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Found 10 results

  1. I have lost two horses, a foal and a young adult. I think they may have been stolen, as the off deed pen they were in had just one wall missing and the others had minimal damage. They were in a stone perimeter pen with other animals, all of which have been recovered. They were in the perimeter of my deed Hindleap at G23 Xanadu. The missing animals are: Walkingchaser - young adult male. Parents Wilddaisy and Dreamtails. 5 speed, tough, healthy. Hopecker - ado foal male, may have aged to young adult. Parents Madiagold and Sweetpie. 5 speed, sparky, healthy. GMs are unable to help as they were off deed. They're not branded, and are both jets. If anyone has seen them or has them, please let me know!
  2. Hey All, I was at the 7/21/17 rift on Cele the other day, and logged out with my horse hitched to my tent. I could have sword the tent was locked, but I guess I was wrong, because when I signed in this morning, the tent was gone (thanks for leaving my horse though). I know unlocked tents are 'fair game' on freedom pve (I thought I recalled locking it, but I was wrong). However, as a fairly long time player, I thought that the wurm community was more or less above just taking someone else's stuff when it's really obvious that the stuff is not abandoned (i.e at a rift event right after a rift ended). Anyhow, if the person who took it would kindly consider returning it to me in game, she would be most pleased. I know a few other players who also had their tents taken at the rift. I imagine they'd feel pleased if theirs were returned too. Blue Jenn Kellon Military Tent - 17.xx ql - 4.xx dmg Thank you!
  3. Be careful with Frox around, just lifted a rare cart from Kalambaka a few hours ago. I've caught him and had a short chat with: [17:25:14] <Tamina> Hi, this cart is from Kalambaka. [17:25:42] <Frox> Oh. Cool. [17:25:56] <Tamina> You are a thief [17:26:03] <Frox> Technically, yes. [17:26:15] <Frox> How does that affect me?
  4. Given the recent events I was wondering if it would be possible to give a writ or mine door permission option for all forges and ovens? The reason is simple: A lot of people store items inside their forges, for example frying pans, armour they are imping, weapons, magical chests, and so forth. These items can be taken if anyone enters the house, say, by bashing a wall down. There is no way to secure these items in any other way except by physically moving them to a chest (which you cannot do if said items are too hot to fit into the container). If the forge has a writ/mine door permission, it would be peace of mind to log out knowing the stuff inside it is safe. Secondly, this will give us an option to use the forge or oven as a safe inside our houses. We can build forges and store valuables inside it locked away, not having to worry that it will be gone when we log in. Thirdly, inside mines, where we mine together in teams but sometimes with other people there too, it would be great to only allow people mining with you, to access your forges. The writ/permission should include the permission to load the forge as well, or alternatively, no forge should be able to be loaded while there is anything inside it. EDIT: Please look at cart and wagon permissions also. I would like to specify who I want to give access to my cart by name, not a blanket "all friends" or "all allies". I want to tick a specific name. This can be taken a step further then: Add a box for who you want to give permission to be able to drag or push or pull your cart/wagon. Then we can use locked carts and wagons inside our houses as storage for valuables, and as long as we did not give someone permission to drag/push/pull it , it will be safe inside the house, without the need of animals hitched to it (which is really not viable unless you drop grass for them all the time, or have a doughnut with enchanted grass).
  5. Despite choosing to "remember" my login, I keep finding myself being logged out the next day I visit the forums for a while now, and I've changed my password twice since the last "zomg it happened again" notice. Have you just decided to silently shorten the expiration date on these cookies, or...? Oddly enough, why only a post on the forums? Why are you not informing all players in any ways possible, to make them aware of the security leak that has apparently been abused at least twice? Official news item, E-mails. Yet, just a post in the GM Hall forum. Some people only knew by word of mouth, which is somewhat inappropriate. E-mails about the opening of Xanadu have certainly been sent out, why not a note that your password might have or seemingly certainly have leaked out? Or at least encrypted (thus decryptable data), or maybe just hashes that can be used in brute forcing or word lists etc.? I had not been giving it this much thought at first, because I was under the impression that the matter was handled appropriately, but I'm not so sure anymore. It's completely understandable to not disclose any details while investigations are still running, but it's closing in on a month now, and nobody talks about it anymore. So.. what's the status on this? What's the conclusion of the investigation?
  6. I pay 2s to the player who can help me find my boat, its green and got the name Green Coffee.. I know more ppl did put in some reward for finding, ie, Beka would give chain set.. I hope someone can help me, it was the first "big" thing i got in game and only been here since december..
  7. Seriously not a trolling topic and didn't see a better spot to post this but I just had to, and from the bottom of my heart with all love a father can give a scorned child... I love this game. What is it I love the most? Let me tell you a story (read like a childrens book). I'm building an island, ok so it's more of a mound of mud that smells of low tide, but its mine, I built it from nothing but a neighbors hilltop. Back and forth, then forth and back, loads of dirt into the cart, out of the cart into boat, out of the boat and watch it fall down the slopes and raise a corner 1. Laugh, cry. Neighbors cool, hasn't minded my being parked on his dock like an Oldsmobile on blocks. I log in and to my dismay, my cart and two horse vanished from the bay! Wander wander I go in search, scorpion oh, Into the fray! Death, respawn. I laugh, no valuable skill lost, except my cart two horse and hours of my time. I searched like a shopper black friday, parking lot oh where did I park? First I was angry, then frustrated, then embarrassed. I laughed thinking of all those rafts I stole from wherever, stolen from me! Horses slow like a distracted mule, barrels full of ... I just don't remember. "What was in your cart thingy?" my wife asks with mocking tone. "Uh" I respond, faking affection. "Be a dear and clean out the cupboard, it's a shuffled mess." she states. "BY JOVE THAT'S IT!" I exclaim at the revelation of my unknown loss, for my cart is as my cupboard, an utter mess. The one thing I love most about this game is what other people I talk to think is the worst point of the game. If someone steals something, go cry a river because those in power/ability wont do much of anything (though one did offer to glance over the area to see if they could spot it). How cool of a game culture to revel in reality, leave your car unlocked and don't be shocked if your car is gone! This isn't the first time something was taken or misplaced. I get mad then laugh because that's the name of the game Again I must stress this is not a rant or troll, but thank you Rolf for not giving a hoot (seriously I love the hands-off approach you guys decided to use with player issues), other games care way too much to have someone distraught over a missing item. "I pay you to let me play this game, gimmie what I lost" they bend over backwards to make wrongs right, whats wrong is their game where the object is to win, you made a game with simple rules... 'Live if you can, cry if you can't. We will sit here and watch, then applaud or laugh' (and you guys out there expecting a /sarcasam at the end, nope I really did mean this heartfully)
  8. I live just below mookton on the main N/S road and I did keep my gates unlocked due to the fact i have friends in the surrounding area that I let use my forge and such. But when i got on today my pumpkins were gone, around 22 kg of cotton, all the items in my fsb (not too much was in it but its all gone) my 60ql anvils (large and small) i had bought from Nicrolis. Any leads would be appreciated but mainly this is a heads up for anybody living around my area. -UPDATE- Found my small anvil at my friends, it seems it was dropped there but everything else is unaccounted for. A friend/local/neighbour went wandering and found my other anvil by some old shack. So thats off the list now too, but at least the word is out there and I hope people learn from my mistake as well
  9. The following items went missing after a villager went on vacation then anonymously came back to the village and stole large quantities of items. - Most notably and not all that common were 4 sets of 60 ql steel chain armour. *** Named by Baboso - 500kgs of leather ranging from 5 - 45 ql. - 70 and 80 ql iron tools - 200 count Many are casted *** Smithed by Difrost, may be unnamed due to last server glitch, be inscribed with Baboso or Matthiusmcglyn. None of the items listed here belong to Matthiusmcglyn. - Several hundred kilograms of Wemp Cotton 60 ql - 45 Cordage Ropes at 65 ql Last know whereabouts is Freedom Docks as we received report of stray bulls with large cart, belonging to Shadowthorn, and recovered them.
  10. Last night I found 2 (two) horses by the northwest edge of Farmville. If you are missing them and can identify them they are being cared for in Vicus Arboria just west of Esert.