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Found 8 results

  1. As it stands under the current system, Settlement-Manage Settings , we can mark the checkbox for deed guards to "Mark this if you want your guards to ignore aggressive creatures". This is a incomplete permission system and quite flawed. Allow me to argue. We had a funny incident in our deed this week, where about 6 eaglespirits spawned near our deed and one was a champ. You can figure out what happened afterwards just by the number. A couple of tamed horses got killed, and a villager got killed repeatedly by the champ eaglespirit. Needless to say, 5 tower guards couldn't handle the influx of spirits of this number. The annoying part was when I unchecked the box for guards to attack aggressive creatures. Lo and behold, instead of attacking the eaglespirits , our brave spirit templars aggroed on our deed Hell Horses and started slaying them in droves. This shouldn't happen on deeds. Seriously, besides a defence against raiders, what use do spirit templars have against aggressive animals if instead of killing enemy creatures, they just butcher your own hell horses? My suggestion is this. Add a new Reputation Checkbox for each aggressive animal in part. It could look like the rep box for players. For example: Set reputation for Scorpion: -100. (guards will always attack scorps) Set reputation for Hell Horse: +100 (guards will always ignore hell horses) Set reputation for Lava Spiders: -100 (guards will always attack Lava Spiders) Set reputation for Bears: +100 (guards will always ignore bears, why not? some people like bears as pets, etc.) You get the general idea from this list. This could be implemented quite elegantly in wurm and thus help deeds adequately defend against certain types of creatures while not endangering hell horses (which are often a pvp and pve asset). What do you guys think? I find that we really need this feature.
  2. Something that popped into my head the other day was how cool it would be for the game to introduce "Spirit Steeds" for deed owners. They could have the same rendering as the Spirit Templar (I tried to mimic this in Photoshop to give some idea) The purpose of Spirit Steeds: To ease the life of a deed owner to move around on their deed by having a horse that is at their beck and call at any time without having to fetch it from a stable, without worrying about it wandering off etc. I find that half the time I can't be bothered to use my saddled horses because it's own chore to go get them (I have a very big deed) To give a perk to people who invest in having a deed As a status symbol for deed owners, especially if they have villagers on their deed Aids in fighting mobs alongside spirit templars, however is much weaker and does not give a significant contribution to damage as not to negate the purpose of hiring spirit templars Suggested functionality of Spirit Steeds: Like the spirit templars, spirit steeds roam around the deed. To use the steed, be located anywhere on your deed tiles and give the command "/whistle". The steed will gallop to you quickly from which ever place it was roaming around at (Funner to have it run over instead of instantly poofing, just to give a cooler sense of immersion) The steed will stand next to you for up to one minute, after which it will wander off again if you do not interact with it To interact with it, right click and choose "Ride". You can ride around your deed like you would a normal high speed horse, even if you don't have enough body control. As long as you are owner of the deed, you can ride it The spirit steed does not use a bridle or saddle. It cannot be kept "in place" with a saddle, however it can be "led" without the need of a rope. Simply right click and "lead" to keep it with you while on foot When led, the steed will not follow you outside the boundaries of the deed and you will lose lead once you cross that threshold Once dismounting or un-leading, the spirit steed will stand in place for 1 minute, after which it will run off again You can only have 1 steed per deed, however this steed will progress as your deed progresses The spirit steed will give off the occasional ghostly neigh in the distance Conditions for getting a Spirit Steed: Spirit steeds are not bought or hired like Spirit templars, instead they are "gifted" to deeds that are older than X amount of months/years (perhaps for when a deed turns 1 year old?) The idea is to encourage players to keep deeds going From that point on, the older the deed, the faster the Spirit steed gets - but of course keeping to a reasonable speed that does not become unmanageable Inspiration source: Once again, Ultima Online was partly the inspiration for this. In UO you could get transparent Ethereal horses as veteran rewards: They were super handy!
  3. Just for fun it would be nice to name our spirit templars. "Was just minding my own business leveling my deed when a black wolf attacked me! Luckily Sir Hummlewerdt came running and saved me." -random noob
  4. In my opinion spirit templars are pretty weak, considering their high cost of 3 silver per month (on epic). Unfortunately they can't be equipped with gear like guards, so even a player with a fighting skill of ~40 can easily take one of them down. So my suggestion is that settlement mayors should be able to equip/un-equip spirit templars just like tower guards
  5. Hello fellow Wurmians! Yesterday after another boring butchering/burying session i thought of this little feature: When spirit templars kill a mob, they take the corpse to a coffin on deed. This would really help to prevent those ugly deeds cluttered with corpses! A good example might be my new deed, it is on top of a mountain where i can't even reach all of the corpses because they are on the middle of high-sloped rock. Of course one could say that this would make it even easier to grind butchering and skills that rely on mob-drops, but i don't think that this change would have a big impact there. Things to be discussed: Good idea in general? Should the templar's move those corpses asap or on some kind of schedules? Is a deed-setting needed to activate/deactivate the feature? Which coffin will the templars use? Will you manually set one as target or perhaps it's the one closest to the token? (Someone in GL-Freedom mentioned the possibility of hiring a dedicated "Undertaker" for the deed, what about that?) What do you guys think about that? PS: Whole thing is only for NPC-Corpses of course. PPS: No pictures cause I'm at work right now
  6. I changed mayor with my alt tonight and when i did it instantly killed the spirit templar he did respawn but wanted to post it just to be sure you know. [20:11:19] Congratulations! You are now the proud citizen of Silverwood. [20:11:19] The trade was successful. [20:11:21] Spirit templar is dead. R.I.P. There were no animals in the area and to my knowledge there had not been any fighting before hand. I guess it could have been killed by a bad wound and bleed to death but i am not sure if they even do that or not. Anyway just wanted to post it encase it is some kind of bug.
  7. Hey All, I would like to see the shout from the spirit templar improved, currently when an aggro animal wanders into deed borders it shouts in local - "I'll take care of Aged Brown Bear" As I'm still working on my fight skills, I would love to join in the fighting, but 8/10 times by the time I find the spirit templar & bear etc it is dead! So instead I would like it if the spirit templar would shout a direction with his war cry, something like - "I'll take care of Aged Brown Bear! Allies to the North" What do you all think? Luni
  8. I put in a suggestion to change the behavior to spirit templars at It's Alyeska's idea for inactivating them while no mayors or citizens are logged on. It's probably going to be the easiest 'fix' without having to screw with pathing. If you're really sincere about wanting something done then you need to do something other than post on this forum. Remember you only have so many votes so it might be best to pool everyone's votes for what you think works best. Don't dilute your voting power. It would be nice to vote to fix tower guards too but if you don't, meh, no big deal.