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Found 7 results

  1. Some sprouts are currently stored as 'sprout' others are stored as 'sprouts'. It is quite inconsistent as both sets include bushes and trees. This is a recent change although I have not checked my sprouts for a few days.
  2. As it is now the inventory is a mess, as its all jumbled up on every relog. I sort mine exactly how i want it to be, and then on relog it's all messed up again and i have to redo it or live with the mess it creates. I want my backpack on top, then water skin on second row, then the groups, and finally my lose tools that's temporarily in the inventory and don't need a group, but as it is now that will only last per session. I would love if there was a possibility to add this to the game, there has to be a function that can support this sorting.
  3. It's been suggested a few times, that inventory & container windows should keep either to their last order or be alphabetically sorted each time you open it for simpler management. And to quell those who don't want it, it should be optional to enable and default disabled. Previous topics:
  4. Time for WU to give the fruits of it's labor to online comm. On Sklo Bulk Storage Bins (BSB's) Don't combine Ql, rather they sort per 10ql column. Making it easy to sort a mass quantity of bulk items, or store 10 different ql's in to a 1 bsb, Then you can drag grouped ql's to large crates, Which retain their ql avg./combine qualities for easy transport and long term storage
  5. Every time I open inventory after a client restart, it seems to be shuffled. This is silly. I would prefer it stays the way it was when I close the client. There is already a suggestion for "save the state" of windows, but I want to save the state of the window contents. If not that, then at least restart the folder order in some kind of sensible order, such as alpha, with sub folders at the top of the list. That was I can name my subfolders (the groups) in a way to keep them in the order I need for my imping. Also, allow dragging items and dropping between two other items (or groups), without dropping into the other item container or group. It is very annoying when I have to rearrange each client restart, since I use a lot of containers and groups. Thank you!
  6. why is it that cordage ropes keep their name in bsbs but the rest of the ropes are renamed as just ropes? looks like a bug to me, i think all ropes should either be renamed or keep their names
  7. Topic Tags on this forum helps us sort and organize topics, and they are super-easy to use. Just type in the server name at which the deed is founded, optionally followed by several other tags to help sort out your topic in a search. For example, what tagging can look like: The most important part for tagging with multiple tags is to comma ( , ) separate the tags, otherwise every single word you typed in will end up being one long tag.