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Found 6 results

  1. “To get to sleep I keep telling myself there is no such thing as giant spiders. I’d even half believe it myself if not for the one staring at me through the window.” - Lady Bell at the dig site Hi Everyone! A short recap this week as we're busy working with any issues that have arisen from the update. We'll continue to keep an eye out for them as they pop up over the weekend and address them accordingly but first! Patch Notes Skillgain on epic with the change of the skilling system on epic many are reporting lower tick sizes. This is to be expected to a degree as tick frequency has increased, but we'll continue to look over it all and make tweaks as necessary. This is an ongoing thing, and may take a few updates to get to a point where it's where we want it, we'd rather not overshoot and have skillgain far too high, forcing us to reduce it and cause further issues down the line. We'll be looking at it over the weekend with changes coming for it fairly soon Low memory client We're aware of the issues the low memory client is having, and are looking at getting it up and running again. We expect to have this out by some point during the weekend. Epic to freedom transfers Unfortunately we had to delay the epic to freedom transfers, but they will be our next focus, with the launch of that happening within the next few days. Once this has been ensured to work smoothly we';ll be doing an update to make the necessary adjustments to skill and players should be able to cross freely and easily. Wagoner contracts One thing we encountered that we didn't expect is wagoner contracts not appearing on existing traders. We'll be looking at addressing this for existing traders, but in the meantime have reset the traders at start deeds to stock the contracts, so if you want to grab one, head down to your local starter deed and pick it up! We'll be keeping our eyes out for issues to address, so we may need to hotfix at some point over the weekend, depending on any issues we encounter, but will continue to work on ensuring that we can pack as much into them as possible, limiting issues and downtime for you all to enjoy the new features! Until then though, thank you for all your support and patience while we iron out the greenish code bugs from this update, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  2. I can't be the only one who would love to breed pet champion spiders and lava spiders, or even regular ones. If we can't tame them then we should at least be able to care for them while they're still aggro so that they don't die after getting venerable when lured into a pen.
  3. Hello! I made this thread once before, back shortly after I joined. I have quite a bad phobia of spiders, and I don't understand why the spider blobs of Phobia Mode should be SO TINY compared to what spiders look like originally. It's not really fair to make those with arachnophobia have to take off grass or run onto roads just to be able to fight spiders that any non-phobic player can fight perfectly well. This is what the spider blobs look like, with phobia mode activated - which, for me, actually makes it more worrying that I can't -see- where the damned things are:
  4. Not sure if this was intended or not, but Spiders now have the same combat sounds as Scorpions. I can't tell if they have the idle sounds as well because the area I live is infested with Scorpions.
  5. This is only my second topic now, please forgive me If I put it in the wrong section. Has anyone else noticed the spiders underground? No, not in a cave... the spiders are walking around with just their abdomen sticking out. They look a bit like a rock, but they move around very quickly and attack you. This is on Chaos, near The Landing. It's rather annoying, since it's harder to see the spiders.... I guess I could post a screenshot if anyone feels it's necessary.
  6. It'd be cool to have chitin shields and armor made out of scorpion and or spider chitin, with chitin armor serving as a sort of "light plate" (or "paper plate" compared to steel) I imagine it being a low-tier armor for light infantry that's good at defending attack types that leather's bad at, but otherwise roughly equivalent. And it'd make spiders a bit more useful. While I'm on the topic of making spiders useful, perhaps we could have spider venom as a butchered item, which could be activated and used to make a 'poison arrow' out of an arrow. Possibly also a poisoned spear. Sorry, the idea is very inchoate, but poisoned arrows would be cool. I guess scorpions could supply venom as well. Standard disclaimer: as with all my harebrained ideas, this is less important than MSB.