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Found 4 results

  1. Bulk Gems WTS all for 20s pick up or delivery Rare Halberd Iron 10s Spyglass 10s Snow Lantern 20s Reply to this topic and I will check it and get back to you. Please check replies to see if someone already claimed an item. Items will be added and removed as we go. Thanks Muchly.
  2. wts

    wts most prices are marked, or just make an offer..
  3. pm me with offers or comment with offers below. edit the 87.90ql small maul has 88fb not 78fb Also selling a spyglass 82ql 35s
  4. Hi guys, I have a few nice for you! (those items that are rare have the word "rare" added to the the description. So that's 2 items in this auctions. All else it not rare, just to clarify!) Here they are: 1. Hatchet, 3 ql, 94 coc start bid 2s - buy out 5s Destroyerd leading with 2s 2. Meditation rug, 2 ql, 90 coc, start bid 2s - buy out 5s 3. Grooming Brush, 7 ql, 91 coc, start bid 2s - buy out 5s GorgonKain leading with 2s 4. Horse Shoe, 60 ql, 97 woa, start bid 2s - buy out 5s 5. Rare File, 90 ql, 87 coc, start bid 5s - buy out 10s Argustin leading with 7.5s bid 6. Spy Glass, 91 ql, (not sure if this can be mailed even, does anyone know for sure?) start bid 25s (buy out offers considered) Sklo leading with 30s 7. Mountain Lion Pelt, 98 ql, 99 woa, start bid 2s - buy out 5s Riate leading with 2s 8. Large Rat Pelt, 90 ql, 94 coc, start bid 2s - buy out 5s 9. Rare Yoyo, 44 ql, 76 coc, start bid 1s - buy out 5s Shrimpiie leading with 1s 10. Hammer, 73 ql, 97 coc, 81 woa, start bid 2s - buy out 5s Riate leading with 2.5s 11. Horse Shoe set of 4, 91+ ql, 91 woa on each, start bid 12s, buy out 20s 12. Whetstone, 98 ql, 92 coc, start bid 2s - buy out 5s Riate leading with 3.5s 13. Carving knife, 35 ql, 93 coc, start bid 2s - buy out 5s 14. Farmer Salve, 25 ql, 90 coc, start bid 50c - buy out 2s Shrimpiie leading with 50c 15. Scythe, 34 ql, 94 coc, (item can not be mailed, but pick up is possible in Freedom Market, Independence server) start bid 3s - buy out 5s 16. Two Handed Sword, 71 ql, 70 Nimbleness, 93 Frost Brand, 93 Circle of Cunning, 79 Mind Stealer (sorry so yummy i had to type these enchants out LOL! Pick up in Freedom Market, Independence server, since this can not be mailed), start bid 3 s - buy out 6s Trooper leading with 3 s bid 17. Small Maul 71 ql, 71 Nimbleness, 96 Life Transfer, 71 Circle of Cunning Just been told it is mailable. Blame Silakka if it turns out later that it isn't LOL! Thanks for the info buddy!! Confuscius leading with 6 s bid start bid 5s, buy out 10s 18. Pickaxe, 4 ql, 99 coc start bid 3s, buy out 6s Argustin leading with 4s bid One hour sniper protection. Increments: 50 c Buyer pays COD or can pick up at Tree Huggers Eden in Independence map 62 x, 23 y (east coast) Auction time: PS: Check out my spring clearance sale also, some nice 70+ casts at special sale price to be found here: Thanks for looking and happy bidding!!! :-)