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Found 10 results

  1. I have been playing for quite some time, and I ran into an issue with building. I was replacing my wooden flooring to brick flooring, when I encountered a problem. I am trying to make a brick staircase, and even though I have all the prerequisites and items in my inventory, I cannot build it. The game is saying I need the items, I already have in the inventory (seen below picture). What is wrong?
  2. So I was a dummy and forgot to build a staircase with banisters. It sure would be great if I could add banisters after the fact! Perhaps as a second level of crafting after stairwell completion? Additionally, if I was a similar kind of dummy and accidentally added banisters to a staircase, it would be nice to be able to remove them
  3. Items dropped or planted on a staircase fall through and appear on the floor below the staircase. A planted item that is pushed onto a staircase from an adjacent floor tile also falls through. I have tried this on wooden and stone brick staircase types ("[09:24:06] It is a normal staircase made of wood.)
  4. It doesnt give any event msg when planning staircase to first level of house that doesnt have floor built. Would propably help new players if it would tell you to build floor below before building staircase.
  5. I posted this on the news thread, but will repost my fancy artwork here: I know its a lot of extra models to create and all those other new stair types are going to be awesome, but we could use more options for tight spaces, rooms with limited space.
  6. There have been changes to the different staircases in the last patch, not only the graphic for each but also the material for each. The in game recipes should now reflect the new parts required. I have not tested and verified them all yet, but maybe someone building a new one has some experience with it.
  7. Not sure if this is intended, but large crates will fall down a floor when pushed onto a staircase opening tile, pictured below. When it happens you get this message in the event window: [02:06:23] The staircase is in the way.
  8. My alt, Bagheera, a novice Fo priest got stuck on a staircase - and died ! [12:17:03] Ouch! That hurt! [12:17:06] Ouch! That hurt! [12:17:06] You are dead. [12:17:06] You are halted on the way to the netherworld by a dark spirit, demanding knowledge. [12:17:06] The spirit touches you and you feel drained. [12:17:06] You are dead. Skills changes: [11:59:18] Faith increased by 0.0579 to 63.398 [12:08:51] Religion increased by 0.0118 to 22.569 [12:08:51] Prayer increased by 0.0128 to 34.925 [12:09:05] Ropemaking increased by 0.0155 to 16.780 [12:10:38] Repairing increased by 0.0109 to 24.345 [12:17:06] Fighting decreased by 0.250 to 12.618 [12:17:06] Body strength decreased by 0.0100 to 22.863 [12:17:06] Body decreased by 0.0100 to 23.127 [12:17:06] Masonry decreased by 0.0250 to 28.611 [12:17:06] Leatherworking decreased by 0.0250 to 12.053 [12:17:06] Natural substances decreased by 0.0250 to 3.355 [12:17:06] First aid decreased by 0.0250 to 13.965
  9. Made a wooden staircase with no problems. Except things on the edge of the tile, like the armour stand fell to the ground level. Although the opening shows edges, nothing can be put on them. Suggest a little tweaking is needed perhaps?