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Found 4 results

  1. All Items can be sell separately Contact me in game always as Luttuosa or send me a PM in the forum Rare Archery Target Rare Armour Stand Rare Practice doll Rare Pole Trap If you will buy the whole bundle, you will receive a Rare Free Gift Happy New Year to all of you!
  2. I have some old chain sets sitting on armour stands inside a building. They've been sititng there for quite a while. I checked them today and the pieces had a lot of damage. Some pieces 16dmg. Does anyone else find the decay of armour sets sitting in armour stands to be somewhat excessive? Good thing I store my good set on my merchant. Although, it sort of defeats the purpose of having armour stands in the game to begin with. I look at it this way. Why should I store armour on a stand if it's going to decay hardcore? I just find the decay makes the item less useful overall in the game. Thoughts anyone?
  3. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned, but searching this subforum didn't turn anything up. Would it be possible to alter the graphics of the armor stands in the same way as animals are currently being modded? (which is awesome btw) Would basically like to see armor stands showing something other than studded leather. If probing the contents of the stand is a bit much to code, maybe have different armor stands require a particular hat/helm to make it that type of stand? Seems hitching posts could be made to require particular ingredients so guessing the possibility is there... but then a little knowledge is a dangerous thing
  4. Since I've been playing again, I've noticed it is a lot harder to reach things from on my cart. I almost have to be right on top of a log to pick it up, or on top of a BSB to open it. Is this because we sit now? What I would love to see is full reach from anywhere on one tile to anywhere on an adjoining tile. Sitting on vehicles makes our visibility much worse, so we need more range to balance it out. Either that, or let me choose if I want to sit or stand. I'd choose standing every time. When riding a cart or ship to battle, it does seem a bit silly to see people sitting and swinging weapons.