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Found 9 results

  1. Bee Hives are one of the nicer things added to wurm in recent times. That said, the spam they produce in your event window is horrible. with each hive it goes up, and in a decent sized area, with hives supporting various farms and whatnot, the spam from them never seems to end. [14:18:59] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [14:19:26] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. On top of it being spam, it is Green Spam, so your eye is constantly drawn to it as if it was important. Now my suggestion: A: Add Hives to the profile, which when checked will turn off ALL hive messages. This will allow a player whom has gotten his hives up and running, and no longer wishes to find any wild hives, to turn off the spam of nearing and leaving the area of a hive. B: This is my less liked option, but have only "wild hives" produce these messages. I include this for simplicity. Edit. I would suggest in profile in game, so that at moments notice, you can turn it back on/off, having found a need for it.
  2. I would very much like something to be done about false player counts - Mythmoor for example shows an almost constant 100+, which is often 3x the actual player count, as can be seen logging in or on the wurm unlimited servers site For one, it makes me sad that the shown player count isn't the actual amount (But that's Wurm for you, not the game for most), but more importantly it's false and misleading. As for server list saturation, currently the list when sorted by playercount has like 13 or 14 or so servers showing before scrolling. Almost half of those are a Login Server, PvE Server, PvP server If all clusters show the same playercounts, can't something be done to make it so only the login server shows, or maybe they are all grouped into a drop down list or somesuch? Just wondered what other people thought.
  3. Why?!?! i got it the first time.
  4. Does anyone else get event log spam saying "You enter no known kingdom" when on a server with home settings 0-(no kingdom)? If so is there a solution/fix to stop the spam? It gets annoying to the point of not being able to see what actions your doing because the chat is spamming full of that message. Thanks in advance
  5. Just a heads up, you might want to tell Google Wurm isn't spam... again.
  6. You've likely all seen this in GL-Freedom countless times each day as people explain to new players how to enable cross server PM's and it seems to me that the obvious thing to do is to enable cross server pm's by default for all new accounts. I realise there may be some pvp implications with new players crossing to chaos so perhaps in such cases a player entering chaos who has never been there before can have their cross server pm's disabled? There are probably other pvp implications i've overlooked but i'm sure they will be pointed out below Any thoughts? +1's? Flames?
  7. Any chance the spam could be replaced with just one "You are too busy" message, instead of the 10-30 line monster of atrociousness that comes at times? Or like an option to disable the message, or something. More or less annoying when eating from a pile of meals. Same sort of thing could go for when picking up a pile of stuff.
  8. So, I lurked the forum for a while before I started to give opinions, and this is the first thread I actually create, and it is regarding the forum Rules. The forum rules are fine as they are now, they are nice yet flexible. However I would make a couple of additions, as the playerbase increases, or as more players turn to the forums to give ideas, look for information, trade, etc. Some rules to make the forum more readable, beyond search engine mechanics (wich I see fail in every forum I have been). I may sound a bit too strict maybe, but I have been part of very large forums, and when forums get some speed, some filters need to be made. Things I would add to the rules, maybe not set in stone, but as code of conduct. 1- No self Bump of your thread, if the community is not interested in the subject, let it sink and give room for topics wich are of interest. 2- No creating multiple threads in the same or diferent forum regarding the same topic. 3- Some limit to X ammount of ongoing threads in the Suggestions & Ideas sub-forum per-user. Where X is a number that people agree its fair. (to avoid clutter, and to make forumers think and develope their ideas before posting the first thing that crosses their mind.) The way I see it, cluttering is not an issue in the most inmediate future, but it could become an issue quick if unchecked. Changes on this kind of "rules", wich actually border on simple forum etiquette also take some time to settle in the natural flow and minds of the forumers. So, those are my two cents.
  9. I did a quick search of the Forum and couldn't turn up anything relevant, so here's hoping this is the correct place to submit this inquiry:.. Is there anyone who can assist me in filing an appropriate, Bot/Spam report? -Thanks, in advance.