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Found 20 results

  1. Yesterday I had one troll on our deed. It chased me to the animal pen and spooked me. Fair enough. That was fine and dandy, I logged off later and there was 12 within vicinity, within 8 or so tiles yesterday evening. With the help of four spirit templars, eight(?) players, three guards, we've destroyed a LARGE chunk of them, including 2 champs that seemed to spawn at once as well. I sent in a support ticket as I've been on wurm since 2013, living near mounds, and have NEVER seen this before in this intensity, so quickly appearing. I thought maybe it was an event or something. I have never seen this. I have done exploring every other day since opening day, and there were no other mounds near us (we live under a cliff, and opposite water, so...nothing that I can see). There was one mound behind our deed which we did expect trolls from, however in the past month since being on Harmony, we've only had maybe 2 every few days. The usual. It was fine. The staff member I spoke to suggested to send a bug report, as I've contacted the members of the alliance around us, and no one has destroyed any mounds that would cause a hoard, and we are quite far from newbie areas. (And I think, if a newbie came by it would be difficult for them to do so. But also, our mound is still there, producing them!) It would tell us 'An aged greenish troll has arrived!' or whatever. It's been intense. And our guards have just about had it I'm sure haha. I would appreciate if staff or someone could have a look and make sure this is normal.
  2. After talking with a friend, it sounds like tents only work on pvp servers inside your own influence. How will my enemies feel safe fighting me in neutral land then, like hota?. Can we get it changed to allow tent spawning outside friendly influence also (but not in enemy influence)? I should be able to respawn outside kingdom influence. If I can respawn inside enemy influence - I can see this being issue because I can alt abuse grief ppl with that, respawn close to enemy deed. But why can't i respawn in no mans land? There will still be tent incentive to build influence but from a more defensive motivation instead of having to build influence to respawn away from your capital. I'd really like to be able to let people that i find or that agree to fight me in a neutral area, respawn to collect their gear. DA
  3. Hi Im wondering if anyone has the default spawn coordinates for all factions in game? im starting a local server and whichever faction i choose to join i spawn near MR or JK spawn. Dont remember which but regardless of faction i join. I see the option in the menu to change spawn coords, just need the info to put in. Thank you!
  4. I am building a PvP server and have all the kingdoms (except Freedom) on the server, but when I go to do a test, a "none" kingdom shows up as an option and spawns ppl as Freedom. How do I get rid of the "none" kingdom option on spawn in? I just want MR, JK, and Hots on the server. I have home server off, with the kingdom set at 3 (It was at 0, then 4, but still "none" showed up). I am using the creative DB. PvP is on. I am not sure what is making the "none" option show up Here is an image of what I am talking about
  5. hello I'm looking for a few people to help in building our server spawns on a 4k map with 2 kingdoms, I have a deed plan you can build from we also have a discord server you can join. If you or a team of friends are interested let me know, I might also be looking for admins/mods to help in running the server.
  6. On my Wurm unlimited server I created a guard tower. It has quality 81 so it should have guards but none have spawned. I waited for quite a while but nothing happens. I have been attacked, call out for hep, but nothing. Am I missing something?
  7. Alright let me explain. Me and a group of people are wanting to make a server. for that server we want just one map. however we want there to be two major islands on that map and for each island to have different ore generation. for example one island will have iron, lead, copper, and tin. While the other island will have gold, silver, and zinc. Now we have ran into problems. we have noticed you can't choose the location of ore spawn and have yet to find a way to do that. Can someone please help. we really dont want to have two maps. we want just one map and the two islands.
  8. There is a cave bug spawn in the desert close to Mistwood Haven on Release, yet no cave bugs anywhere either in the desert or the caves around there. We have been looking all over though, not just there, and all of us have been looking in all caves we can find and only found two. How does this work? It seems cavebug spawns are bugged... Or perhaps I just don't understand how the spawns work. Can someone please clarify? I have had two horses diseased, which I placed in camps on enchanted grass and groomed. One died after a week and the other is growing (was young when diseased) and is now quite a bit older, yet retains diseased status. He is constantly on food and gets groomed. Can diseased horses now only be healed with Fo priests? Or is this a bug?
  9. For all you non subscribers..late but its here. Sila had a baby! he gets a video! Checking out the new revamped spawn village of Glassholllow and doing a brief pass through of the infamous market we all know and love. Enjoy.
  10. On our server, when a player dies/suicides without a tent/deed/or being a citizen of a deed, and they select an option OTHER than Spawn (outside spawn, for instance) to re spawn their toon the player winds up in the ocean on the edge of the map. We are stumped as to why this is happening and I've read numerous threads but haven't located a solution. Here is what we tried so far: 1.) The "spawn point" is a permanent starter deed created by the lead GM 2.) The initial "spawn point" for all characters is a central location in the starter deed. We have verified that new characters spawn successfully at this location. 3.) Random spawn is NOT checked in the server settings box 4.) The server is PVE with one kingdom and set as a home server 5.) We even removed the link between the future PVP map and the PVE map 6.) We removed the soulstones from the database (this is a custom map) 7.) We setup a premium spawn point using focus zones Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix it? Thanks for your questions and guidance!
  11. Esteron Market is Rebuilt and Once Again Open! Come place your merchant today at the newly re-opened Esteron Market! Esteron Market is once again open to the public. Still a bit of a work-in-progress, so please don't mind the mess. But we have rebuilt and are opening the doors to new merchants who wish to set up shop in our corner of Xanadu. The Market is located directly East of the Esteron starter town in SE Xanadu. As a hub of activity in the area, there are always things going on, folks about and coin to be spent! Feel free to come and place a merchant in one of our open spots. Let us know if you are interested in selling horses or other animals. As well as if you might be interested in our upcoming bulk sales building. Just get in touch at all if you are in the Esteron area and want to be involved with the Market or our Kingdom of Esteron alliance. Message Araninco, Beastwolf, Cambriaa, Polojordan or Treadwell for more information. Currently 57 open merchant spots Mailbox (courier 86) Accommodations for 2 additional horse (or other animal) merchants Guard Tower protection on each end of the deed Easy highway access to East, West and South Ships can be docked along Esteron East coast and/or Southern Comfort with efficient Lakeside Highway access In the works Bulk sales building Inn with rentable beds Starter housing plots Chapel dedicated to white light gods Public crafting area Monument to those who helped out rebuilding the Market Market Pictures
  12. So I've been searching and can't pin down the terrain tile size needed for a terrain specific spawns. How big should steppe be for bison to spawn? In fact, is there a size requirement or is it just a myth? Does every single tile have it's own % likelihood of spawning certain critter types? Do I need 10,000 tiles to make steppe spawn bison, or is 1 tile capable of spawning a bison? Does anyone really know? Thank you!
  13. Can we please get a monster map made for Xanadu like the one made in this WiP? Please like this post and comment if you would also like to see a map like this made for Xanadu.
  14. Creatures are still few and far between it would seem, and I am unsure if this is intentional or not, considering there has been no official word since the "fix" maybe this is how they intended the monsters to be. In light of that I figure now is a good a time as any for a poll. Do you think we need more monsters on Xanadu?
  15. We need a way to stop your neighbour with 10 billion horses to take a horse crap on your game preformance, freedom or not freedom... breeding horses should not affect spawn rate of random animals either. (as in, a deed with 50 horses for breeding makes almost no animals spawn in a large area around it, ever... for neighbouring deeds this can be pure ######, especially for hunting. so i suggest something like this; As some limitations go, it has to be built inside a house on the common ground (so its not retarded with render distance, think a barn), it would come in 1 tile sizes that can hold 2 or maybe 3 animals. (be it cows, horses, whatever...) These animals would become part of the model. (so no animal cap count while inside, no "walking around" rendered, minimal animations, low rendering distances, no smoke particles for "hell" versions etc etc so its real effin smooth on both netcode as vis rendering and the animal itself wont prevent random wild animals to spawn in the wild around the deed) actions able on it might include; Hitch or mount or whatever (when leading an animal, puts the animal inside) Unhitch left, mid, right when appropriate Open (a small container to hold food, it would be eaten every tick that would balance out considering all the animals need food etc, think a troff) Maybe animals left inside these things for very long periods of time without grooming or walk time would get diseased? maybe the "troff" part of it would fill up with "filth" (poo) over time, if not cleaned animals become diseased or the troff cant feed them for very long times? it should be that you cant breed animals while they are inside, but you can take them out, breed and put the preggy animals back inside preggo animals poop their children next to the structure for them to run around freely (because where else will they go lol this isnt dwarf fortress, and they are in a house anyway)
  16. Gud'day folks, April 11th, 2014 @ 23:58 UTC For the record, this is an Unofficial Preview. Myself and Skyefox are NOT on the payroll of Club Code AB. Like our geography updates to the Indy map, this is a volunteer effort. 1st and foremost.......a big THANK YOU to Rolf, for the aerial tour he did while many of us were waiting for test server version of Xanadu to download. What we saw was a world of unspoilt beauty, just waiting for our shovels and axes!! After recovering from the visual shock and awe of this new world, in the time left before the test ended, Skyefox and myself did some exploring. It is unfortunate the sun had set by the time we got online and started our adventure, but we captured panoramic screenies from what Respawns we could visit before time ran out. Today I edited them in to seamless panoramas that we would like to share with our fellow Wurmian's... ....both those who were able to join us during the test.... .... and those who could not make it on because in RL time, it was the middle of the work and school day in North America. I am posting these as links to their Lightshot location, as including them in here would create a Hughmongus message.... ... so these are max width of 1900 pixels, made from from 6000 to 8000 pixel wide originals.... Hope you Enjoy them!! Kindest regards! Hughmongus and Skyefox (cartographer contributors to the Indy Map). 2014-04-11 @ 23:38 UTC Mega Spawn 01 Left Side 160 degree Panoramic View 2014-04-11 @ 23:42 UTC Mega Spawn 03 - 180 degree Panoramic View (Advisory Note: ... for these shots below, the Night Time Previews, Please Save to Disc then View Off Line, where you can Zoom In and enjoy the detail that shows when magnified). 2014-04-11 @ 23:48 UTC Mega Spawn 06 - 360 degree Panoramic View 2014-04-11 @ 23:50 UTC Mega Spawn 06 - 140 degree Panoramic Close Up of Angel Avatar 2014-04-11 @ 23:52 UTC Mega Spawn 10 - 360 degree Panoramic View - end of Xanadu Test 01 previews - Enjoy!!!
  17. Bandits, when I first started to play Wurm online. I was a little shocked to see that they have never been implemented into the game and it is something that I would see as a improvement to the game overall, adding into a new non-player faction/group. that could improve itself slightly without making them impossible to kill or clear out. For my idea the bandits are rather simple, like other creatures in the game give them a spawn point to start off in like everything else in the game, however bandits should have a wider aggro range to be able to spot players and NPCs and other hostile NPC. they could attempt to raid a small town or village, a guard tower or even attempt to attack another spawn point of a nearby creature, giving them a chance to steal items that are laying around the ground or an unlocked containers, or even from player and animal corpses. Bringing them back to their own spawn point storing the items inside the more items they have a stronger they are. attempting to attack an bandit that is within the range of another bandit should call for aid, bring other near by bandits, but unlike guard towers it should not signal everyone that it on it should be only a matter of 10 tiles in any direction from the bandit that it's being attacked. Below I was given some simple ideas on what kind of bandit and things you can get from either butchering and/or looting them. An bandit berserker, pretty much a heavy hitter on a more visual scale the size could increase to just over the size of regular players models, either wielding a double handed weapon or two years believe each hand. make them be able to bash fences or attack large carts, wagons. loot/butchery products: cloth, broken 'type' armor (can be melted into lumps) and (chaos server human meat), whenever possible items it has stolen and if inventory. An bandit archer, the common range NPC method must be able to attack players and other hostile NPCs from an distant of least five to six. pretty much a hospital support unit for the others of its faction/group, it should a an attempt to flee if players or hostile NPCs get within three to two tiles from it. loot/butcher product: cloth, broken 'type armor (can be melted into lumps) broken bow ( can be scavenged for scrap wood ) small chance of finding intact arrows, broken arrows ( can be scavenged into scrap wood ) (chaos server human meat), whenever possible items it has stolen and if inventory. An bandit thief, should be able to pick the locks from average to poor without a problem . More rare versions of this type should be able to handle more advanced ones, the feet should be rather fast yet poor quality fighter. loot/butcher product: cloth, torn leather armor (can be combined with other leather) broken dagger ( can be melted into lumps ) lockpicks, broken lockpicks ( can be melted into lumps ) minimum chance of low quality. leather armor (chaos server human meat), whenever possible items it has stolen and if inventory.
  18. I'm surprised no one's suggested this before but... Can we make unicorns spawn less often? I know there's probably some kind of percentage rate or chances for certain animals to spawn, so can we just turn that down a little? Unicorns are unicorns! You would think they would be a rare sight, and it would be a privilege to have one wander into your deed or something. But nope. Unicorns seem to be the most common animal in wurm, and are viewed by most wurmians as "vermin". Unicorns are nuisances, and those who can manage to kill them(who are far and few inbetween) often go out and slaughter them in huge numbers. Is this what unicorns are supposed to be like in the world of Wurm? Is this what Rolf intended them to be? Make them rarer please. They aren't really good for anything except to kill for exp. While some people may like being able to find them easily and in large numbers for some reason or another, I think we all would probably like to see less of them. PART 2 This is an extra suggestion I'd like to add onto this. Make unicorns useful. In addition to making them rarer and harder to find, perhaps we can give them some extra features or effects of some sort so that if you do happen to find a unicorn then it's a good thing. Some ideas off the top of my head: 1. If a unicorn wanders onto your deed, the deed gets some kind of small positive buff or something. This only happens if there is a unicorn on the deed, and does not stack if multiple unicorns are on the deed to prevent people from hording unicorns for their buff. 2. You get some kind of positive buff from being within a certain tile distance of a unicorn. Tile distance depends on unicorn's age. Does not stack if multiple unicorns are around. 3. Make unicorns faster than normal horses, so they are more considerable as mounts. (I don't know if they're already faster or not, wiki doesn't say.) Unicorns can not be used as beasts of burden(for large carts or any other animal drag-able thing). 4. The only really unique thing a unicorn gives on death is a Twisted Horn, which is not very useful except for making healing covers, and even isn't very useful for that either. Give the horn more importance or effects that make it more valuable. 5. Unicorns turn grass or dirt/packed dirt into flowers when they walk on them. This would make unicorns an extremely valuable addition to any pasture. This may also create small issues for people who are building, but I don't think a unicorn would approve of someone destroying nature anyway. All the ideas above are assuming unicorns are made more rare. This idea is up for votes on Uservoice!
  19. Im more like an explorer type man, I like hunting and exploring and see the beauty of the nature but when I travel far from my home Im getting nervous what happen if I die and I can't find my corpse with all what I gethered. I think its a good idea to place an option to the village token like: Spawn save. Where the mayor can set the spawn saveing for other players just like with the bed options The mayor would set up for: (default:no) No; Only Friends, Free, 10i....10s. So when the traveler chose his village for save hisself from long travels to his corps he may pay a small-bigger fee for his spawn save. If the traveler die and he chose the spawn at this village the spawn fee will automatice payin to the village coffin and its rise the village upkeep. This option can give a good posibilities who'd like to build inn village. (sorry for my bad english.)
  20. Just what the title says. I want to say thank you for the animal spawn update. So many animals everywhere. For me way more realistic. I only started less than 2 months ago. Love the game. Love it more now. Even though I have to run away all the time and have died hunting new pets twice. This still makes it more fun and gives more of a reason to leave the deed that I live on. Plus I have 3 new chickens, 2 new cows, 2 new pheasants, a deer, a dog, and 2 new pigs. Thanks Much