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Found 28 results

  1. pm me in forum or in game @ mrzodiac
  2. wts star emerald 35ql - - 3s
  3. star emerald 45ql star diamond 35ql 5s for both
  4. Min Increase 50c No Reserve 1H Sniper Protection No Private Bids Starting Bid 1s Buyout 5s
  5. Sadly, Wurm lacks a Pole Star. Wurm astronomy buffs can find the west celestial pole in the night sky using the instructions at the U of W at R astronomy site here.
  6. Want to Auction some hard-to-find gems Start Price 1s50c Bid Increments 50c sniper protection 1h Happy Bidding
  7. Looking for at least medium quality. Price is negotiable. PM me on forums or in game at Firebug.
  8. sold

    50ql Star Sapphire - 2s
  9. Black Angel

    A short movie attached to the Empire Strikes Back when it was shown in the UK and Australia. Kind of a swords n' sorcery flick. Had never seen it until recently.
  10. I have 3 different staves to sell for 4s each on Deliverance at the starter town Green Dog for pick up only. 1 Ruby Staff QL 10.26 [16:22:34] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic ruby attached. It is made from willow. It can not be improved. 1 Opal Staff QL 23.84 [16:22:04] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic opal attached. It is made from willow. It can not be improved. 1 Emerald Staff QL 7.74 [16:21:33] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic emerald attached. It is made from willow. It can not be improved. If you want more info please feel free to ask.
  11. For Sale 4s each. 2 for 7s 24.91 Star Diamond [12:10:41] A perfectly clear, many-faceted diamond. 30.39 Star Emerald [12:13:12] A beautiful clear eggsized sea green emerald. 20.00 Star Emerald [12:13:47] A beautiful clear eggsized sea green emerald. It emits power. 42.00 Star Ruby [12:14:34] A bright red ruby, as large as the eye of a dragon. 37.00 Star Ruby [12:15:23] A bright red ruby, as large as the eye of a dragon. mailbox is fast..[12:28:19] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [95]
  12. [22:54:06] A perfectly clear, many-faceted diamond. Starting bid: 1s Min increment: 50c No sniper protection No delivery, winner pays COD Buyout: PM me with an offer
  13. Starting bid: 4s Increments: 50c Buyout: 8s Buyer pays CoD
  14. Its Shiny! Its Blue! Oh So Shiny! Its Over Ninety Quality! Did I Mention Its Shiny? Get Your Sorcery On! Maximum Vesseling! Its a 94ql Star Sapphire! Totally Guaranteed Not To Be Stolen. Looking for quotes.
  15. This set includes 2x star gems and one sapphire staff. (pick up only at Stone Ridge Harbor T11 Xanadu or SE Deliverance on request) Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 1s Buyout: 7s No reserve, 1h sniper
  16. Auctioning an Oakenwood Star Sapphire staff. Please post bids here. Bids will star at 4s, and auction will go until timer ends! 25c increments please! Adding a 1 hour snipe protection to this. Thanks for bidding! I will deliver to winner. Edit: to add timer, thanks Shrimpiie!
  17. I would like to buy a Star Gem Staff above 20QL and I am willing to pay 2 silver for the right staff. Deliver or COD on Release please. I can travel for a meet up if needed of course. Kristel
  18. Auctioning off this little beauty Starting bid 3s Increments of 50c please
  19. Up For auction 94.38 QL Star Diamond Starting Bid: 6 s Minimum Increments: 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: Open to offers. Located on Celebration. Can pick up at The Misfit market or COD to buyer. Message Teedis in game for more information.
  20. I would like to get a price check on two items I may sell. The first is a rare iron lamp. The second item is one I am not sure even has value. It is a 41 Ql star Sapphire I have kicking around. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Hello mighty wizards, witches, and nifty creators of Staffs. Great news from the Independence island! Up for auction is a nice green star emerald, the quality is 22, uncut and of rare beauty. But quickly, to the facts: Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increase: 50c Buyout: 5s No reserve, no private bids, no sniper protection. Happy bidding! P.S.: Method of delivery is negotiable with the winner.
  22. Located at the very north of Deli(delivery will be discussed with winner) SOLD for 4s Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increase: 50c No Reserve No Buyout NO PRIVATE BIDS
  23. Auctioning 42ql Star Ruby **will deliver if close** Bidding will start at 1s with 50c increments Buyout 5s
  24. Looking to sell a 1Q star sapphire. please post offers, or you can PM Bloodwolfi in game.
  25. Hello, have to sell emerald staff 17.99ql. [03:10:55] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic emerald attached. It is made from oakenwood. Starting Bid: 1s Min. Bid Incerase: 50c Buyout: none Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Free delivery on exo. Other servers we can meet somewhere