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Found 6 results

  1. An ingenious device which turns rough wool into yarn. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ru...a...'. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Ql: 22.510126, Dam: 0.0. starting bid: 5 silver increases: 50 copper
  2. I went to make a stack of fishing lines. Decided that it would be faster to use the crafting window. When I added my hand to the window and 64 strings of cloth, I was able to max the stacked actions (7 in my case) and had no problem hitting the create button and making 7 basic fishing lines at a time. Then I went to make light fishing lines. I added the spinning wheel to the crafting window, and the 64 basic fishing lines. But when I hit the create button, it will only make 1 light fishing line, it will not stack actions to make 7. It is still set for 7 actions, and the 7 dots all light up when I hit create, but only 1 line gets made. Event window shows the actions all stacking, but only the first completes. I moved on to the rope tool to make medium fishing lines, put the ropetool in the crafting window and the 64 light fishing lines. I was able to hit create and it made 7 lines at a time, as it should do. Once again I went to the spinning wheel, this time to make heavy fishing lines from the mediums. Once again the actions in the crafting window show, the event window shows 7 actions stacked, but only the first action completes. Finally, I went back to the ropetool with the heavy fishing lines to make braided fishing lines. And once again, it worked just fine in the crafting window, actions stacking and completing properly. So in closing, the problem is with stacking actions on the spinning wheel to make fishing lines. Since we are going to need new lines when the old ones snap, please make sure we can use our crafting window properly to mass produce these lines. Thanks.
  3. Spinning Wheel [10:55:21] An ingenious device which turns rough wool into yarn. It is made from lemonwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 25.560377, Dam: 0.0. had a 36% chance to create with a 44ql shaft and 26ql wheel at 38 Fine Carpentry skill Additional parts: 2 x small nails 2 x tar 3 x plank 1 x shaft takes 0.2kg wool to make a yarn takes 0.6kg yarn for a square of wool cloth Please add your discoveries to this thread, I will keep updating as I find out info. *edit* at 38 fine carp, I cannot make the cupboard, lounge, or royal lounge; at 41.7 stonecutting I cannot make either marble table
  4. RARE SPINNING WHEEL, OAKENWOOD, 33QL Starting bid: 10s Min increment: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hours No reserve Item pick up only from Exodus - Sandhill (m15)
  5. From today's patch. For any tailor who didn't train fine carpentry (u need 30) At the being moment almost don't take dmg using it. Deliver taxation: Celebration: free Exodus: 10c Deliverance: 20c Indepencence: 30c Xanadu: 50c Release: 50c Pristine: 60c Starting bid: 1s Intervals 5c
  6. Sheep do not swim - for those who wish to know They produce about 0.05kg wool when sheared with scissors of varying ql, depending on your AH skill. We need: - pretty spinning wheels to spin the wool, - knitting needles to knit jumpers for winter And huge quantities of spun wool could be used on looms to make blankets, maybe instead of furs ?