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Found 11 results

  1. I've noticed recently that some building work has been going on in the south east steppe. I am not sure who is doing it, and was just curious as to who is removing all the roads around. (Please say it isn't me sleep Wurming.) I think it's a pretty great thing, so if you're working towards a larger goal, let me know and I might lend you my unskilled hands.
  2. So I am finally realising that steppe is now eating up grass tiles. The last few times I have walked around my neighbourhood, it became more and more obvious. I am making a specific test of it, but is hardly necessary anymore. It must have been implemented quite recently but I never pay attention, was it announced? It has been known hitherto that steppe tiles and grass tiles did not grow over each other, for example here In my little pic here you see what we will slowly see more off. Steppe is everywhere and expanding *through* the forests on the ridges, leaving trees standing on single grass tiles with steppe around. The longterm consequences will be, than when settlers chop down the trees surrounded by steppe, those tiles will also become steppe. There will be less regrowth of the timber trees that people want, leading to even more trees being cut down. Ultimately there will also be a shortage of flowers needed for planting new grass. This will of course be countered by the players actively planting grass and trees. But we are going to see some changes.
  3. This is really just a few ideas bundled in together for deed owners who want a more "natural" deed look. These are terraforming options only available in PvE (to prevent PvP exploits), though the devs might add some of the harmless ones into PvP. Grass Mechanic Change Steppe tiles, when harvested, how give "steppe grass". It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. Tundra grass may now be harvested from tundra tiles. It grows very slowly (1 produced per week per tile) and has no visible impact on the tile like steppe. It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. It requires 30 gardening to collect. Marsh grass may now be harvested from marsh tiles. It grows slowly (1 produced per 3 days) and has no visible impact on the tile like steppe. It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. It requires 50 gardening to collect, Flower Mechanic Change If a tree, or bush, spreads onto a tile containing flowers those flowers are preserved on the tile and appear at the tree/bush base. Flowers may now be planted straight onto grass. Flowers still will NOT spawn randomly on tree tiles. Tile Creation I adore reed and kelp tiles, they make a wonderful decoration for coastal deeds. Reed tiles are easier to look after than reed fields but offer lower and less certain yields. Kelp is a high difficulty level ingredient that not many gather. At 50 gardening a player can use a reed on a tile that is in water to turn it into a reed tile, at 70 gardening they may do the same for kelp and kelp tiles. Reed tiles may also be planted on water source tiles in this manner. Some people might want tundra on their deeds. This tiles are hard to create (requires a fair bit of magic) so I propose that, at 30 gardening, players may plant tundra grass to create a tundra tile. Some, very odd, people might want marsh tiles on their deeds. These tiles are a nuisance tile mostly which are hard to remove for other players, however they do serve as a good high level forage/botanise spot and some people are very strange. Marsh grass may only be planted on a deed that has existed longer than 3 months to prevent griefing using short term deeds and requires 50 gardening (anyone who reaches 50 gardening is not likely to be a complete novice) to do so. Planting Changes A skilled gardener can make plants thrive in environments that would, normally, be hostile to them using special techniques. At 40 gardening players can plant trees/bushes on steppe, at 50 gardening deserts, at 60 gardening on tundra, at 70 gardening on marsh and 80 gardening on rocks. These will not spread, and have a 50% chance not to regrow if they shrivel. Only the most skilled gardeners would consider attempting to plant fungus patches, knowing how quickly they can spread. At 60 gardening players can use a mushroom on a shrivelled tree to create a "mushroom patch" tile with a texture of several mushrooms of the type planted on it and a dirt base, this base can be turned into grass of the players choice (tundra, steppe, marsh or regular) by using the appropriate kind of grass on it. They may also create fungal flower boxes (and plant mushrooms in plantpots). Planting flowers by a tree is tricky, at 30 gardening a player may plant flowers on a tree tile. The ancient art of bonsai is a popular one, at 60 gardening players may plant trees and bushes in plantpots (both marble and pottery) which display a minature version of that tree/bush. Finally, at 40 gardening (with +1 gardening required per total slope) they may use peat on a flower tile to make a "flowerbed" tile which has a triple density flower texture with a dirt base, this base can be turned into grass of the players choice (tundra, steppe, marsh or regular) by using the appropriate kind of grass on it. Trees/bushes will not grow over these. Closing Note These changes require no additional graphical assets, they can all be created through modifying existing ones and some, namely the terraforming, require no asset changes at all. These option are all purely aesthetic save for the reed and kelp options and would add a lot of creativity options for players with more natural inclinations.
  4. Doesn't have to be bought out, you can get smaller pieces of the pie. I will update the available amounts accordingly. Clay, QL48.00, 5000x - 1s/kIron lump, QL54.00, 5000x - 30c/100Mixed grass, QL38.25-ish, 12000x - 50c/k (Sold)Logs, QL80-ish - 1s/100Logs, Low QL - 25c/100Delivery policy and prices Please have a look at my delivery zones map v2. If you're having colour blindness, I hope the numbers in the outlined zones help! No delivery to Chaos because I'm a wuss Can be picked up at Ussta Delmah (C24) or Targoviste (E24) (northeast corner)Only coastal deliveries on other servers than IndependenceLand inwards delivery on Independence possible by agreementOrders worth 10s or more - Free delivery#0, Green zone - Free delivery#1, Yellow zone - 20c#2, Orange zone - 40c#3, Red zone - 70c#4, Purple zone - 1s#5, Blue zone - 1.5sMy timezone/in-game hours My timezone is Central European Summer Time (CEST), that is UTC+2/EST+6/PST+9/AUS-8 to list just a few. Although I can be a night owl, I usually play during european day time hours. I hope I covered everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to post them here, via forum PM or contact me ingame /t Ulviirala when I'm around. Best Regards, ~Ulvi
  5. I'm looking to recruit a player, or possibly multiple players for a large deed (55 x 77), located on the Deli steppe 36x 40y. My preference would be a returning player essentially wanting free land, and any contribution to upkeep would be appreciated. It's a secondary deed for me at the moment, so I won't be too picky about what you'd like to do with it. There's currently over 500 tiles of flat land that could be used for farming, tons of trees, as well as plenty of space for animals. Good hunting nearby, as it's on the steppe, marble, zinc, copper, iron in the mine. I'd like to find someone who's self motivated and will be sticking with the game for awhile. The deed's apart of a small alliance, and some help can be provided, but I'm not looking for anyone I'd have to walk through the fundamentals of the game with. Farmers, or someone who can use the land to help pay the upkeep are a bonus. Upkeep is 8.5s a month, but has a trader to help out, so contributions would be minimal. Please post here or send me a PM if interested.
  6. I was wondering how long it takes for the server to recognize planted steppe and start spawning animals? I have an island on Xanadu and i have planted about 120 tiles i guess in steppe. The steppe is all perimeter but not deeded yet because i was waiting on this to see if i can get some bison and maybe a hell horse pair. Has any of you tried this and if so how long did it take? Also do you have any advice that might speed up the process?
  7. New Spell : Infuse Life Domain : Fo Favour Cost : 80 Unlocked at : 50 Faith Difficulty : 70 Effect : Cast on a dirt tile and effects a 3x3 area around that tile. Elevation of the tile effects the cast effect. If under water then a success will spawn kelp 50% of the time, reeds 55% of the time, marsh 5% of the time. If the tile is above water but not on high ground success spawns moss 25% of the time, grass 75% of the time. If on high ground success spawns tundra 25% of the time, Steppe 25% of the time. On all above ground casts grass tiles generated may (5% chance per tile) sprout a random sapling. Optional Extra : Can be cast with an intended effect at a 10 difficulty penalty and 10 favour extra cost. Why? Have it? Why not? It's a nice terraform spell that is hard to cast and easy to reverse (unless you marsh someone up by mistake, but then that only works near water tiles). Edited for clarity
  8. Ever wondered why the Grand Steppe in the South-East seems to get smaller and smaller? I did. And to be honest I don't like it. That's why I'm starting a new community project to clean up and renature the steppe. What we're planning to do: - getting rid of all the decaying remains of small villages scattered all over the steppe - cutting down the small forest that don't belong to any still existing villages and deeds - reshaping the terraformed parts so the steppe regains its natural look - getting rid of dead end streets that lead to nowhere or to now uninhabited villages What we're NOT planning to do: - touching the surrounding areas of the steppe that are developed What we need: - a little spot to store carts, tools and catapults (1x2 or 2x2 hut) - 2 or more carts - 2 catapults - several horses to pull the carts - large signs to tell people what we're doing and point them to this thread - people willing to help Place and Time: - crossroad north of Stedding Tsofu or even better on the deed of someone willing to support us - Nov. 4th, 8pm GMT+1, I try to be there around that time or earlier so I can establish a base of operations My ingame name is Tekari. The steppe is a unique place just like the large tundra used to be. The tundra sadly is gone for good but the steppe can still be saved. Let's not lose it to the generic forests and disproportionate farmlands. HELP US TO SAVE THE STEPPE!
  9. As tradition dictates, got to post a suggestion as my first forum post so... Skill level affect which tiles can be foraged from and botanized. Current forage/botanize is preserved, so no screaming nerf at me Forage 20 - Can forage in steppe 50 - Can forage in marsh/reeds 80 - Can forage in tundra Botanize 20 - Can botanize in marsh/reeds 50 - Can botanize in moss/kelp 80 - Can botanize in peat Optional Extra : The harder a tile is to forage/botanize the high quality the items that can be found there (maybe even some unique items for different tile types). Edit : Revisited this with a few extra thoughts. Forage/botanise timer based on skill level (timer = base - skill/10). Item quality is effected by skill (quality found = (base+skill)/2) so high forage/botanise skills will help find higher quality items and lower level skills will drag item quality down a bit. Rose, lavender, cammellia, oleander are added to the botanise pool when in season. Cherry, olive, grape, lemon are added to the forage pool when in season. Forage/botanis ability displayed from 1 tile away at 30, 2 at 60 and 3 at 90 Forage/botanise skill gives a chance to find more items (% chance to find 2 items is your skill level?)
  10. The deed Vulcan Outpost located on the south east coast of Deliverance (32x 46y on (Low Res).png) is for sale. Its size is 51x29 and surrounded on all 4 sides by Palisades. The deed was planted a few weeks after Deliverance was opened. The deed is surrounded by a small desert and right at the end of the huge steppe, so its a great place for hunting. The mine has plenty of iron veins and a few silver veins, but its not expanded very much and I know there are many uncovered silver veins in the western part of the deed ("Prospected" with a priest of Magranon and the Mole Senses spell). There are also 10 forges for fast smelting of ores inside the mine. The deed also has a trader and a large magic chest. The chest has 6 damage due to 1 months inactivity, but if you make sure to open it occasionally it will last forever. It was bought 9 months ago. There are a 110 tiles farm, a 70 tiles enchanted animal pen, and a rather large area currently unused next to the 30 tile large BSB storage house. There are 5 buildings. 1 is the 10x3 storage building, 1 farm building with 3 forges, 1 6x6 house originally made to be an inn, a 5x2 smithing house (5 forges, 7 coffins and 5 bsb's) and a 5x5 house with the trader, large magic chest, and 3 beds. Feel free to ask questions. Starting bid: 50s minimum bid increment: 1s Hidden reserve: Yes Buyout: 1 gold 50s No private bids accepted except buy out. The auction ends March 13, 20:00 GMT (1 week from posting).
  11. We have decided to move on to Celebration and downsize to a smaller deed as we are not as active anymore. It truly is sad for us to let it go, but we have had plenty of fun on the server. A lot of care went into the construction and maintenance of the deed, as well as a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Lakeside Retreat was founded to be a natural sanctuary, with plenty of land dedicated to the natural surroundings of the environment we originally settled in. We sped up this process by planting our own conglomerate of bushes and trees within the plains between the ocean and lake. As we move forward with progress, we founded a deed called Oceanside Haven to secure a spot along the ocean, as well as to create a secured and protected area between the two said deeds, allowing the wilderness to thrive with our continued and unconditional help. Most of this area has been untouched since we originally planted the now overaged trees, as the only thing that connects the two deeds is a small, simple, yet elegant gravel road paved through the tall trees of the thick forest. We recently inherited a deed from a friend, Brycarnia, called Paradise Plains. We connected this deed to Lakeside Retreat by making a small wall of dirt between the two deeds to further protect the environment behind and between the triangle of deeds. This deed is for the most part undeveloped housing wise, but does have a very solid work of terraforming that also takes into account the surrounding rolling hills. If you've survived the first paragraph of my explanation of the deed, we'll continue now to the finer details of each of the three deeds. First, we'll start with Lakeside Retreat, the mother of the three deeds. This deed, from day one, was the epicentre of everything we have achieved on Exodus. This deed is size 31x31 w/ 12 Perimeter. The deed has 41+ Silver Upkeep (over a full year of upkeep!!) This deed offers: 105 Enchanted Grass Tiles!!! Three Large Enchanted Animal Pens (stocked with livestock) One Pen has Bred Hell Horses Five Private Enchanted Pens Aggressive Creature Pens on Outer Walls Underwater Farm for Reed Over 100 On-Deed Apple Trees for Refreshing Beverages 7 Individual Houses 1 Inn w/ 5 Beds and 90QL Loom 1 Storage House w/ Forge, Bins, Lamps, Double Doors Mine includes a Very Good QL Iron w/ 5000+ Ore, Good QL Iron w/ 1000-3000+ Ore, etc Underground Cooking Station with 10 Forges/1,000 Frying Pans Pink Rowboat for the Lake Two Mailboxes w/ 90+ Courier (Main House and Token) Centralized Gold Altars of All Three Gods Entire Deed is Walled In w/ Locks Two Gatehouses Insanity Tiles for Followers of Meditation Epic Portal, Bell Tower, Merchant Stall On-Deed Mine Entrance Lamps Included, Makes for Pretty Nights!! Check Below for Inventory Holds Secondly, we'll go over to Oceanside Haven, the second deed of our mighty sanctuary. This deed is also 31x31 w/ 5 Perimeter, and has 85 days of upkeep. This deed offers: 162 Enchanted Grass Tiles!!! Thee Large Horse Pens (2 being completely enchanted) Storage House w/ Bins, Double Doors Mine includes a Good QL Iron w/ 5000+ Ore 635 84QL Binned Iron Ore in the Mine 565 85QL Binned Zinc Ore in the Mine 665 67QL Binned Zinc Ore in the Mine Private Cottage, unfurnished Stables with Bred Hell Horses Cart Storage House with Arched Entrance Oversized Wooden Dock for Tons of Boats and Ships 93 Courier Mailbox Alyeska's Inn w/ 13 Private Rooms (Includes Beds, Banners, Chairs, Rugs, Candlebras), Fo Altar A 13x7 Vineyard of Blue Grapes (97). A Love Tile for Followers of Meditation Lamps Included, Makes for Pretty Nights!! Check Below for Inventory Holds Lastly, we'll look at Paradise Plains, the final addition to our sanctuary of deeds, which is, again, 31x31 with 5 perimeter, and has over 4 months of upkeep in it. This deed offers: 60 Enchanted Grass Tiles!!! Planted Blue Grapes (67+). Includes Deed Land on the Lake and Oceanfront for Future Docks Two Oversized Houses for Sleeping or Storage Large Areas for Housing, Pens, Planting, or Whatever You Want Perimeters of All Deeds Connect (No houses can be built, nor any deeds planted!) Check Below for Inventory Holds Now, we'll see the benefits of the surrounding area, and inbetween the deeds. Includes: 18 5-Speed Trait Horses 20 4-Speed Trait Horses 24 Bred Hell Horses Other Variants of Livestock for Breeding/Slaughtering The Oceanfront Between Oceanside and Paradise is Completely Walled (The Now-Removed Rainbow Road) Large Quantities of Maple and Olive Trees for Beverages Skill and Wine Making Massive Quantities of Zinc, Iron, and Silver Inside the Mountain 98 Courier Wishing Well In-Between Lakeside and Oceanside There is a Clay Patch Between Lakeside and Paradise Along the Lakefront Right next to the steppe, which has historically had amazing hunting. Over 1,000kg of 90QL+ Iron Lump/Ore Over 600kg of 84QL Iron Lump/Ore Almost 1,000kg of 97QL Cotton 546 Pieces of 38QL Leather Over 1,000kg of High QL Zinc for White Dye Large Quantities of Vegetables and Spices for Cooking Lots of Binned Silver Ore Tons of Animal Fat and Garlic for Salve Check Below for Inventory Holds My Beliefs: This deed, in my opinion, would be perfect for the laid back person, or group of people, who are interested in grinding Cooking and Nature skills. It is also perfect for the Priest in progress as the deed includes over 3,000 98QL pumpkins, 1,300 94QL meat, and a ton of other assorted meat and vegetables, as well as the 1,000 frying pans to get you jump started on HFC grinding. With all of the Enchanted pens included in this package of deeds, there is enough room to house any number of animals to perfect your Animal Husbandry skills. There are a ton of horses and cattle, among other livestock, to get you started in Breeding as well, including the rare bred group of Hell Horses. You can skill up Leatherworking on the tons of leather stored in the Bulk BIn, as well as grind any smithing skill with the endless supply of high quality Iron. As mentioned before, this deed is very relaxing. You will hardly find anyone in local on the main deed as most sailors tend to stick further out into the ocean while sailing by. You will perhaps come across the occasional hunter seeking a place to rest, or even the frequent mountain lion trying to make a meal out of you - but otherwise, this area is very quiet and secluded; hence the names Lakeside Retreat and Oceanside Haven. As such, we'd highly recommend the buyers to not hire templars, or at least to not set them to kill so you can enjoy the wilderness to its fullest extent as we have for over a year. This is the ultimate deed package for anyone looking forward to moving into a village already built for them! Now, onto the self-acclaimed excellent pictures I have taken of the deeds and their surrounding environments (click to enlarge). Pictures of Deed: Please note that a few of the screenshots may include some flags, banners, and a few other items that may not be there when bought. As much as I love how the pictures came out, they absolutely do no justice as to how the deed looks in person. If you would like to come visit the deed before bidding, please by all means do so. Get ahold of either Alyeska or I via PM on the boards here so we can help you take a tour of the deed. Free meals are included in the tours! Pictures of Deed Inventory (Bins, Chests, Forges, etc): Deed Triangle-Map: The deeds are located on the x44/45 and y42/43 squares on the following map: Bidding Guidelines Starting Bid: 1g/60e Current Bid: 160e/2.66g Minimum Increment: 10s/6e Hidden Reserve: Yes Buyout: 4.98g/300e End-Date: Monday, 20th of August @ 8PM GMT. A thing to note is that you'll need three premium accounts to transfer the deeds to. If this is an issue, don't be afraid to contact me and I'll see what I can do to help.