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Found 11 results

  1. Hiya Folks, Welcome to my Pottery and more Shop that is on Deed Delucia in South Harmony (Coords S18). Pottery high ql on request Farming Products on request Favor on request Natural substances on request Make your order only in game, PM to Kupferlisa, Robboeny or Alphabravo! We are mostly avaliable from CET 7pm - 10pm, on Sundays a bit earlier UTC 6pm - 9pm, on Sundays a bit earlier
  2. Typo on clay smelting pot, should be smelting pots plural.
  3. Pottery skill : 98.66 On order. Leave a message or pm You can ask for imps too 10% discount if you order 10 potteries at once! Current supremes : Current rares: Current stock:
  4. If we must have Rift rewards that we can't use, could we please be granted the ability to smelt them into lumps?
  5. Hiho, smelting items is a tedious activity right now. I'd like to throw two options into the round for discussion: 1) Implement a keybind for smelt. 2) Change the smelter so items that are placed inside will smelt into lumps. Greetings Nekoras
  6. Anyone selling smelting pots? Been trying to buy some for a few days now so now I try it this way. Lemme know what you want for them.
  7. I used a smelting pot on 2 golden statuettes (Libilla and Magranon). The first one was in my forge and the second one in my inventory. The statuette was destroyed in both cases but I also got no gold lumps for this (neither in my inventory nor in the forge). Relogging didn't help.
  8. So I made a smelting pot, threw it in my forge along with some garbage tools, waited for them to heat up and went about it. After smelting an unfinished dredge scraping lip: I also got an iron lump with a hammer icon after smelting down a hammer. The lumps were the correct ql and weight, and are functional like other lumps, they just use the wrong icon.