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Found 6 results

  1. If a person logs out while stealthed the alliance list is missing entries when they log back in. Got 3 in alliance right now (people who have logged in while i was connected) and 8+ in village.
  2. I've been thinking about other spells or enchants I'd like to see in Wurm - but that'd also call for new Gods under the Deity system - and rather than introduce a whole NEW sorcery system - why not look to Alchemy? Revisiting the Alchemy system to enchant items - i.e. affinities when worn, or effects like 'glow' to provide luminance at night when an alchemical potion is applied to the item. Potions that can imbue items or players with travel/teleportation - i.e. use a potion give a pair of shoes or ring the ability to recall a player back to their deed or a designated location up to 3x (or if the potion is of high enough QL make it a permanent enchantment to the item) or a potion to teleport a specific item or object (i.e. 'Send this item/object to my deed token.) Offensive potions to 'throw' at targets Slow decay on items - or even speed it up on others. Just an idea. I'm curious to know what other think or suggestions they have.
  3. WTS Dark Ring, Seryll. I have two to sell. 1s each. When equipped, provides a permanent bonus to stealth. It does not appear to decay.
  4. I'm unsure what this is worth, so i am auctioning it. There are very few of these about. >edit - upon recant - price is now set. Stealth Bonus Starting Bid: 7 silver Minimum increments: 3s Buyout : 15s
  5. In case one is not familiar with the concept, or doesn't recognize the term from military sniper footage and/or movies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghillie_suit The origin of the modern usage is Scottish, so something I take ancestral, familial pride in​. Called a "Yowie" in Aussie land, something I was actually unaware of before checking over the wiki link. Sure the Ghillie suit involves using local plant life weaved into a shroud to disrupt the human outline. However, animal skins and parts can serve the same affect. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd165_YTXZQ In Wurm, something craftable as a ghillie suit can help one stealthing, or just add stealth bonuses to animal-part clothing already ingame. EDIT: One might even have to craft different suits or rather modify a suit with foliage for certain areas. With animal skins, wild-life may even react differently depending on what is worn. Granted the Scottish Ghillie suit dates back to 1700-1800s; however, the basic idea of using animal skins or plant life to disrupt the human outline is hardly a new concept:
  6. Assuming the mask slot isn't just to tease us, what would their functions be? I rather like the idea that masks could conceal the identity of those that wear them; perhaps blotting out letters of a persons name in local depending on the quality of the mask similar to signatures. Maybe hooded cloaks could benefit stealth and masks a well. What does everyone else think about masks and whatnot? Should they be purely cosmetic or have a function? __ I spared this from the suggestions forum for now because I would rather discuss usage before hand.