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Found 10 results

  1. Asking for 30s/e Paypal Verified P/s I'm short of money to pay my college fees..hopefully this will help.. thank you
  2. Can pickup/take delivery in Southwestern Xanadu, e.g., preferably nearish Q14, but am flexible. If you have one or more of the vessels and also want to sell an oak ship transporter, I'll likely take that as well. PM "Fasterdoudle" in-game or respond here, as you like.
  3. My very first boat made in the game over 2 years ago. This was before ship transporters were available, and I had a noob notion to build it on a interior pond that could be sailed across in 2 minutes. It sat land locked for a half year before it found it's freedom to explore vast lands. Aptly named "Vespucci" [00:00:05] A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the "Vespucci". Ql: 30.223438, Dam: 0.0. Start: 40s Increment: 1s Reserve: Yes Buyout: PM me Happy Bidding!
  4. As the title says, i want sell small sailing boat: Anchor and boat lock will be included. One peg is missing so you can choose wood type. Pick up only, I'm in village Antioch, Xanadu - o16, but can transport it to the sea near VotD-Valey of the Damned Market - q14 Price is 1,2 s Note* I can provide suitable wooden containers of any wood type(except oak and willow, those can be done for extra charge) to expand capacity (barrells, buckets, small crates, chests, or anything that fits) for 5c each if needed, or you can also order some furniture, or tools to take home with your boat (I have 63 carp, 50 fine carp), prices for that will be negotiated, but i'm sure we can make some nice disscount Answer here, or PM ingame or here, name is Kochinac in both cases
  5. Selling Bulk Goods in NE Xanadu Pickups F-22 (PM or post for direction, a paved road goes from Summerholt to my area, there is also a paved road that runs close to Thayd if coming from the nothern sea). http://xanadu-wurm.r...ark/5866/2108/4 Stone Bricks: 2s per 1k Mortar: 3 silver per 1k Dirt: 1s per k Planks: 1.3 s per 1k *Am able to mix and match (i.e. 200 planks, 200 dirt, 600 bricks in one order instead of just 1k of one particular item) Rare Bricks (x3): 10 c per 1 w/ any bulk orders Sleep Powder (X4): 1.5 silver per 1, 5s for all (can suicide deliver to any starter town in Xan) Rowboats: 75c (any wood type, 25-30q). *allow 1-2 days to finish (usually 1) Sailboats: 1.2s (any wood type, 25-30q). *allow 1-4 days to finish (usually 2). Continued business or multiple orders that require multiple trips will earn discounts. Other bulk goods not listed can be fulfilled upon request (i.e. tennons, pegs, nails, etc). Delivery prices are negotiable depending on travel time and only in NW Xan. Will also accept a mag priest strongwall as a form of payment (-1s + travel, or the current going price).
  6. I want to sell a sailboat, 2 rowboats, and a corbita. Pickup is available at Hermit's Haven 64x 60y in Independence server. Ship and boats details are as follows: CORBITA (CEDARWOOD) 50.8 ql = 5s ROWING BOAT (CEDARWOOD) 59.9 ql = 1s ROWING BOAT (MAPLEWOOD) 58.4 ql = 1s PM me in forums or in game if you are interested. Thanks.
  7. Want to SELL a Small Sailing Boat, cedarwood, with lock and anchor, QL 32. Price: 1s35c + delivering costs Location: Deliverance => 38x 5y @ Lucca Hill
  8. I want to buy a small sailing boat in independence. PM me in game or in forums to make an offer.
  9. Items: Rowing Boat, cedarwood, 45ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 80cRowing Boat, cedarwood, 30ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 80c Great boat for new Wurmians on budget. Made from cedarwood for decay reduction bonus. Fits 3 people Carry capacity same as small cart.Small Sailing Boat, cedarwood, 30ql, Mooring anchor, Lock and key. --- 1.7s Bread and butter of Wurmian pilotage, fastest way to get around when sailing alone. Made from cedarwood for decay reduction bonus. Fits 4 people Carry capacity same as small cart. No delivery. Pick up at Deliverance 20x7y. Customisation: No mooring anchor: 20c discount No lock and key: 10c discount Accepting orders for custom material boats (no extra cost). Delivery options (Rowing Boat only): Pick up at Deliverance 20x7y or surrounding area --- Free Deliverance --- 20c Independence (South shore) --- 20c Independence --- 40c Exodus --- 60c Celebration --- 1s To order, please send a PM on forum or contact Fourman on Deliverance. New items will be listed. edit -- Some cross server delivery options are temporarily not awailable.
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