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Found 6 results

  1. I'm really sad about how this game is going. It's fading away again; slowly, but faster than I'd hoped. There needs to be some excitement injected back into the game, and this doesn't necessarily require any major changes, just something special to give people that push to log in again, or reprem. This push could be in the form of events, goals, and small bonuses. Some examples off the top of my head: A weekend with special drops from hunting. For example a "rare leather hunter's hat" cosmetic skin. Special woodcutter's week, where you get an extra 10% on max quality wood, plus a chance for some special drops. For example a special bow cosmetic skin. Miner's week, extra 10% on quality + a higher chance to get gems. Bring back monthly skill gain events, like we had on the steam launch opening weeks. Special premium purchasing deals, buy 2 months, get 1 free. Special cooking recipes events, where a wider range of recipes are dropped from all creatures. Higher Winds Week, where boats receive a 20% speed increase, and the increased tides have unearthed underwater chests for people to hunt out. You get the idea. Other games have these kinds of events extremely regularly to make the game feel more alive, and it makes people feel like there's always a good reason to log in and play.
  2. We all know keybindings are a lifesaver in Wurm. When I started to use the entire keyboard in Wurm, I realized I can use the special characters as binds for stuff. Unfortunately back then we didn't have the press-and-hold keybind method we have today so I needed to learn what names those characters went by. So I made a reference picture to use when binding those keys. Just recently there was a change to the keybindings which shuffled the keynames around (apparently based on Swerty keyboard). Here's the updated version for finnish keyboards if anyone could find it useful.
  3. Greeting! Ever wanted to try something new and exciting well, boy do I have a treat for you! Introducing Human Flesh! That's right we herd the finest newbies on chaos to slaughter for your enjoyment. Fresh Human Meat 10c each, you pay COD. Please note due to how the game works, you need a character that has never visited chaos in order to receive these in the mail!
  4. close

    Rare Adamantine Great Helmet 80+ Quality. 70+ Web Enchantment Starting Bid: 25s 1 Hour Snipe Protection Reserve: 45s ( Reserve Not Met ) Item will be put away with my other goodies. ty all who had at least some interest. Buyout: None (Message Private Offers) Reserve wasn't met so I added a 2 day extension to this auction. to spice things up I will add a few creation QL Random Seryll Tools to this auction upon winner.
  5. Up for auction today is this very special butchering knife: that I got from the latest treasure hunt. I am assuming that there are under 5 existing in the whole of Wurm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What makes it so special? Cannot be crafted (as it is made of brass) It is made by a GM It is 90 ql It weighs 25% less than a regular butchering knife and it's RARE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auction details Stating price: 15s Reserve: none Increments: 1s Buyout: make me an offer Sniper protection: 1 hour Private budding is not allowed. Private buyout offers are allowed. Good luck and have fun! Item will be COD'ed to the winner from Xanadu
  6. Something came up while answering a question in /ca: Also as I brood over the topic, I'm not sure now if there actually was such tower-enhancing tiles ages ago or if it was a rumor that resulted from bugged tower influence.