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Found 3 results

  1. Probably versions of this mentioned in the past, but I want to combine a couple ideas into some new containers. 1st off, thank you for all the new bulk racks that partially address our container needs. We can now store tons of stuff in a much smaller area, which allows for better sorting and density. Really helps our work shops. Now to expand on storage options, I'd like to see the following: Spice Rack - probably about the size and shape of a larder. Holds up to 10,000 of each spice. Animal Parts Rack - Maybe half way between FSB and Spice rack size. Holds up to 5000 of each part. Metallurgy Bin - Half the size of an empty BSB so it fits under forges and can have some sort of protrusion sticking out of the front for easy selecting. Holds up to 5000 of each lump type, charcoal, flint and ash. Leather/Hide hanging rack - Shows a bunch of hides hanging from poles. This should be fairly tall and bulky, but awesome looking. Holds up to 1000 hides and 10,000 leather. (add your other ideas here...) All have an auto sort for QL. 1-9, 10-19, ... 80-89, 90, 91... 99, 100. I can't imagine we need any more fine tuning than that. If someone does, they can use classic bulk storage. All have only one graphic, regardless of how full they are. This will really help for decorating our shops. I'd love BSBs to lose the fat graphic too. It is clever, but it makes it harder to do our own clever decorating. New bins and racks are loadable - 1 in a large cart or 2 with rune and still have a little room for small barrel, small chest and a few packs. Up to 4 in a wagon, or 5 with rune. (maybe this isn't an appropriate ratio, so adjust as needed). Can use while loaded. This will make hunting ideal and rearranging deed, moving and selling goods much easier. The BSB rack is a nice addition and great for a warehouse, but not great for a work shop or craft room layout.
  2. (( SOLD OUT ))) will bump when im restocked ! Need some Spice with all that Sweet Sugar ?!?! Your Supplier Is ready w/t over 6k sold in game I figured it was time to post a Merchant Ad ! Spices Pricing breakdown ! bulk only 1 type per bulk price* Bulk prices are for one type of spice or a mix of different type of spices only ! their no ordering 900 paprika using the 1s per 300 bulk price this will not be allowed. sorry. but you can mix up the spices your want to = the bulk number for the special price. 1s Per 300 3s Per 700 5s Per 1,000 or 1 Copper Each As many as you want ! for those only needing a few of each to start their gardens Free Delivery on orders over 5s ! Pick up Can be arranged at i-26 Island ( Xan ) Crate Swap Or I can supply free Satchels to carry your wares back home ! Currency accepted : Silver / equivalent Bulk Goods Swap ( Mortar / Bricks / Concrete / Planks / Veggies / Clay / / Sleep Powders -2k from each stock sold atm
  3. Greetings, I planted 10 herbs and spices in the new pottery planters today on Xanadu. While I was on the third floor of my building in each case the planter with an herb/spice ended up on the first floor, so I was forced to go downstairs, retrieve the planters, and return upstairs to plant the planters on the floor. Planting the herb/spice in the planter caused the issue: dropped to ground floor. Planting the planter on the ground did not cause the issue. Enjoying the new update, keep up the great work! Alendhor