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Found 8 results

  1. IF YOU or a loved one has been diagnosed with Owning a deed on the Southeast island I will seriously take it or buy it for a little bit. Nobody at all lives on this island but me all I see are purely holder deeds. It would be nice to have them but I know some will not want to give them to me. There is about 5 of them all 5x5 and single buildings. I assume some trader deeds. Deed names: Falkor Bay - Captaincrunch, mayor Cwtch - Kolekcjoner, mayor Little Corrinthian Outpost - Job, mayor White Sands - Sagitarius, mayor, Dreamfyre - Berzerk, mayor I want them to expand my deed to very large proportions. I have no intention of running people off i also understand some might hold them out of spite for me (understandable I'm an A**hole some days for funnyz) If you really love your deed on the island then I won't bother but I would really like to have them. But know I'm willing to retain the deed name and building for History sake, just want to make big change around the island.
  2. After several weeks of careful planning and hard work I am now proud to present to the Deliverance community: the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eridanus Boat Tunnel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The tunnel cuts through the southeast peninsula ("Serendipity Peninsula" as it is called by its inhabitants) and provides an invaluable shortcut for anybody sailing between the southeast mainland and the east coast of Deli. It is located a little bit north of the line Dunegard - Magincia (X-40 .. X-44, Y-38 on the community map), better seen on the detailed map ( This boat tunnel is special in that it has 2 segments: the first is leading north from "Pillars of Orion" on the peninsula's west coast to an underground harbour, called "Eridanus Harbour", the second (longest) one leading east from Eridanus Harbour to "Anubis Gates" on the east coast. The tunnel itself is 2 tiles wide and has maximum depth, so should be sailable by all ships. There is a walkway along the entire length of the tunnel, so it can also be used by pedestrians, riders and cart drivers. There are lamps every 5 tiles, and additional light markers every 30 tiles. Both ends are marked by twin towers illuminated at night by marble braziers: West entrance: Pillars of Orion East entrance: Anubis Gates The project was a joint undertaking of the Serendipity Alliance and some of our good friends. I am particularly grateful to: Odynn Jaz Annyil Talarias Turmoil Ladygodiva Ladycygnet Glomby. Thanks, folks - this tunnel couldn't have been built without you (at least not within the next 2 years ).
  3. Esteron Market is Rebuilt and Once Again Open! Come place your merchant today at the newly re-opened Esteron Market! Esteron Market is once again open to the public. Still a bit of a work-in-progress, so please don't mind the mess. But we have rebuilt and are opening the doors to new merchants who wish to set up shop in our corner of Xanadu. The Market is located directly East of the Esteron starter town in SE Xanadu. As a hub of activity in the area, there are always things going on, folks about and coin to be spent! Feel free to come and place a merchant in one of our open spots. Let us know if you are interested in selling horses or other animals. As well as if you might be interested in our upcoming bulk sales building. Just get in touch at all if you are in the Esteron area and want to be involved with the Market or our Kingdom of Esteron alliance. Message Araninco, Beastwolf, Cambriaa, Polojordan or Treadwell for more information. Currently 57 open merchant spots Mailbox (courier 86) Accommodations for 2 additional horse (or other animal) merchants Guard Tower protection on each end of the deed Easy highway access to East, West and South Ships can be docked along Esteron East coast and/or Southern Comfort with efficient Lakeside Highway access In the works Bulk sales building Inn with rentable beds Starter housing plots Chapel dedicated to white light gods Public crafting area Monument to those who helped out rebuilding the Market Market Pictures
  4. WTA this trader deed: The Old Valley The size of The Old Valley is 35 by 35. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 7 silver, 1 copper and 74 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver and 45 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 80 days, 4 hours and 46 minutes more. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 2.5%. Deed is located at 46x 55y on community map and R20 on in-game map. Its at shores of Elysian Bay. - Very good location! Easy access to all around Elysian Bay. Short trip to Deliverance border(south). Short trip to Crystal Lake and Crystal Canal (west). - 1 Trader on deed (private). - Big enchanted-grass iron-fenced pen! Easy caring for multiple animals! - Deed can be resized smaller (less upkeep) easily if buyer wants just utilize the trader. - 2 Buildings on the deed. * Silver and Gold Fo altars and 1 non-blessed silver altar! * Forge, anvils, pans, fuel, cooking items and wemp ready for use. - Big cave under the deed with many veins. At least Iron, Marble, Zinc, Tin and Lead. * Some parts of tunnels have collapsed and i haven't dared to open them as they are ancient! No clue what might be there! - Coastal deed. Lots of flat land just at coast! Partially made docks too. - Very good old player neighbour (Shared deed border with Moon Rabbit), pretty safe area. Short trip to nearby steppe for hunting! * This might be very good place for small group of new players too! A lot to do and nice area! (check the pics below) - Lots of harvesting to do around! Nice grape & maple farm on deed. - Some basic supplies and items on deed. 2 carts. - 1 catapult and some nice ql shards ready if you need to re-shape fences etc. - Spirit castle, enchanted power[95] (very fast, about 6 minutes timer). - Mountain in the picture is Sharfin Peak @ Elysian Bay! Amazing view! AUCTION RULES: Starting bid: 12€ (12s) Min. increase: 1€ (1s) Snipe protection: none No reserve Buyout: taking offers Time: 4 days. Check the timer below. (buyout will close). Payment: I prefer € / £ / $ and via paypal. Im paypal verified. (rate 1s=1€) OPTION: I can sell a cog and small sail boat to the buyer cheap too! Both are located next to the deed! If you have any questions, please pm me here in forum (Corrax) or in game (Cormax)! EDIT: Accepted buyout offer. Sold, close please.
  5. Rebuilding Esteron's Market in SouthEast Xanadu Esteron Market is restored once more! There has been a resurgence in activity in the Esteron region of Xanadu and a boost in the economy is needed. As such we thought it the perfect time to resurrect the decaying Esteron Market located directly East of the Esteron spawn point. It's our hope to return it to its former glory, paying homage to the original layout while adding our own touch and expanding to the market's full potential in the process. Help Your Community, Help Yourself Obviously it's a bit difficult for an alt to build a deed starting out. I will do what I can, but I'm also hoping to get some help from the Esteron community in rebuilding a Market for the area. Everyone will benefit with more commerce. What can you do specifically? Donations of building materials such as stone bricks and mortar are greatly appreciated. As well as donation of skills and/or time to plan out and build the EMarket structures. In thanks, I will create some sort of maintained perim monument (to be determined, open to suggestions) to those who helped out along with a forum post including everyone's player name. If you're interested in helping out please get in touch through messages here on the forum or /tell Araninke, Araninco, Kelpie or Jotun in-game. The following are some DeedPlanner views of the proposed new generation Esteron Market... Pastbin link for DP plans - Disclaimer: This is a personal project and has no bearings on my duties as PRA
  6. Southeastern Xanadu Market That's right, Southern Comfort is once again open for business! This time it's a public market that will soon be offering horse sales as well. We are soliciting merchants to take up residence in our open air market bordering sea and lake in Southeastern Xanadu. Southern Comfort is located at S24 with easy boat access to the lake via canal passable by ships, Knarr and smaller. There is also ready road access via the Lakeside Highway that connects to the main highway running North and South from the Esteron spawn point. Ships can be moored on the lake, on the sea or along the canal that runs through the Market. Do you live in the Southeast and are looking to sell your wares in the area? Or perhaps you have merchants elsewhere and are also looking to reach customers in this area of Xanadu? Well then, Southern Comfort is the market for you! We currently have 16 market stalls open with room to expand to twice that amount as the need arises. Stalls are available on a first come first serve basis and it's free to place your merchant. Three guard towers surround the market, ensuring a (mostly) hassle-free purchasing experience. A 93-cast mailbox is on site for your convenience. Meditate a spell or two at our peaceful Love Path tile situated beside the main building. There is plenty of clay to be found and a tar pit not far to the North along the highway. There are public altars to Fo and Magranon. A colossus of Vynora blesses the Market as she longingly looks out to sea. Look for our horse merchant to soon be selling well-bred horses! Contact Araninke or Kelpie in-game or PM Araninke here on the forums with questions, problems with merchant stalls, etc. Please come visit our Market in the Southeast and place a free merchant or two of your own... we look forward to doing business with you!
  7. I am looking for a sailboat or someone who can build such in the southeast area of Xanadu.
  8. As the title says, I'm looking to buy 5k of dirt to southeast Deliverance. Our village is "Dragon Shore" and the coordinates are 45X 30Y, just west of Megatown. (Village isn't on map) Pm me ingame, forums or leave a post in this thread if interested.