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Found 5 results

  1. If a Bee Hive is empty allow us to stack more than 1 on a single tile please. This does Not mean Inactive ( as they are occupied by Bee's ) but when creating new ones, have to do it single, finish, move it ( or load it into a boat for easy imping ) But as far as 'storage' for empty bee hives, allow us to stack them on a single tile.
  2. Stacks of Rare crude axes are labelled 'rare crude axe' Stacks of Rare crude knives are labelled 'rare crude knife' BUT... A stack of rare crude shovels is just labelled 'crude shovel'. Why is this? is it because they are made of wood and can have different types? or is it a bug with this item? Thanks. A list sorted alphabetically shows the rare crude shovels out of order (they should come after the rare crude knives):
  3. Some sprouts are currently stored as 'sprout' others are stored as 'sprouts'. It is quite inconsistent as both sets include bushes and trees. This is a recent change although I have not checked my sprouts for a few days.
  4. Sometimes its fun going through the Wiki to find stuff out, but when it comes to finding out if spells will stack- I hate it. So to counter my hate I decided to make it easier for myself and others like me. If there's anything wrong or if your unsure about something, just let me know! (Click Image for viewing) Larger font version, just for you Added;
  5. The backpack when opened is always the same default position and size. Is it a bug that it doesn't stay at the size and position you change it to? Stacking isn't working in there. Keybinds don't work on items in there. Why is the backpack equipped so different than all other containers?