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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there, my name is Brotteil and I live in Harmony! I see you stumbled upon my shop! Well, would you like to buy some high quality tools, anchors or even horseshoes? Then you came to the right place, because I can handle every blacksmithing needs. Depending on your location, I can also handle bulk/big deliveries such as nails, ribbons, lamps, rivets etc. For details you can pm me ingame! Hello! My name is Oriath. I live in Harmony, and I mainly do leatherworking! These are my up-to-date prices, but if you have something in mind, be sure to pm me ingame! Hello there, my name is Mengo and I live in Harmony, in the same village with the others! I mainly handle Carpentry and Fİne-carpentry needs. I also do bulk goods such as logs! If you want something that's not in the menu but it's Fine-Carpentry or Carpentry, you can pm me ingame. Hey guys, my name is Audrie, I'm living in the same village with the others. I mostly do the jewelry and chainsmithing jobs in the village. If you don't see something you want, but it's withing my capabilities, you can pm me ingame. Greetings, my name's Griselda, I live on Harmony and I am a highly skilled mason and an able potter!(Not a wizard) Please contact me in-game, or post here if you want anything. And if you need other services and/or items, that are not listed here - such as bridge plannings, mine doors, stone slabs or just want to haggle or ask something? I am always open for those! Just PM me right away! I don't do bricks, mortar or concrete. Coastal delivery - 1s (free if the order is higher than 20s) or pickup at P11 Harmony.
  2. Power Contents DS Stables DS Smithy DS Bulk Goods DS Merchant DS Services Magic Contents Tosiek Priest Services Current Schedule: We currently take orders. Orders that are marked IN PROGRESS are on schedule before yours. We do not name our customers, but are willing to ask them for permission to be named if you are interested in hearing. 1.) 5k Bricks & 5k Mortar in Large Crates + Delivery. -> IN PROGRESS 2.) Corbita + Delivery. -> DELIVERY PENDING 3.) Corbita + 10 Small Raft + Delivery. -> DELIVERY PENDING 4.) 5k Bricks & 5k Mortar -> SCHEDULED START: Tuesday, April 28th. Delivery Details: We will deliver anywhere on Freedom except Chaos. COD is possible with every COD-able item. Depending on your location, there are small travel fees. they are reviewable in the following table. Xanadu South: Free Xanadu North or Inland: 0.5-1 Silver Any Other Server: 1 Silver Policy: Pricing on everythingis debatable and can be discussed with us via PM with me. POWER 01. - Dragon Shore Stables We are happy to announce that our Fo Priest has been able to start breeding horses. We are working on our own Speed Breed as well as a special War Breed. Currently, the horses we have for sale do not represent our breeding values. They are simply the outcasts we do not wish to breed with due to color preferences, or traits we do not breed for. None of the horses we sell have bad traits. Our breeding values: Color: Black Color: White Speed Traits War Traits Our Pricing: We charge 10 C for a horse, then another 10 C for every speed/war trait. We do not charge for positive traits that do not belong to the category of the horse. Other Details: We currently sell horses of any age. Horses of old age are cheaper than young ones, and always come with a carer. That means that as long as the horse lives, one of us will care for it to ensure it lives as long as possible. Current Horses: I need to have the priest look at the young foal before I can update this post with the exact price on it. 02. - Dragon Shore Smithy We happily announce that our blacksmith has now reached 93 blacksmithing skill, and we are therefore able to provide the first smithy items for you! The Price is always in Silver. Quality ANY means that we will simply create without improving, but will improve on demand without a change of price. 03. - Dragon Shore Bulk Goods, Carpentry & Shipyard While working on our own deed, we have decided that making bulk goods might be a good way to meet new people and improve our budget. Here is what we offer. We can currently not provide ores we haven't uncovered in our mines yet! EDIT: We also sell planks for 2 S / 1000. 04. - Dragon Shore Merchant Currently on a separate post: 05. - Dragon Shore Services Our workers are always willing to travel to help you complete work on your own deed. We travel to any server on the Freedom Cluster except Chaos. We will help you with anything you need for a price we can discuss in private depending on your needs. We will build your houses, flatten your ground, set up your walls or fences, or do whatever else you have in mind to help your settlement towards completion. MAGIC 1 - Tosiek Priest Services Our Tosiek priest Iamgod is ready and at your service, currently on Deliverance. We do not charge for conversions! Read more here: Our Team: Countess: Mayor + Tosiek Priest (Iamgod) Yldrania: Fo Priest (Mirabloodarc) Alexliltoe: Deliverer & Worker Birdwatcher: Worker For any questions, requests or anything else please pass me a PM or reply to this thread and I will get back to you via PM.