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Found 26 results

  1. Hello Wurmanian's, have an idea about how to make cooking more realistic. It would be more fun to make a hiss sounds when you put something in a hot frying pan. Like sounds when you start to passer in real life. Must be short but loud. Such a trifle will add more passions around the hot cooking. We have the sounds of working with a hammer file and so on, but not with cooking.
  2. So today I fired up Wurm as usual after work, and started playing. Then suddenly the game sounds went away. I was on comms talking to a friend, so I immediately realized it wasn't my PC volume. So I mentioned it to her, and she told me she recently had the same problem and found out that on her volume mixer on Windows, the Wurm volume had somehow set itself to 0. Sure enough, I checked my volume mixer and that was my issue. I raised the volume and everything was well. I am not sure if this is a bug or what, but something is causing the game to set the volume mixer to 0. I am not sure if I like Wurm messing with my PC settings, but perhaps I am just ignorant of how things work. Here are some details. Sound Device: Sound Blaster Z - Series (PCI Card). Wurm Client: Unstable Client RAM: 32GB CPU: AMD FX6400 I had embarked and was sailing my boat. It hapened right after a clean boot from having the computer off. Edit: It just did it again two times just after I pressed sent on this message. I was not pressing any keys on the keyboard as it happened, only my left mouse button.
  3. So if you play with sounds on, there's usually howling wind even when you're inside your house, which (among with weather effects like rain) ruins the feeling of being safe from the elements. There's already an event message when you try to sleep in a windy environment - ' The house is too windy to provide protection. ', but even if the house is fully built you can hear the wind 100%. I'm wondering if it's possible to check if the player is in a fully built building (that you could sleep in for example), and muffle the wind sounds?
  4. I recently upgraded my PC and the sound in game shuts off if I queue actions too quickly after the former queue finishes. I looked in settings but there doesn't seem to be any options that'd fix this(# of concurrent sounds, etc). I am using hardware openAL. I will try software but I'd rather find a hardware solution. Running windows 10.
  5. I am not sure if it was Wurm or my PC as this has never happened before. While at the rift this morning, my client suddenly froze. During the freeze, my CPU maxed out and the temperature soared. About half a minute later, a great many sounds played at once and the client closed without an error. It just simply closed. I turned sound off and returned. The CPU did not bog down again and it ran at normal temps. My sound is not on my motherboard nor is it a PCI/ISA card. It's a USB surround sound system, the sound card being external. (My computer is my TV too.) Any ideas?
  6. I just noticed the initial sound when starting out a small crate the code points another sound which is the sound making a blacksmith item with anvil.. I havent checked unstable cient but did notice it on the stable one..the later on sounds are ok with the action but starting on isnt.. Thanks.. />salamon
  7. What be nice is For Rolf to give Wurm Unlimited the Sound to mobs back in game. I for one would have them live in my server. If you don't want to hear a farm then don't make one hehe. But really Rolf how about adding back in the animal sounds you all took out to WU please. Anyone else agree to have this feature toggle in the feature management window?
  8. Every time I start a fire the crackling of embers noise doesn't fad away as I walk away from it; can hear it 20 squares straight deep in my mine even. How do you fix that? If it can't be done away with, ho do you kill the noise without killing anything else?
  9. There is a bug with wind it says in the mouse over tooltip in the sound settings that wind is part of the weather sounds as shown in the screenshot below but if you turn it off the wind still makes noise. I don't mind the wind if there was a way to adjust its volume but there is no way to do that and with this bug it does not stop the wind when you turn the weather sounds off.
  10. Razors Edge Sound Effects. [LAST UPDATE: 12-5-15] I stripped down the file with sounds from our mods like cannon fire on ships and new creatures (I may have missed some but they wont be called by the client) Ive basically reworked many of the sounds in the game, channel optimization and improved ambiance. Also reworked some of the original sounds that I like with better fad in and fade out effects that make sense with area transitions. Backup your original file in a safe place and copy the new sound.jar file here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\packs\ Or wherever your WurmLauncher path is. Version 1.0 PS: My personal favorite spot is up on a mountain with tall grass. Enjoy.
  11. Why is it that the engine doesn't actually call the sounds/weather when its raining or a lightning strike? Is there issues with certain skyboxes? I noticed if the cloud cover is thick it will call my sound files but when its clear and raining you get random lightning and no Rain sounds or thunder.. Both of which I added to the sound.jar file... If its raining I want to hear my rain Its kind of annoying..
  12. Hi It's hard to explain audio anomalies... I heard some of the background fuzz and samples echoing too prominently in a cave the other day. Since then, my ears have been tuned to it. On my settlement, on the coast for example, the bubbly sound of the waves seems to echo a bit too much. The frogs are not affected, and sound fine. The echoing on the waves (and the drips in caves) makes it feel a bit like a 70s movie. Not sure what other information I can supply, but once youve heard it, it cannot be unheard. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance Marlon
  13. It´s perhaps an already known bug but since it´s the summer of bug fixes I´m making sure it´s getting some attention. Bug When you embark a ship or a cart from water or close to water the swimming or water splashing sound that was previously playing is stuck in an endless loop which makes the journey extremely loud and unpleasant. Replicate It is easy to replicate by just parking a cart next to water, walk or swim in the water and embark the cart. You will hear the splashing sound forever or until you disembark and reembark. Workaround Disembark onto dry land and reembark your cart, wagon, ship transporter or boat. The problem with boats is that if you are too far away from dry land and need to check the compass you have to jump in the water and when you get back on the boat you will be stuck hearing this endless loop of splashing. Solution would be a proper stopsound command from these lines, alternatively give ability to bind stopsound to a hotkey. You ride on the large cart as the driver. You ride on the large cart as a passenger. You ride on the ship transporter as the driver. You ride on the wagon as the driver. You board on the "[name]" as the captain. You board on the "[name]" as a passenger.
  14. Please more sound options to turn on/off like footsteps and doors. - On/off animal - On/off fire (cracklng noises when your far away is annoy!) - On/off war machines or atleast turrets (whirling noise not for every one ) - On/off emotes sound/voices Different sounds for shielding bashing and bashing walls/mine doors
  15. I tab out of the game to do stuff on forums, or play another game (like now) and it would be awesome if we had an audible notification that we could enable for Alliance, Village and personal chats. I think it would help improve communication in Wurm and good communication is important in building a strong community. To satisfy some people (you know who you are), let me state that this suggestion should not be considered until existing bugs and serious performance issues are addressed. Thank you.
  16. A simple thought: Wouldn't it be nice if a custom* sound notifications were added to the in-game chat? * - by custom I don't mean the sound itself, but the situation in which would it occur. By default it should be turned off completely (so it won't disturb those who prefer current silence) but in sound settings there would be an option to enable sound when: - Message appears in currently selected tab. - Message appears in any tab. - New PM tab is open. - Message appears in any existing PM tab. - (if possible) Message appears in specific tab (some would like to know what's up on Global, some would like it on CA Help etc.). I guess it's a little utility many of us would appreciate. Especially those who are as oblivious to unexpected PMs as I am
  17. I realize this is a very minor issue but... Prior to the big update when Challenge was launched we had a distinct muting of outdoor ambient sounds whenever we were indoors. Now there is no difference. Is this an intentional change or just an oversight?
  18. I guess this is for Johan. Praying makes a sound like a small blast of air. I know religion is mostly hot air, but maybe some quiet "ololo" sound like the priests in Age of Empires. (option to turn on or off). Cloth Tailoring is dead silent. Any little bits you could add in there? (option to turn on or off). How about an optional "ding" of some sort, when a stam bar fills to max? I am constantly swapping between windows, or browsing forums, when doing grindy stuff, so it would be nice to hear when I'm ready to queue up again. Help prevent a lot of SB loss. Thanks!
  19. Would be nice hear a sound effect and video effect when we fall into the water (e.g. from >30 slopes, or other) A wonderful Splash!!!!
  20. Hello, this is my first post! Anyway, last time I played, I was in a cave on Chaos, near The Landing. I came back later and spawned in the cave, like normal. However, the ambient sounds that were playing were not that of the cave. I heard insects, leaves, and wind like I was outside. I've never noticed this before, but I don't think I've spawned in a cave before. I'm a total newbie here. So, is this a well-known bug? Anyone encountered it already?
  21. I rely heavily on sound for my gameplay and am overall quite satisfied with the in game sounds (though I do many times wish they were directional). Anyhow, the eating/drinking sounds positively freak me out. Whether it's my own character eating or one of my neighbors 40 tiles away. Those same sounds in real life would inspire the same reaction..just something that at best makes me twitch and on a bad day makes me want to punch something. Is there any way at all to disable JUST those sounds?
  22. Hello, i contacted the support ingame and he sent me to post my issue here. So here it is. I was mining some iron and a recording or a stream of something that sounded like a radio show started to play. It was pretty quiet first. I assumed that Firefox played something in the background. I closed Firefox, it was still there. So i closed every aplication i had running except two instances of wurm. I then checked the system tray of the volume mixer. It showed that the Wurm client was the source of the noise. It got louder when i opened the settings and turned the OpenAL Volume up. Two guys were talking about cave entrances and a player who fights mobs somewhere with some rock in the background. It stopped a minute later without any reason. It was clearly Wurm related. I didn't understood all of it because they had an american accent. My wife was here with me and she listened too, so i'm not crazy... What did just happen? A feature i don't know about? A bug? A security issue of my pc? ( I checked my pc twice now. )
  23. Well now that i have my ambient sounds back i have turned on my sounds again (had them all off before the fire change) Now that i have sounds again i have noticed that i can still hear wind even though i have weather sounds turned off.
  24. I think Wurm has phenomenal ambient sound effects and it really brings the game to life for me as a player. However, I find myself wishing I could turn noise of my chopping, digging, and hammering down just a bit, and turn the sound of the wind, the howling wolves, and the crickets up a notch or two. It seems most modern games have two sounds channels, one for background SFX and one for player SFX. I would love to have the same option here in Wurm. And with the recent addition of volunteers to work on the sound code, it seems like a good time to make the suggestion.
  25. This wasn't here a week ago (just about). Very recent. It sounds as if a real life neighbor is mowing their lawn when my windows are closed. Sort of an even, low sound. Also sounds like a small propeller plane going by a good distance from my house. Hope either of those examples can give you a basic sense of what this sounds like. It's certainly not normal for the game. It is definitely in Wurm though, and is only present when Wurm is running (so not a speaker problem). Let me know if there is any info I can provide to help you track this down. Would also love to know if anyone else is having the same thing. Thanks! Rey.