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Found 3 results

  1. Summerside Farm Enchanting Service Located in Independance, (E-21) ingame or (8Y-49X) on You can contact me in game @Zigon or on the forums @Zigon All prices are in silver, decimal points are copperIf your buying/reselling that is fine, What you do with what you buy is fully up to you.It is always first come first served. As i am based on indy, cod is 1c/item to Independence and 1c/item to all other servers. All things sent via 3 minutes mail box [07:58:44] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [99] Enchanted tools/weapons ready to send: Tools(Stock:) Weapons(Stock:) CUSTOM ENCHANTING Custom Courier enchant ~70 power 1.5s ~80 power 2s ~90 power 3s Custom Wind of ages(Woa) enchants ~50 power 0.35s ~60 power 0.50s ~70 power 0.60s Custom Aura of the Shared pain(Aosp) enchants ~50 power 0.35s ~60 power 0.50s ~70 power 0.60s Custom Life Transfer(LT) enchants ~50 power 0.50s ~60 power 0.60s Higher casts coming soon!! Custom Mind Stealer(MS) enchants ~50 power 0.50s ~60 power 0.60s Higher casts Coming soon!! Human's demise Free Animal's demise Free Coupons Updated 17/02/2016
  2. Hi guys, today I have this fine specimen for you: Oakenwood Ropetool, 95 ql, 95 WOA, 76 COC Startbid = 5 s Buyout offers considered. Surprise me! Sniper protection: 30 minutes. Item is located on Independence, 62 x, 23 y on the map, but mailable. Auction time: Happy bidding! :-)
  3. Hi! I decided to sell some of my tools: Carving Knifes: Carving Knife 60ql - 30c Carving Knife 71ql - 50c Carving Knife 74ql 72CoC - 1s Carving Knife 81ql 89WoA - 3s Mallets: Mallet, birchwood 71ql - 20c Mallet, Oakenwood 69.9ql 89CoC 66WoA - 3s Needles: Needle 69ql - 30c Needle 80ql 45CoC - 70c Needle 70ql 75CoC - 1s Needle 80ql 84WoA, 83CoC - 3s Rope Tools: Rope Tool, Pinewood 77ql - 60c Rope Tool, Oakenwood 88ql - 1s Hatchets: Hatchet 83ql - 70c Hatchet 50ql 84CoC - 1.5s Spindles: Spindle, Oakenwood 67ql 31WoA - 50c Spindle, Pinewood 56ql 44WoA - 50c Saws: Saw 67ql - 40c Saw 78ql 67WoA - 1s Files: File 70ql - 40c File 72ql 68CoC - 80c Steel and Flints: Steel and flint 7ql 50CoC - 50c Steel and flint 70ql 64WoA - 1s Sickles: Sickle 69ql 62WoA - 80c Sickle 28ql 90CoC - 3s Fruit Presses: Fruit Press, willow 34ql 64CoC - 70c Fruit Press, thorn 78ql - 80c Fruit Press, grapewood 80ql- 90c Other: Hammer 70ql - 40c Large Anvil 80ql - 80c Small Anvil 53ql 59WoA - 60c Clay Shaper, Oakenwood 18ql 66Coc - 60c Spatula, pinewood 50ql 73CoC - 80c Scissors 80ql 77CoC - 1.2s Trowel 59ql 72CoC 57WoA - 1.3s Rake 31ql 71CoC - 70c Fine Meditation Rug 44ql 75CoC - 80c Cheese Drill 40ql 77CoC - 80c Leather Knife 89ql 87WoA 53CoC - 3s Butchering Knife 60ql 87CoC - 2s Compass 73ql - 4s Weird: Paw 52ql 66CoC - 70c (good for Natural Substances grinding) Clay 73WoA - 80c (fast mortar) [update: must be wrapped, so double mailing costs here] Small Pinewood Bucket 49ql 62CoC - 80c (good forestry gains during mapple season + milking) You will have to pay CoD fee (+10c to Exodus or +20c to other servers). Send me a pm or write a post in this thread.