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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have been trying to work out the recipe for "gravy" but unable to find it. I think I have found one route via the lore system but it requires "stock". I can not work out how to create "stock" so I can not test this either. I have at this time spent 5 hours, i have asked if anyone else has found it and nothing, and 3 other in my group have also tries combinations. I have tried every combination I can at the moment to create "stock" and nothing so far. If the route to "gravy" isn't the one I am currently chasing then I suspect that there is no recipe for either "gravy" or "stock".
  2. Hello all, I have disbanded all my non Xanadu deeds and now working on 1 large deed on Xanadu. I am buying all these items for my deed & alts for when they arrive onto Xanadu. (items get mark off list when received) 1 x NON Freedom Wagon (possible banners etc) Received 10 x 80+ QL Streetlamps. Bulk Dirt (Depending on price) approx. 4 to 8k 1 x Courier Cast on Mailbox (done at Str 92 Thanks!) 4 Complete skiller Tool sets 1 left to finish , ** Need now: 1 x Butcher knife, 1 x sickle, 1 x scythe, 1 x Trowel, 1 x Groom brush, 1 x stone chisel, 1 x Blacksmith hammer, 1 x Scissors 1 x file. All with 60+ CoC. Any ql, as there for skiller grind. (Except: Chisel & Butcher knife, over 70QL please) High QL Frying Pans (All bulk items and the Wagon's Will require a Delivery to Deed which Sits on the Top right corner of Square F8 on the Xanado map. Yes its a Coast Deed. Best Two Chars to P.M are: Everbound and Haullz Please don't pm with Random Links as I always use 2/3 alts at same time, Takes a while to load Chrome etc (Edited: F8 top right corner of Xanadu Map)
  3. I am auctioning my deed for personal reasons, there are no land conflicts or expansion problems. It's a lovely deed, 1600 hours has gone into it, the land was unwanted before i moved here a mere 10 months ago. I do not mind this not selling, if it doesn't ile simply log in once a month to milk the trader and maintain the deeds coffers. Spent a week preparing to make this auction, i apologise if there are too many images, the alternative would have been a video, please, come have a viewing before you decide on purchasing. 90% of the deed is accessible to the public so my presence isn't `necessary` but send me a pm and i'll be happy to login. Here goes. The deed has one trader on its north side and has an income of between 6-7 silver, i will gladly teach you all you need to know to maximise profit. It is a stonesthrow from the border, crossing it lands you at Xanadu < H > West Deliverance map with search function (Y15 / Indigus) Images of settlement / Album - (use arrows on either side of singular images to browse) Images of settlement / Album - What comes with the deed; 1 Trader Sailboat Rowing boat 1 mooring anchor Food ; 1.3k cooked meat245 pumpkin74 strawberries150 potatoes120 corn106 eyesall other ingredients in FSB , less than 60 items per. Trader Coffin - over 6 months of high quality items to sell to the trader found while exploring Mailbox - q55 enchantment 77 Stock - 9 BSB's with assorted stock and enough animals parts to grind for an entire day. 7 rare mats, mostly rock shards 80 Cotton, 2nd floor workshop along with enough wemp to start a full crop. q78 forgeq44 forgeq48 ovenq54 forgeq79 forge (I can imp the low ones to q70 upon demand) 1 Obelisk 1 Colossus of Vynora Q74 1 Loom Q75 8 large braziers, a large number of small braziers, HQ Brass lamps & Iron Lamps5 five speed horses mostly 7 trait 1 Rare small cart Freedom isle wagon and a cart, transferable ownership. 1 Harbour, 3 docks.. obelisk dock has 1 tile off deed for easy trading. EXPANSION OPTIONS North - 22 tiles - Belleau Wood (Hillgrinder, good man) East - Sea South - Nil - Bachus's Vineyard (Bachus, hibernating player, sound fella) West - 100+ tiles Closest City ; Sloppy Hollow On-deed space available to build if you keep the buildings currently there; 10x5 / 12x4 / 5x6 / 5x4 / 10x5 - comprising of empty space, a courtyard, parks and a barely started build between the farmhouses and the harbour. Buildings present;Twinview Manor 2 Observation Towers1 Workshop4 Farmhouses cradling 2 fields (NW NE SW SE) Painted RGB & PurpleTrader boathouseMarina2 floor merchant hut on highway(all buildings present in the image catalogue above) ORE; Entire spectrum of Iron (from LQ to utmost) inside the deed mine.Public Gold silver and marble mines very closeby (2 mins)Other ores exist in the new haven mine network, i will gladly guide you to them all. BEDS - currently 6 in Twinview Manor and 1 in the SE farmhouse. Trees - miniature fir & birch farm on deedoak farm behind deed and on mountain 100+ Maple bordering the sandbank highway that leads to Sloppy Hollow. The starting bid is E150 Buyout - E200 Increments - E10 5 of 25