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Found 41 results

  1. WTS deed on Cadence "Night Blood City West an World Market asking 5g not for negotiation Settlement info 127x58 2g 85s 33c 50i in coffer 11s 78c 56i month World trader on deed with 20% discount on monthly cost upkeep will last 726d 14h Mine has rodded vien's barley used. Sandstone 8758 Marble 9103 Tin 1572 Silver 9546 Copper 8446 Gold 9314 Slate 8185 Zinc 9607 Iron 8985 Copper 9990 Silver 9890 Gold 9990 Zinc 9923 Tin 9906 Viens are worth 5g20s alone and with almost 3g in the upkeep its worth 8g as it stands only asking 5g.
  2. Starting bid: 30 s Increment: 5 s Buyout: -- Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  3. Hi Wurmian, if you like to mine or have the best of the neighborhood do not hesitate, this is your pickaxe. Starting bid: 40 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: 1g
  4. I've 5 Sleep Powders I'm offering for sale. Can be bought individually or as a group. 1.8 silvers each if I deliver (Harmony server only), 1.75 silvers each if you pickup on Harmony (1.75 silvers each)). Pickup would be at Sanderling Priory (h17), though I could arrange for the sleep powders to be transferred at the starter town of Heartland if you prefer. Character selling: Tantris @ Sanderling Priory, Harmony. PM on forum if interested.
  5. Auctioning a 40 ql rare carving knife, iron Starting Bid: 5s Buyout: offer Increment: 20c Snipe Protection: 10 minutes per bid
  6. WTA Rare Unfinished Forge: [16:18:04] You see a forge under construction. Ql: 4.83069, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The forge needs 10 stone bricks, and 6 clay to be finished. Rare Unfinished Forge 4.83ql start bid: 7.5s increments: 50c sniper protection : 10 mins Pickup available at The Imperial Palace J12 on Harmony, green star on this map: Delivery may be possible depending on location for negotiable price
  7. 6s pick up 7s delivery to coast only pm on here or umeruris ingame
  8. Lmk who to COD SOLD
  9. Made for carving, this knife has a broad blade and half a hilt. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump.
  10. 20s A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is hot. It could be improved with a lump.
  11. taking offerswts rare 90ql runed sailboat,
  12. WTS rare forge, 4s Pickup or +1s for delivery any pve coastal Special on pickup I'll add in a rare open fireplace for only extra 2s (regular price 3s)
  13. Rare Forge 5S - 4s Price reduced Or Trade for Rare Oven / Prefer Unfinished but not a requirement. Or Trade for Rare Smelter / Prefer Unfinished but not a requirement. Pickup only at D11 The rusty Anchor. 1s for delivery coastal any pve server.
  14. SOLD

    wts 5x 99ql addy lumps 20s
  15. Hi, I want to sell 16x sleep powder for 1s each. Delivered to any starter deed or place connected by highways.
  16. I have 2388 dirt to get rid of. Asking for 2s 40c plus a reasonable delivery fee if you need it delivered. Located at X-8 Y-22 on Deliverance. Thanks in advance. Edit: I don't have a boat to haul that much dirt, so it'd have to be mainland Deliverance or pickup.
  17. edit: North Xan tons of mobs to fight F9 -10 on Xanadu , it is 5 mins horse ride from glenden wood and about 10 min from Foxden and the ports/markets in that area. The deed is flat and has a mine (just opened and not sure what is on/in yet - prospected Iron.). A lot of room to expand.. (close enough to markets though with a good horse and highways are around. The account has some decent tools and one rare rope tool. Can ride a horse - cool for a starter/newbie Has other horses/cows and a bull. Has 20QL armor and a sword with 4 enchants on it. All around 50, nimble, frost, and the one where it steals skills. I will sell it and the character that owns the deed for $20 paypal. The guy has prem time Current ingame bank balance: 4 copper and 17 iron Current premium time expiry: 29 Jun 2015 06:36:05 GMT and here is the dump. > This is a good combo for someone looking for a lake/water deed and a starter guy. Has a lot of skiller type tools on him. Fair deal. PM me if you want it/questions.
  18. Silas was sold

    Silas was my P&R charater but after the merge i did not need him anymore and sold him. I just wanted to make a post so anyone that knew me as Silas knows that it is not mine anymore because it was not a public sale. If you bought a deed off me on Pristine or Release you might want to double check your writs and make sure he is not on any of them. Kegan
  19. SOLD

    All gems have been sold, Close this.
  20. I've got a rare long sword, can have it Imped to 80ql upon demand. Erm, not sure what price it's really worth.
  21. Account Sold, please lock. I accidentally purchased this account about a week ago meaning to priest her up on Release. But logged in to find her on Deliverance. So I'd love to recover some of my cost. The prem time on her alone is worth 16E, plus some decent starting skills. I paid 20E, so that's the buyout. Just looking to recover my losses, but no reserve so I'll accept any bid starting at 10E. Her name is AryaStark. She is level 6 on the Path of Knowledge and she can meditate for level 7 at any time. She has 30 faith and she is a Vynora follower. She has premium time till December 20th (so two months left). Her affinity is Large Shield She owns a sailboat and a set of decent tools. Here are the stats dump (those over 10 only): Soul: 15.48193 Soul strength: 20.748592 Soul depth: 21.467747 Mind: 20.546621 Mind speed: 20.25924 Mind logic: 24.0467 Body: 22.209715 Body stamina: 21.382957 Body strength: 22.99823 Body control: 22.488852 Alignment: 40.540047 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Paving: 19.324574 Prospecting: 20.487701 Axes: 13.713392 Hatchet: 15.661054 Swords: 17.14768 Two handed sword: 19.027386 Longsword: 20.026794 Knives: 13.12124 Carving knife: 18.60495 Woodcutting: 26.239916 Carpentry: 51.021896 Fine carpentry: 23.62348 Ship building: 14.415844 Nature: 23.491753 Gardening: 14.32896 Animal husbandry: 11.621535 Meditating: 26.184057 Farming: 31.051702 Botanizing: 21.547216 Foraging: 21.243738 Hot food cooking: 21.002409 Fighting: 12.337042 Natural substances: 12.366841 Miscellaneous items: 31.283928 Stone chisel: 11.54284 Hammer: 20.259329 Repairing: 25.540432 Saw: 14.938772 Pickaxe: 27.842777 Rake: 20.805826 Shovel: 23.619734 Pottery: 19.843954 Digging: 36.526505 Mining: 26.307962 Smithing: 12.36489 Jewelry smithing: 14.294168 Blacksmithing: 20.62216 Masonry: 23.50972 Stone cutting: 20.04716 Cloth tailoring: 11.461064 Starting bid: 10E Increment: 1E Buyout: 20E No private bids. payment via paypal, you pay the fee.
  22. RAW AUCTION ------ Set Of Four Horseshoes - Ql92.5 - All Woa 90+ ---- Since we got my previous auction cleared up, and since they didn't sell I'm lowering the price for these to 15 silver. Let me explain the price real fast, the shoes cost 8 silver to get imped to 92.5 at my blacksmith, the casts i count only at 90 since thats what matter on shoes. At 2 copper pr power for the casts thats 7s20c+8s. I round to 15 and thats what we start at. I realize its a lot of money but i feel the price is fair, so 15s is start bid and also the reserve. thank you auction will run for 21 hours Horse shoe, iron - QL 92.50 - Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [91] Horse shoe, iron - QL 92.51 - Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [97] Horse shoe, iron - QL 92.52 - Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [90] Horse shoe, iron - QL 92.51 - Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [93] Starting bid is 15 silverNo ReserveBuyout offers are welcome here in thread or in PMPickup at Placidity on Exodus or postage at buyers expenseMinimum increment is 1 silver1 hour sniper protection--------------- --------------- HAPPY BIDDING!