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Found 11 results

  1. I love how the single stairs left or right saves on tile space, but why is there no option to build a half fence or a wall with a single door left/right? Doors, double or single do not match up with the stairs so you pretty much have no other choice but to go with a arch or no wall at all. Please add a option for single doors left or right in addition` to the existing single door centered option!
  2. So I'm tired of falling off my stairs inside my homes... Can we please for the love of <insert god/goddess here|athiest> have left and right facing doors? This would make all spiral staircasing, left/right staircasing compatible with at least one door in the game. Come on, face it... it just makes sense lol.
  3. Ql of a finished staircse seems a bit higher than expected. [01:16:01] It is a normal counter clockwise spiral staircase with banisters made of wood. [01:16:01] QL = 93.16136, dam=0.0. Mats used: Mortar 22ql Small nails 23ql Large nails 14ql Shafts 71ql Planks 72ql Stone bricks 21ql skills: 97 carpentry and 63 masonry tools: 79ql rare throwel, 91ql mallet
  4. I posted this on the news thread, but will repost my fancy artwork here: I know its a lot of extra models to create and all those other new stair types are going to be awesome, but we could use more options for tight spaces, rooms with limited space.
  5. Not sure if this is intended, but large crates will fall down a floor when pushed onto a staircase opening tile, pictured below. When it happens you get this message in the event window: [02:06:23] The staircase is in the way.
  6. I was just on the second floor of a building, walking around all happy and excitedly thinking about bridges, when I decided to go downstairs and do something productive. Unfortunately, I was not looking where I was walking, and came at the stairs from the side. At first, I was not afraid. Normally you can just jump onto the stairs from the side of the tile anyway. But this time was different! As I walked off the tile onto the stairs, the railing caught me between the hole and the railing! I was stuck for maybe half a second, then fell to the ground floor, with an 80 damage bruise as a gift. Wait, what?!? 80 damage?! But I spent all last week jumping off the 2nd floor to the ground with no damage to show for it! How could this be?!? TLDR: Was on 2nd floor, went to stairs, dropped from the side (toward railing), got stuck in gap/railing, fell to floor 1, 80 dmg wound when normally you don't get injured from jumping off the roof.
  7. You cannot haul a crate up stairs with a rope. A small cart can be dragged up as can a large but the large requires some silly business. Also a single small crate full of bricks is extremely heavy - 2200kg heavy. At 37.61 Strength, I can pull a large cart with only 2392kg in it, meaning a single small crate full. It takes much longer than hauling and involves dancing. To get the cart to actually change floors, you have to drag up, turn back facing the steps, then take a single step. At that point, the cart slingshots up the stairs. You then have to mount it and unload it. Then do the same going back down to get your next small crate. I am not sure if not hauling is an oversight or if it is intended that way. If it is, I would advise people to leave at least one ladder in their structure for hauling.
  8. Hi! I like very much the stairs. But. I would like to be able to climb up stairs starting next to walls. I would like to put the stairs to room corner. Now it takes up a lot of space needing to have an open tile in front of it and behind the upper end.
  9. Mine can't. They start at an outside wall. So obviously I can't get on them.
  10. When holding a washing bowl in inventory and attempting to climb stairs, the following is reported. [15:52:57] The washing bowl needs to be on the ground when used. You cannot climb stairs while it is in inventory as it aborts the climb. CORRECTION: Only if it is activated.
  11. I think a really neat addition to the game would be stairs. Perhaps have a slope range that could be built on using a hammer, just like floors. The stairs could make going up and down slope the same speed as normal. Different types of material could be used such as rock, stone, and wood. Then you could add a few more Border Tile types, such as hand-rails for the stairs in wood or iron. This would make an excellent cosmetic change, and could really spruce up the exterior of houses and settlements. I don't think it would work well inside a house due to the length-height ratio and the size of the average home. But outside it could make a huge difference. I am unsure what the skill level should be in though. Carpentry/masonry/paving.