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Found 30 results

  1. Starting price:10s
  2. Spellcraft - Download (Google Drive) One of the hardest and most complicated mods I've ever made, now fully realized and completely customizable. Compatible with Ago's modlauncher and SpellMod (including priest restriction removal). Primary Features Change Maximum Faith - Change faith to be lower than 100 or up into the thousands. This functions properly and breaks no systems in the game. Scaled Prayer Gains - Changes the formula for how prayers are calculated to match the maximum faith set above. Priest Faith Requirement Change - Allow players to become priests at 10 faith. Or 1 faith. Now you can let those spells with faith requirements less than 30 actually mean something. New Favor Regeneration - Now operates 10 times faster. Literally. You gain 1/10th of the previous favor per tick, but it ticks 1 time per second instead of once per 10 seconds. Also wonderful to use with the new maximum faith gains to ensure you don't get spikes of 20+ when below 1 favor (due to how the calculation works). Show Creature Spell Effects - Pretty simple, just shows spell effects on creatures like enchants on items. [23:45:43] Horses like this one have many uses. [23:45:43] He is very well defined. [23:45:43] This creature could use some grooming. [23:45:43] Frantic charge has been cast on it, so it has greater speed. [50] New Damage Modifier - It's really hard to explain why this is here to someone who doesn't code, but basically due to one of my custom spells I had to include it. You can find out more information about how this works here, under the "Damage Modifier" section. I highly recommend it. Improved Enchant Grouping - Improves enchant grouping to be more efficient. I plan to expand this system to allow server owners to create custom enchant groups. You'll finally be able to make that Flaming Aura + Frostbrand sword you've always wanted! Before then, however, this feature allows more detailed explanations as to why certain enchants do not stack. [21:01:38] The longsword is already enchanted with something that would negate the effect. [21:01:43] The longsword is already enchanted with Blessings of the Dark which would negate the effect of Wind of Ages. Rite Changes This gives a lot more control over the deity favor requirements for the Rites that exist in the game. Many of the rites require an MMO amount of prayers which is generally unreasonable for the lower population Wurm Unlimited servers. This also adds custom tweaks to some rites that don't really operate up to the standards I hold them. With many people running Crop Mod, making fields never wither, there is now an option to allow Holy Crop to do a "Mass Genesis" cast, removing a random trait for all bred animals on the map. Rite of Spring now has a customizable cap for the amount of players required in the vicinity. On older, more heavily populated but less dense servers, this should make casting the spell more reasonable. New Spells I have designed and implemented several new custom spells. I may expand on this concept and add more in the future. All spells have completely configurable settings: cast time, favor cost, difficulty, faith requirement, and cooldown. Harden - Enchant able to be cast on most items. It reduces damage taken by the item by up to 30% at 100 power. Phasing - Enchant able to be cast on weapons. It increases the difficulty of blocking attacks from the enchanted weapon. Configurable for how much the difficulty will increase. Summon Soul - Summons a player to the position of the caster. Has a window appear much like Locate Soul for the caster to type the target name into. After that, the target gets a window asking if they want to accept. Upon accepting, the target is teleported to the position of the caster. This spell is quite un-refined and will work to summon enemies to you, if they choose to hit accept. Default Spell Modifications Edit Spell Variables - You can edit all of the settings for existing spells in the game through the properties file. Change the cast time of Strongwall. Change the cost of Genesis. Change the difficulty of Light of Fo. With Spellcraft, you have full control over the base spells in the game. Add and remove spells from deities - You can now add and remove spells from any, or all, deities in the game. Remove the god demise spells from all the deities since they don't work. Add Willowspine to Libila. Give Rebirth to Magranon. The choice is yours, and the control is now in your hands. Support for player gods - The system also supports player deities. You can add and remove spells from player deities in the same way you remove them from non-player deities. Fine-tune that player deity that didn't quite get a good spell list. Included .properties file: Download (Google Drive)
  3. Disguise (Fo) makes one thing look like another on mouseover (like a stone minedoor looks like a rock tile) Conceal (Mag) makes something owned, invisible to others (like a trap which is set is invisible) Reveal (Vyn) creates a persistent highlight-outline around anything enchanted with Disguise/Conceal/Fabricate. Reveal (Path of Knowledge) temporarily negates the visual effects of Disguise/Conceal/Fabricate. Fabricate (Lib) makes something that isn't there, appear as if it is. Delude (Path of Insanity) makes something nobody else can see, visible to everyone. Non-exhaustive list of potential applications with both cosmetic and combat applications in mind: May solve/anticipate many diverse requests with one 'patch'.
  4. Basic rights of the PvE priest People have different reasons for their choice of priest, but I believe that whichever priest type you choose, (at least on PvE) you should get some spells as standard. These spells are essential for Quality of Life on PvE. It makes every priest useful on deed, makes them more useful to the community and can give every priest a means of earning a basic income. The spells I propose are: Courier - everyone should be able to send and receive mail. Why this has to be a priest spell I don't know, because it is so essential to everyone's day to day life, and vital for trade. I believe this should be a basic right, not an option. Genesis - nearly everyone on PVE keeps animals, and it's tragic to see people struggling with generations of poor traited animals just for want of this simple utility spell. Basic QoL. Strongwall - Unless we live on a completely flat island, we will need to mine. The chances of finding a completely pristine area to mine are unlikely in most areas, and so there will be drop-shafts and an expensive fix. These are the travelling utility spells that people can offer as a service, as well as use on their own deeds. I think everyone who goes to the trouble to prem a priest of any kind should have an automatic right to these 3 spells. I apologise if this does not fit with some archaic 'lore' or some role-playing ideas attached to the Gods, but I am talking about quality of life, play-ability and getting the most use out of a priest if you can afford to keep one premmed. Not everyone can afford 2 or 3 priests, and it's time these basic PvE needs were addressed. Further to:
  5. Ok why would you'll program spells to cost more than the faith that is required to be able to cast the spell. Hasn't this dumb issue been set long enough in the code that you should finally find the few mins of time to fix it. I mean you can link up with other priest and share a pool but tell me how many people actually do this? So many servers people wide spread across servers now section of map empty with no one ever in local of you. Example: Summon Soul Faith 80 Favor 100 Example: Mind Stealer Faith 50 Favor 100 Example: Tornado Faith 40 Favor 50 Example: Frostbrand Faith 40 Favor 45 Example: Nimbleness Faith 30 Favor 60 Example: Aura of Shared Pain Faith 25 Favor 35 Example: Nolocate Faith 22 Favor 60 Example: Tangleweave Faith 10 Favor 15 Example: Bless Faith 8 Favor 10 Example: Sixth Sense Faith 6 Favor 15 Just switch them around so favor is faith and faith is now favor or lower the favor to less than the actual pool cost. Anyone else think this needs to change finally after 10 years to make more sense? I mean not everyone has neighbors who are priest who can link up pools.
  6. I've been thinking about other spells or enchants I'd like to see in Wurm - but that'd also call for new Gods under the Deity system - and rather than introduce a whole NEW sorcery system - why not look to Alchemy? Revisiting the Alchemy system to enchant items - i.e. affinities when worn, or effects like 'glow' to provide luminance at night when an alchemical potion is applied to the item. Potions that can imbue items or players with travel/teleportation - i.e. use a potion give a pair of shoes or ring the ability to recall a player back to their deed or a designated location up to 3x (or if the potion is of high enough QL make it a permanent enchantment to the item) or a potion to teleport a specific item or object (i.e. 'Send this item/object to my deed token.) Offensive potions to 'throw' at targets Slow decay on items - or even speed it up on others. Just an idea. I'm curious to know what other think or suggestions they have.
  7. I've got a deed owned by my main, and all my alts, including my Fo alt, have permissions to do anything on deed. They have individual permissions, and are also members of the village, and village permissions are set the same. According to all permissions, any of my priests should be able to tame/charm/dominate, as well as cast deity spells. What really confuses me is that it was working just a little while ago. I used my Fo priest to charm a champion crocodile. About an hour later, I tried to charm a champion cave bug and I couldn't. It said that would be very bad for my karma and was disallowed on the server. I hadn't changed my permissions at all. I checked, and they were still all the same. I tried with other animals, and I can't charm any of them now, but I don't get what's changed or how to change it back. All I did on my main was feed some animals and do some farming; there's no way that should have magically changed the permissions, and even if it did, I checked and all the same boxes are ticked that were ticked when I charmed the crocodile. All of my animals are branded, the crocodile is now untamed, I had enough favour and permission to manage all animals on deed. The Fo alt can still do other spells like Genesis. I've tried reclogging and ticking some other boxes in the permissions just in case they needed to reset, but nothing is working. How on earth am I supposed to change whatever it is back so that my Fo can charm again?
  8. It's well-known at this point that there are some oddities concerning how certain food effects interact with nutrition: Path of Insanity "Fill" has been said to give random nutrition, or give bad nutrition if your food bar is low. Opulence has been said to sometimes cause food to lower your nutrition for some reason. Eating just before you would fast has been said to lower your nutrition as well. I'm pretty sure I've figured out why. Before getting into the code involved, here's the gist of it: If a hunger-reducing effect restores too much food compared to how full the character already was, nutrition is not calculated properly and will generally be much lower than expected. Note that this does not apply to refresh, dying, and possibly some other things, since those use their own methods for altering nutrition and hunger. Now to the dry, annoying stuff. The problem is in CreatureStatus.modifyHunger(). Here, have a code snippet: final int oldHunger = this.hunger; this.hunger = Math.min(65535, Math.max(1, this.hunger + hungerModification)); if (this.hunger < 65535) { final int realHungerModification = Math.max(hungerModification, this.hunger - oldHunger); if (realHungerModification < ) { if (this.nutrition > 0.0f) { final float oldnutritionFraction = Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) / (Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) - realHungerModification); // ^^^ percentage of new food bar that was already full final float newnutritionFraction = Math.min(65535 - oldHunger, -realHungerModification) / (Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) - realHungerModification); // ^^^ is probably SUPPOSED to be percentage of new food bar that was not full before? // but caps food gain at value of old food bar for some reason this.nutrition = oldnutritionFraction * this.nutrition + newnutritionFraction * newNutritionLevel; } else { this.nutrition = newNutritionLevel; } } } Comments mine. The intent of this nutrition-related bit, as I interpret it, is to average the nutrition of what you're eating into your food bar. So let's say you're at 25% food bar and 50% nutrition, and eat 99% nutrition food that brings you up to a 50% food bar. Half your new food bar is the result of the food you ate, and half is what you had at 50% nutrition, so it uses 50% of the old nutrition value and 50% of the new nutrition value, leaving you with roughly 75% nutrition. Basically, it's just a weighted average of your old nutrition and new nutrition, weighted based on your food bar before and the increase to your food bar. However, the way it's implemented is very strange, and the newnutritionFraction calculation uses your old food bar value instead of -realHungerModification (the amount of food bar you just had restored) if the former is higher than the latter. I have no idea what the purpose of that is, but essentially, this means that if you're restoring more food bar in one step than the food bar you already had, things screw up and your nutrition gets tanked. There are situations where you use something that restores a lot of food at once, like Fill, and instead of the calculation saying "let's weight nutrition as 12% from the existing food stock and 88% from what the player just received" (as these must total 100% to make sense, as it is a weighted average), it instead says something like "let's weight nutrition as 12% from the existing food stock and 12% from what the player just received", with the end result that your nutrition is atrocious. This can also happen with high-QL meals when you're very very hungry, especially if you use Opulence. What I don't understand is why the weighted average is implemented in such a strange way. At the very least, the min() statement in the newnutritionFraction assignment is causing the problem here and doesn't serve a purpose that I can figure out. Really, the whole thing could be simplified a bit. Hunger is already recalculated at this point, and you know some food bar has been restored, so you could just do something like: final int oldHunger = this.hunger; this.hunger = Math.min(65535, Math.max(1, this.hunger + hungerModification)); if (this.hunger < 65535) { final int realHungerModification = Math.max(hungerModification, this.hunger - oldHunger); if (realHungerModification < ) { if (this.nutrition > 0.0f) { final float oldnutritionFraction = Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - oldHunger) / Math.max(1.0f, 65535 - this.hunger); // ^^^ percentage of new food bar that was already full final float newnutritionFraction = -realHungerModification / Math.max(1.0,65535 - this.hunger); // ^^^ percentage of new food bar that is the result of eating this.nutrition = oldnutritionFraction * this.nutrition + newnutritionFraction * newNutritionLevel; } else { this.nutrition = newNutritionLevel; } } } Of course, there may be things I'm unaware of that would explain some of this, but the newnutritionFraction calculation is definitely a bit of a mess and is definitely causing the problem.
  9. 1) Redesign of directional stances/attacks and target window. -Shieldblocking- There is 5 directions to choose from: Center, Up, Right, Down, Left. Blocking the center gives a mediocre block chance to all directions, yet a slightly higher block chance at the center. Blocking in a direction will provide supreme blocking chance in that direction (this includes high block chance vs special moves), mediocre chance in the 2 nearlying directions and poor chance in the polar oposite direction. Choosing blocking direction can be done without choosing a target and will apply to all entities engaging the player. All the player needs is a shield. Block direction just like stances are always visible. In addition choosing Left or Right will shift the blocking chance radius in the choosen direction. A message saying "XXX is protecting that area." is no longer a thing. (aka the special move blocker msg) This change incorporates perfectly with the attack direction mechanic already implemented aswell as the aimed shoots with archery. -Swing Direction- 9 directions to choose from. A drastic change is that if you aim to hit in the same direction as the enemy try to strike you, then a increased parry chance will occur. (example: when the enemy aim low and you aim low) Choosing center will spread your hit focus over all directions but with a slight focus towards the central zone (20% center, 10% in each other direction). It will give a mediocre parry chance for incomming strikes in all hitzones but without any benefitial parry chance against special moves. Choosing a direction will give increased hitfocus and parry focus for that direction and the 2 nearlying directions (excludes center). mediocre hit/parry focus to the 3 nearlying zones and low hit/parry focus to the 3 zones on the polar opposite side. (25% primary, 15% adjacent, 5% polar opposites, 10% rest) Example of a player attacking bottom left: Hit directions just like now also allows special moves to be performed. -Aimed Shots- Archery now utilizes the fight options window for special shoots. in addition to the select bar. The window lits up once the ranged option is choosen. Works just like aimed shots nowdays except that hit chances for the various target areas are slightly higher and are about the same except regular "shoot" (center icon) which has a slightly higher hit chance but a focus towards the center. Aimed shots work like special moves. Works on both players and non-unique creatures. Foot/Legshoot - Bottom. Foot: -40% movement speed for 15 seconds. Legs: -25% movement speed for 15 seconds. Hand/Armshot - Left & Right. Right side - Hand: -50% attack speed for 15 seconds. Arm: -25% attack speed for 15 seconds. Left side - Hand: -25% block chance for 15 seconds. Arm: -50% block chance for 15 seconds. Concussion - Top. -25% cr for 15 seconds. Dual Axis locations such as Bottom Right will have a 50/50 chance of performing either directions move. -Target Window- Target windows now display defensive directions, attack directions aswell as certain combat related debuffs. (2handed weapons will display the agressive stance icon instead of a shield) Yea you heard that right, you dont need to look in the combat log as much anymore. The information is already sent to the client so it may aswell display it. User friendlyness at its best. 2) Siege GUI changes Drag/drop always comes first. Repairing secondary. Load/Unload third. Winch 4th. Fire followed by unwinch 5th. Always in that order. Makes it easier to use the siege equipment and more streamlined. (there is only 8 button slots on the select bar!) Currently when a siege weapons are loaded there is no unwinching icon... This means someone spent their time making a unwinching icon but its actually never used ingame. ever. Not to mention that by activating a new item while a siege weapon is loaded the firing and unwinching option are both gone from the GUI. 3) Shield Rebalance Shields become a balance between the benefits of blocks per second and block angle zone vs attack speed and weight. Wood grants more accurate blocking, yet less blocks per second due to recoil comparable to metal. Metal also bash better. Smaller shields excell at smaller skirmishes/duels while providing proper protection against smaller number of attackers in a narrow angle and having fast attack timers. Larger shields excell at large-scale warfare, being able to take on many agressors at the same time at wide angles while having the drawback of lowered attack speed. Tower shields is the ultimate protection against projectiles and attacks. But has mobility drawbacks and poor offensive potential. 4) Heavy Infantry Equipment prenote: the equipment is presented with the equipment timers in mind. As such you wouldnt be able to switch between 2h huge axe and a tower shield in a split second while targeted. Heavy infantry equipment is only usable while not mounted. Trying to mount a vehicle/animal will be denied untill the special equipment is removed. (A message will be displayed) Naturally the equipment cant be equiped while mounted either. -Pike- Long range 2handed polearm. Too close: 0-0.75 tiles Good: 0.75-2 tiles Too far: 2+ tiles Special: 350% dmg modifier vs mounts. 250% dmg modifier vs riders. +5cr vs mounts and riders. -25% speed. can't parry. 15kg weight. Useless against targets within 0.75 tiles. -Tower shield- Pro: Supreme fullbody blocking chance, very durable at high quality and good for longlasting sieges. Quite suitable for "I don't have a clue what I'm doing" newbies. Con: -25% speed, -40% attack speed, 25kg weight, no blocking/dodging at 90 degree angle behind the user and +2cr when striking from that angle. Only made out of steel. ------------------------------------------------- 5) Alteration to essential longterm pvp skills/stats Prenote: these 3 skills were choosen due to being essential requirements for pvp combat and the time required to be "up to par". The changes here are intended to allow newer players to be able to join the pvp side of the game quicker without grinding for a half year which will most likely result in them quitting if they got a serious interests in pvp. -Body strength- Instead of the current damage reduction (X/100)-0.2 it would instead be 0.4log((X*0.8)-15)+0.07 Thus giving a damage reduction per level curve that looks like this (note: red = new, blue = old) Thus giving an effective hitpoint chart that looks like this: As can be seen effective hitpoints from body strength would gradually change per level rather than a slow start with extreme payoff at higher levels. It would allow newer players to more easily join up in combat and thus not alienate newer players. (currently they generally get asked to "grind up" for 6-12 months...) If its proven survivability is "too high", then consideration into nerfing everyone should be taken into consideration. and curves similar to the one below could be applied (black) -Meditation- Meditation just like body strength is one of the key components atm which take considerable time to produce benefitial gains, yet are extremely dependant for combat and thus is a requirement. Reduce meditation path switches to max 1 week per question. (not only does it helps newbs, it also makes path switching a proper thing for older accs with path level 11 switches taking 2 months.) Increase meditation ticks size by 3-5x. (there is no other real way to fix it. meditation is too benefitial and time consuming atm) -Fightskill- Move the current 10% gain FS barrier from 70 to 90. Treat FS more like a regular skill. It's extremely benefitial for combat by providing CR. Players would still need to hunt for their weapon skills and what not, but they wouldn't be required to hunt the current insane ammounts merely to get anywhere past lvl 70 FS. -Overall- Now i bet some players will complain about their effort/time spent doing a skill or w/e... The reason they would complain is becouse it took so much effort and time and is exactly one of the things u wanna avoid since its pvp requirements. 6) Spell resistance / AoE spells / Lesser healing spells -Spell resistance- Spell resistance would be on a 5 min timer and directly scale in strength based on the dmg/healing received up to a certain %. The resistance would give a reduction in the effect of the damage/healing received. Thus making spells less usefull, but still have some of their effect. -AoE Spells- AoE spells currently scale indefinetly in power based on the number of targets involved. So to adress this a max limit in healing/dmg per spell would be introduced. AoE spells (excludes active AoE field spells) would take into account the number of targets and divide it's output among all the targets. Healing: Check spellpower to see the healing output. Gather affected targets for the spell. Confirm they got wounds and are friendly. if not exclude them. Divide healing output per target. Pick the largest wound of the target. if its larger than healing output available then do a partial heal, if not then fully heal and reiterate untill out of healing output or all wounds gone. (if the AoE heal allow multiple wounds healed) Damage: Check spellpower to see the damage output. Gather affected targets for the spell. confirm they are hostile. If not exclude them. Divide dmg output per target (and cap it at a % dmg of the full dmg output). Apply Wound(s). Hybrid (aka Scorn): Do a damage check where it checks for targets affected, If hostile entities are found then also do a heal check for an equal value. -Lesser healing spells- A problem with the lesser healing spells is that they got virtually no use in actual combat. Mainly becouse there is no time to open someones inventory, look through all the wounds, find the best wound and then cast the spell on it. Thus I suggest healing spells such as cure light to be able to target creatures directly and when doing so after a successfull cast it automatically picks the largest wound and heal as much as it can with its healing output. Thus allowing lesser heals to be usable in actual combat.
  10. You can keybind spells now, but they are missing from the Key bindings page on the Wurmpedia. Nice project for someone to add them please?
  11. Now that we have a fourth deity ascended from demi-god, we need to add the information to Wurmpedia. Please review the page below and feel free to add the information to the page directly if you have an editor account or post here and myself or an editor will add it for you.
  12. With the new spell keybinds, not all valid targets work for spells. Specifically, ground targetted spells do not work on cave tiles or on building floor tiles. There is no error, just nothing happens. For example: Light of Fo on a cave floor, ceiling, wall or a house floor tile. None of these work, but you can right click to cast these spells.
  13. First of all - this is a starting point for a debate, not a specific suggestion set in stone. I'm sure the specifics can be improved - this is just to get the ball rolling and to give our devs an alternative to simply nerfing Nahjo priests. This is also the reason I'm posting it here and not in the suggestions forum, but the mods are of course welcome to move it. The reason for this post is because the devs have stated they are considering nerfing Nahjo priests. Core Assumption: Nahjo priests should not be nerfed too much. There was a good time to balance Nahjo to make it fit the balance of the old priests, but that time was 5 months ago. Since then people have re-grinded faith to high levels, some have bought/sold characters and some casual players have started a priest which they otherwise wouldn't have. Instead of nerfing Nahjo give the other priests a boost in PvE. Assumption: Nahjo hasn't broken PvP balance (as far as I know), so this balancing will focus on PvE abilities. Hopefully the changes can work on both PvE and PvP servers. Assumption: It is ok to "hardcode" some priest abilities even if this doesn't fit entirely within the player god framework. Assumption: It is acceptable to add a bit more overlap between the priest abilities since this has already happened with the player gods (especially Najho). 1 - Make sure the roles of the gods are clearly defined. No big changes here, just some small tweaks. Nahjo: Good at everything, but master of none. Difficulty: casual Fo: Master of nature and healing. Difficulty: casual Magnaron: Mastery of the body and combat. Difficulty: medium Vynora: Master of the arcane. Difficulty: hard 2 - Allow the old gods more abilities to bring them in line with Nahjo having both mining and woodcutting. Magnaron: Add digging since this fits with the body domain. They could possibly even get woodcutting and paving as well since they are body skills and Magnaron's PvE relevance is somewhat limited. Fo: Add woodcutting since this relates to nature (perhaps limit it to very old and overaged trees to fit the lore). Vynora: Add alchemy and natural substances since mixing potions fits with arcane abilities. They could get mining or digging as well, but that doesn't seem to fit the lore that well (and I am not sure they need as big a boost as Mag and Fo). Nahjo: No changes. 3 - Boost favor from sacrificing for the old gods. First of all double the core price of the current "double" favor items (to the level of cordage ropes). That way people who already grinded the relevant skills won't get nerfed and existing items in stock will still be as useful as before. Secondly make their new sacrifice items something that fits the lore and require skills that don't take improving to raise efficiently (which makes little sense when they're not allowed to improve). Fo: Make vegetables (HC items) their favor item like Nahjo (unless this breaks healing in PvP). It fits the lore and I have a hard time seeing how it would make them unbalanced for PvE. They'd be able to mass produce sprouts, but that's about it. Vynora: Some alchemy or natural substances item. Healing covers or healing salves would work, but perhaps not the most lore appropriate. Healing salves would give a use for all the animal fat sitting in our bsbs. Magnaron: Door locks still works fine since locksmithing doesn't take improving to skill up. If the core price of door locks is doubled they'd still see a nice boost (unless this breaks pvp). An alternative could be metallurgy lumps since this would fit the lore better than door locks. Nahjo: No changes to favor item. Optional nerf: I think most people will agree that sacrificing vegetables is currently extremely powerful. If the favor gain from this was reduced by 50% it would still be really good, so I think that could be an option (but it's a significant nerf). 4 - Spell tweaks This is going to be controversial, so please don't take it for more than an initial suggestion that is open for debate. It includes a bit of nerfing of Nahjo, but this could be omitted. Vynora: Since they are masters of enchanting it would make sense they get Life Transfer since it's by far the best enchant for that slot. Magnaron: Add Frostbrand since it's a damage dealing enchant. Improving Mole Sense to be more useful would be nice, but that's another discussion (making it work like "analyze" above ground would be awesome). Fo: Give them some more utility spells. Oppulence, Light Token and Reveal Creatures/Settlements would fit well with the lore. Dominate and True Hit are also possibilities. Nahjo: Optionally remove some of the enchanting spells that aren't top tier. Possible enchants to remove could be the Demise spells, Lurker in the Dark and maybe Aura of Shared Pain. Do not remove Wind of Ages, Courier or Lifetransfer since these were major selling points for the people picking the class. More changes could probably be made to PvP spells, but I don't know enough about that to make any suggestions there. (Apologies if I made any mistakes about current priest abilities, some of it is quoted from memory)
  14. I'm looking for a good vynora priest that can do a couple enchants for me. I'm not looking to buy gear that is already enchanted, but rather bring you my items and have you enchant them. I only need a couple enchants done. PM me if you're able to do so, and we'll talk price. Thank you! Edit: Priest found. Close please
  15. The spell mend will also repair compasses.
  16. The notion is that priests get a little more from meditation than your average player. Some benefits are universal to all priests, some are faith specific. A few possible (just ideas to illustrate) examples are : Path of Knowledge (1) All priests gain a spell that allows them to divine the creator of an object (10 favor, 30 difficulty). Path of Knowledge (8) - Priest may convert favor into karma at a rate of 5 karma per favor. Path of Love (9) - All priests gain double the duration from "love effect". Fo priests get a buff to their charm spell (boosts loyalty up to 70 on a cast). Vyn gains a spell that allows sea creatures to be charmed. Mag gains a bonus to dominatoin duration. Lib priests can now tame without the need to corrupt. Path of Power (7) - All priests are able to enchant arrows at 1/20 of the cost. Path of Power (11) - All priests save fo gain a bonus to spell damage, fo priests get a bonus to buff duration. Path of Insanity (7) - Blink becomes a little more stable, preventing teleportation in a mob's aggro range and on tiles that will inflict damage. Path of Insanity (4) - Spells become more unstable, giving a larger range of results (higher chance of critical fails and critical successes). Path of Insanity (12) - Can, at the cost of 30 favor (60 difficulty), manifest a hallucination to attack a target (drawing aggro and disrupting animal "rage" level, but doing no damage) for a short time, will only work on mobs. The idea is to give priests 15 unique traits and abilities based on their meditation path to flesh out the link between enlightenment and faith. I would strongly suggest that these are all geared towards PvE and, possibly, not possible on PvP servers since I dislike hearing "baaaawww balance" as a reason to crush an idea Optional Extra : A similar system with sorcery would be very interesting, with priests gaining a lesser version of any spell they learn via sorcery that can be cast with faith. Perhaps even granting extra sorcery spells when a certain spell and meditation requirement are met.
  17. Re-opening my business selling cordage ropes price is 2s/1k favor Free delivery to any coastal location on orders over 50s. I also accept euros at 1:1 ratio. Otherwise pickup from west Xanadu (J11) Larger orders maybe require more time to make! If you're in need of a large shipment of squares of cloth I could also be tempted to re-prem my fo priest to create such an order.
  18. Got an idea for a new Fo spell (don't kill me for this, I don't know much about spells): Domesticate - Would allow a Fo priest to make certain aggro animals neutral to all players while on a deed. RESTRICTIONS! - the animal must be tamable (no trolls, lava fiends, goblins, etc), must be on deed, and must be either tamed or charmed at the time of casting. Only young or adolescent animals can be domesticated (older animals have been wild too long to be domesticated). The purpose of the spell is to allow players the ability to keep aggro animals on deed and possibly remove the Guard attack exploit that some griefers use to kill animals on deeds. This gives the players the ability to feed/ breed their captured animals without risking attack, and also keeps the animals from attacking each other (Basically, they would be treated as if they were like dogs). The spell would be permanent while the animal is on deed. If the deed falls or is disbanded, or the animal is off deed for a specified amount of time (and not tame), then the animal will return to wild/aggro status as before. Any newborn animals created from breeding would start off wild, and must be tamed and domesticated as per above.
  19. I didn't see anything specifically about this, so I figured I'd write up an idea for it. Originally, I was thinking that this could be put into the select bar, but after typing all that up I figured it would look better in it's own window. Like the crafting window, I propose a "Spell Book" or a "Casting Window". 1) Either activate the statuette, or drag it into the casting window like you would a tool into the crafting window. It could also be an unneeded step, instead just having it gray out the "Cast" button if there is no statuette in your inventory. 2) Right-click, add to casting window - or drag an item to it. 3) List of available spells for target item will appear on the left, like recipes do in the crafting window. 4) Select a spell, if you don't have enough favor then it will appear in red. 5) Choose the number of casts you wish to queue 6) Click "Cast" As for the window, it should contain your current favor. It would also be nice to have favor amounts from any linked priests show up here too, as well as who has linked to you. I think this will help to continue the modernization of Wurm that the Devs have done a good job on so far. I do know that people will be concerned that such an interface could be exploited by macros, but I should point out that an ambitious cheater would find a way to do this, with or without such a window. I don't think we should let the fear of macroing stop the game from becoming more modern in terms of interface and overall ease of use. Wurm has it's own challenges, but using features shouldn't be one of them.
  20. I will not delivery. Can be picked up at The Nomads (35x 17y or H20) on Exodus or via C.O.D. I'm accepting Sleep Powders as a payment at rate 2s each Selling out power <70 Selling out power >70 Fishing rod, pine QL 71.01 coc 90 - 3s not mailable cross server Hammer, iron QL 73.65 coc 93 - 3s Medium Metal Shield, iron QL 71.16 coc 95 - 4s Medium Metal Shield, iron QL 71.23 coc 94 - 3s Medium Metal Shield, iron QL 72.21 coc 92 - 3s Pelt QL 92.47 coc 95 - 4s (dmg 1.57) Pelt QL 81.10 coc 91 - 3s Pelt QL 81.75 coc 90 - 3s Saw, iron QL 71.53 woa 98 - 4s Saw, iron QL 71.47 woa 93 coc 71 - 3,5s Small Metal Shield, iron QL 72.37 coc 91 - 3s Small Metal Shield, iron QL 72.24 coc 91 - 3s Whetstone QL 83.09 coc 94 - 3s Whetstone QL 80.42 coc 91 - 3s What can you find here? • Fishing rodes 1x • Hammers 1x • Medium metal shields 3x • Pelts 3x • Saws 2x • Small metal shields 2x • Whetstones 2x Friendly shops •Black Brigade Smithery •Ravenholm Platesmithing & Bowyery [All Server] •Blazer's Fletching And Carpentry Shop The Nomads recruiting Buying sorcery items Creating and improving crafting items coming soon™
  21. This is a Light of Fo issue to the best of my knowledge, though there may be other casts affected. Please encourage people to use Team functionality for fighting/hunting parties, rather than forcing them to change their alliance settings. People get left out because they are not in Alliance, and it is not good for security settings for people to suddenly be in a hunting alliance when they are not in the hunt. Please tweak default team setting to allow added members to add new members to support this. Edit: Light of Fo now works for Kingdom rather than Alliance !
  22. On the wiki it states "Tornado will cause trees to be felled, including felled fruit trees, at 10ql. It does not do damage to enchanted trees." However, i casted tornado and got [21:56:58] A felled tree. Can be used in palisades or to make smaller logs from. It is made from pinewood. Ql: 15.506079, Dam: 0.0. Perhaps this was changed and nobody bothered to update the wiki?
  23. Not sure if this has been suggested before, but thought this might be a nice Casting addition to armor: Casting WOA on Boots could allow a small speed boost to people on foot (works same as WOA on horseshoes) Casting WOA on Gloves/Gauntlets allow a small speed boost to Attack/Block speeds and/or chance. Any thoughts?
  24. How about a new Fo spell that would complement opulance. Spell Name: Preserve (pickel) Faith level: 30 Spell Cost: 10 favor Spell cast time: 10 seconds Difficulty 10-20 Spell Effect: Prevents Decay on food Items while spell Has Power. Spell loses power at rate of 1 power per hour (alternat spell decay is damage from decay is taken off of spell power first then any left over for item) Castable Items: Any Food Item same as opulance This would give Fo Priests a low-mid level channel grinding spell like opulance for Vyn and Light Token for Mag. Spell would help keep fish longer. Up to just over 4 days for a 100power spell.
  25. Maybe it's just me, but it feels with the current enchantments that if you're pvp, there's a very, very small window of real options - sure, you could go with other things, but they'll not do you any favours compared to the enchantment that works best. If you could rework enchantments, how would you do it? Surely I'm not the only one. I've suggested before having aura enchantments on lanterns as an idea just kinda tossed out there. Not too-well responded to, but I'm sure you can see how it might make the options different. Whether for pvp or pve, for aesthetics or stats, etc - how would you do it? What would you add, what would you remove - how would you change the system if you could? ~Auri