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Found 8 results

  1. Hello guys. WTS Thievery affinity - help me with transportations if possible; post offers here or pm me in game if you have one. Luttuosa
  2. Ber on the lookout on freedom for Barberman, Megacide, Archana(nide) and their gang of pirates.. not only did they deed over our just developing pasture on Xanadu north of Vrock Landing but have also annexed a community mine which myslef and BombaySteve had put a mob defense door on, anybody gaining access that asked... The brashly told me to shove when asked to move there deed a few tiles back onto surrounding forest and grass tiles... so this must have been theyre plan all along to take what they didn't own, the only offense possible against another player in the usually considerate Wurming community has PVP come to PVE is this a sign of the times, is this how a new player is welcomed into the community i would hope not or we will all watch Wurm crumble to dust together.. congrats Megacide and Arachna conquered yet another defenseless flock of cows, this is the 1/40th Troll King Slayer of fame ... ahahahahahah.. excuse me while i vomit...and pick out an adult pastime..
  3. ...or rather a introductory primer of sorts. Been considering the need for one, and I even have a rough outline and draft made. Before getting involved in that I wish to see if there is even really a need or interest in one. After all there's tutorials on almost everything else... even ones for the tutorials. One would think if there was really a demand, someone would have done it already. So... what do you think? Should there be one?If so, what are your main concerns or questions in that area?What doesn't the wiki already seem to make clear?What would you look for?EDIT: Something came up I felt I should articulate... I am not talking about ways of gaming the game's rules or exploiting loopholes in those rules. For example imho thievery belongs on pvp servers, where players by the very act of being on such servers have consented to being targets. Kill or be killed basically. Anyone doing such on a Freedom server deserves getting reported and the ensuing consequences. Just because I play a rogue doesnt mean I do not have rules or guidelines. They just are not your rules ;P EDIT: Heres the rough outline: Introduction This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to all things thievery and such in Wurm. There's just no fun in revealing all to begin with, and I'm lazy. Rather it is to provide help with the basics and some possible hypothetical applications. For those who wish to up their game from common "rag-pickers". If one is seeking to better understand the psychological principles, I recommend the following article: Furthermore, I can neither confirm nor deny any firsthand knowledge of the usage of these skills ingame. Outline: I. Fundamentals A. Body Control (Stealth and everything else) B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps E. Stealth a. Actual b. Mines c. Mounts II. Training A. Body Control B. Lockpicking C. Stealing D. Traps III. Intermediary A. Solo vs. Group Tactics B. Diversions or Framing a. Loudmouth Idiots b. Locks From Known Thieves C. Traps D. Know Your Enemy and Thyself E. Knowing a "good" Fence a. Helps if considered respectable and reliable in general. b. Can be the same person as your smith. c. Doesn't ask too many questions about that shiny new ship ur selling him. IV. Hypothetically-Speaking A. Spying B. Sabotage C. Downright dirty scoundrel Example section: Lockpicking Lockpicking Lockpicking is fairly self-explanatory. Its the skill for picking locks. In Wurm this allows one to bypass locked doors on structures, vehicles, ships, and containers. This guide will simply refer to all lockable items as containers. The tools needed, lockpicks, can only be made by a locksmith of some skill, so one may wish to pick this up as a side skill as you will go through picks frequently. Knowing a good smith or merchant is another good idea. There are additional benefits from such a relationship, which will be covered later. Lockpicks will break... ALOT. Less so as the quality is higher, and it helps to have several dozen in multiple satchels on one's belt ready to activate. Picks of a ql less than twenty of the lock's ql will not even work to begin with. Once the lock is picked, it will stay open for so many minutes as indicated by Examining, as in the case of gate locks, or as with padlocks, the lock will come off and appear in your inventory. The difficulty of the lock can vary greatly and is dependent on several factors: the container ql, pick ql, examined lock ql (see table 1.1), your skill, the type of container, etc. Ships are more difficult than say a chest, and larger ships more so. The calculated chance is displayed on the menu next to Pick Lock. Table 1.1: Examined Lock Quality Ranges Very poor 1 - 9.99ql Poor 10 - 19.99ql Below average 20 - 29.99ql Okay 30 - 39.99ql Above average 40 - 49.99ql Pretty good 50 - 59.99ql Good 60 - 69.99ql Very good 70 - 79.99ql Exceptional 80 - 89.99ql Fantastic 90 - 99.99ql Some say a minimum of 30 Lockpicking is needed to be effective, personally its more around 50. Also do not be discouraged by lockpicking chances of less than 5%, these containers are still vulnerable to those with time and determination.... and alot of lockpicks. Third Person: [19:19:16] Klaa picks the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] Klaa silently curses as he fails to pick the lock of the small chest. First Person: [19:18:20] You start to pick the lock of the small chest. [19:18:20] You fail to pick the lock of the small chest. EDIT: Project currently on back burner due to RL.
  4. Pretty much as thievery was in Ultima Online (stealing from houses wasn't an option... usually). Being able to steal from people's inventory, higher levels unlock equipped gear as an option. Snooping lets one get a (accuracy varies) look of aforementioned inventory. Sleight of hand enables one to slip something unseen into target inventory (player or container). Weight and ql impact difficulty. The usual permissions and reputation hits. Cannot be performed within a certain time period of fighting (unless really high level?)
  5. Betraying your own settlement in first hand should have deeper consequences and then the Kingdom should list you on "Kingdom's Wanted" which should be seen during login through Events. Only for those who are from the same Kingdom. On this list it should also give you the information of when the person was last time seen and the bounty on his head. Maybe a price on his head? Once slain you'll get paid by the Kingdom bank one certain amount of money and all his stolen items will be placed in the Kingdom capital storage, so the real owners can come and pick it up. Using this current system gives every thief out there a chance to recover, rebuild his trust in his neighbours and gain reputation, then when everything comes down to Global a heated discussion appears. Every zone is too wide to cover for 20 active players, which means your Kingdom must do something more to prevent theft from being made! Deseration isn't about PvP these days. It's RPvRP and if you're lucky you'll see small raiders in numbers of 3 to 5. What happens when a invansion comes? Will they send help? No. No one dares to leave the house. We need better and harsher punishments to those who steal and betray!
  6. Not a huge bug, but something to check. While in a town I saw a box of items. I tried dragging over a backpack and got the message "Try right-clicking and choosing steal". I right-clicked on the backpack and selected 'Steal'. I received the message (not exact) "You don't have enough body control to steal" I right-clicked on the backup and selected 'Equip'. The backpack was now mine
  7. As a new player of course my first question is how do I make some cash so I can buy things from traders that I need... okay kinda need. It took about two hours before I stumbled, in conversation over the global chat, that I could scoop up a corpse off the side of the road and sell it to a token or trader for toppins. It was only after a significant amount of research that I understood that the only reason I was getting 11i for the corpse was because all corpses are QL 100 (unless they've been 'seasoned' for a while) this struck me as something rather clever. I came to Wurm because I wanted to 'see the sites' as it were and living the life of a vagabond, I'd be perfectly happy to roundup all those spider and cave-bug bodies that seem to accumulate around settlements in the wake of the ever vigilant spirit-guards or whatnot, but lo and behold, lifting a butchered and otherwise 'useless' corpse from deeded ground that you did not put there yourself is still considered stealing, so I tend to pass by many settlements with dead bears and spiders about and the best I can do is bury them for the sake of digging skill.. and frankly who wants a town with a whole bunch of rotting corpses lying about. What I'm getting at is: suppose there was an option that could be selected to permit any passerby, weather citizen of the township or not, to collect and dispose of butchered corpses. Would that not be a useful option? See a long dead wolf on the side of the road, pick it up and drop it off at the token for a token reward. It would certainly help clean up some places I've been, give some new players something to do. You could even take a percentage for township upkeep. Provide an option for non-citizens to be able to pick up butchered corpses, within the boundaries of the settlement, without it being considered 'stealing'. That's the bottom line. What happens is: someone like me comes through town an finds a dead bear on the side of the road, killed by the guards. I butcher it and leave the meat an whatever other resources for whatever townie wants it for grinding purposes, but I take the useless leftovers (butchered corpse) over to the token and turn it in of the 11i. Town takes 1 or 2i because the guards killed it. I walk off with a reasonable 9 and the town has one less carcass attracting flies. Cheers, ~Amus Goodfellow Release, circa 2014