! Delivery Wagoner or Self Pickup @ (Tempest) C10 Northwest Coast island Cadence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT STATUS IN GAME Online Now Offline Now Buzz me in-game for immediate reply - Spica or order here and ill get back to you asap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Rate Price Per Large Crate Large Crate Available Mortar 1k/4s 1.2s 16 Clay 1k/1.5s 45c 9 Stone Brick 1k/2s 60c 14 Sandstone Brick 1k/4s 1.2s 15 Marble Brick 1k/4s 1.2s 14 Pottery Brick 1k/4s 1.2s booked . I will charge only 10c per large crate with refundable when returned. I also do BULK items which is not on the list above such as Support Beams, Planks, Shafts, carpentry etc (base on order) Nails, Ribbon, blacksmithing etc (base on order) Thank You & Happy Wurming Guys !
  2. blood (red dragon hatchling) - 2.5s 2x rare mallet, oakenwood (blank, QL 50) - 3.5s ea rare Hammer, iron (blank) - 4s 4k stone bricks - 1.9s/k Buy all 4k for 7. 2s (coastal delivery included) restocking
  3. Hello! I'm in the market to buy rare and supreme building mats for fine carpentry and masonry. Currently looking for the following; Large Nails Small Nails Stone Bricks Mortar Clay Planks Shafts Ribbons Sprouts Full weight Logs (24kg) Marble Bricks (No Shards please) And more.. just message me with what you have If I'm not on when you try to contact me send them anyway and I'll grab them when I get on. I'm on daily! Any questions on what I will buy feel free to reply here or PM me in game @ Quelon or Sunnyside Cheers!
  4. Delivery to shore on ship available! Pickup at Melody T15 N/E. Contact [ /tell GamerrZero ] ingame for deals and questions or reply to this tread if im offline. Current stock: Mortar 14,84QL : 2k - price 4s/1k Stone Bricks 17,85QL : 2k - price 2s/1k Small Nails 27,47QL : 1k - price 3.3s/1k Small Crates : 85 - price 13c/each
  5. WTS 2,5K Mortar and 2,5k Stone bricks 6s - Delivered any Freedom coast.
  6. Welcome to a small building materials market! Here you will find various building materials, the list of which will be expanded in the future. We will deliver building materials to any coast, or you can come to us in Heavens Landing (Independence p21) and pick up the goods. Free Shipping on Orders over 4s
  7. Selling Stone Bricks, up to 10k for up to 15 silver for all of them. Deliverable to any coastline except Chaos. PM me in the game or leave me a message if you're interested.
  8. Greetings Wurmians, We have the following for sale in bulk and will be gladly taking orders for bulk materials and goods. We can deliver coastal. We also have alcohol for sale soon, and we have Bison available at 10c per trait, 5 trait Bison would be 50c (Xanadu Only at this time). We also hire out as laborers, 1/2 down due up front at contract negotiation. Support Beams 100 for 4 Silver Stone Brick 1000 for 2 silver Pegs 1000 for 1 silver Planks 1000 for 1 silver Shafts 1000 for 1 silver
  9. Hello everyone, Location: Xanadu J11 Deed Ethereal Dynasty Pick up/wagoner/mail (cod) On sell: Sprouts/seedlings : various kind – 1 or 2c each Plant & herbs Food Metal Rock & Bricks Divers Leave a message or pm me.
  10. I am searching for 500 stone bricks, 500 clay and 500 planks all ql 70+ Only delivery to Celebration - fee is possible - plz pm here with offer
  11. Bulk goods for sale, need to clear out the storage house! 5200 stone bricks - 2s per 1k 3000 mortar - 2.5s per 1k 300 planks - 60c for all 300 Shafts - 60c for all 1000 slate bricks - 2s per 1k 60+QL slate shard s- 1s/1k Large crates would be an additional 10c each Post here, or Pm here
  12. Hello guys I need your help, Xanadu's people. I would like to connect Esteron to Whitefay through a highway, but it is a very long and hard project, and I think that it will take a very long time to both collect the needed materials and build it. So I am here to ask you a little help by donating materials which will be used only for this project: Dirt. Stone bricks. Eyes. Blind catseyes. Complete catseyes. I will be able to take them from the coast, but it would be better if you could bring them at my deed (Modreth, Q25, on the shore). In this way I will spare some time for building the highway instead of running back and forward through Xanadu to collect the materials Anyway, feel free to write me in game (always as Luttuosa) or here in the forum. Thank you very much to all who will help me.
  13. sold

    Hi, I'm selling 1000 stone bricks, and the price is 2s. I'm on Exodus, I have boats so I can deliver it to you. this is my first thread in here, so please excuse anything
  14. Hi, I wan to sell: 7k of mortar for 2,5s/k, 2k of stone bricks for 2s/k, 1k of colosus bricks for 2s/k, with delivery. Please send me the PM if u want buy some of them.
  15. Stone bricks 11k in stock 2s/k !!Pick-up at C21 Xan (Coastal access)!! PM Jotz
  16. Hello there, Feeling for a new stone structure? Need the stone bricks? I've got what YOU need! I have 8k of stone bricks for sale Rate: 2s/k Please feel free to leave a message on forum, or make a pm ingame; (Giblet/Gibletalt). Best regards Giblet, Skyfall
  17. Stone Bricks 1,5 S per 1K Xanadu 0K in stock PICK UP ONLY at F14 Knarr can sail here from the northern channel of the lake i accept preorders up to 10k, but half of the order must be advance payment cod please got in mind about 1k production per day is real Post here or tell me ingame best regards Darkbringer
  18. Would like to sell load of 1000 stone bricks for 2s delivered.
  19. Selling 1k Stone Bricks on Deliverancnce @ Konoha - y15, x5 Notes A high QL stone chisel increases the chance of successfully creating a stone brick as well as those of a higher quality. The quality of the rock shards determines the quality of the stone brick. Usage Cobblestone Stone brick floor Guard tower Scythe trap Spirit cottage Spirit castle Stone altar Forge Oven Well Coffin Bench Stone house Stone fence Tall stone wall Iron fence and Iron fence gate High iron fence and High iron fence gate
  20. Pickups F-22, Free shipping to ports of Thayd or Summerholt (circled in the map below) (PM or post for direction, a paved road goes from Summerholt to my area, there is also a paved road that runs close to Thayd if coming from the nothern sea). BULK Stone Bricks: 1.9s per 1k Mortar: 2.9 silver per 1k Dirt: 1s per k Planks: 1.2 s per 1k *Am able to mix and match (i.e. 200 planks, 200 dirt, 600 bricks in one order instead of just 1k of one particular item) Sleep Powder (X4): 1.3 silver per 1, 5s for all (can suicide deliver to any starter town in Xan) SHIPS Rowboats: 65c (any wood type, 35-45q). Sailboats: 1.1s (any wood type, 35-45q). Corbita: 4s (any wood type 35-45q) Wagons: Going price. Other bulk goods not listed can be fulfilled upon request (i.e. tennons, pegs, nails, etc). Continued business or multiple orders that require multiple trips will earn discounts. Delivery prices are negotiable depending on travel time. Will also accept a mag priest strongwall as a form of payment (-1s + travel, or the current going price); also will accept lead, or mix and match of ores (non iron or silver) i might need as payment.
  21. I am willing to buy several coffins and/or mats for coffins, they would have to be delivered (or mailed?) to Xanadu, C23 - The Rose Gardens (on community map). I am going to be online on either ForbittenFruit or Velkoz.
  22. Want to sell 1k stone bricks for 2s. Pm me for details.
  23. Hey, I need 2k mortar and 2k stone bricks. Located near Amish Paradise . Can pick up if needed. Message me on here or Teedis in game.