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Found 4 results

  1. Delivery to shore on ship available! Pickup at Melody T15 N/E. Contact [ /tell GamerrZero ] ingame for deals and questions or reply to this tread if im offline. Current stock: Mortar 14,84QL : 2k - price 4s/1k Stone Bricks 17,85QL : 2k - price 2s/1k Small Nails 27,47QL : 1k - price 3.3s/1k Small Crates : 85 - price 13c/each
  2. **************************************************************************************************** Currently working on village project can't take any gather/creating orders Normal service resumed Currently creating 2k clay 2.000 / 2.000 Edtimated completion time 15th Oct 2016 **************************************************************************************************** WTB Referal 6s PM me here or in game WTS Building Materials Rock Shards min ql 20 1s per K Bricks 8,000 min ql 20 2s per K Mortar 4,000 10ql 2.5s per K SOLD Dirt 7,000 1s per K SOLD Marble Shards 1,000 40ql 1.25s per K SOLD Marble Bricks 2,000 20ql 2.5s per K SOLD Colossus Bricks 11,000 20ql 2s per K Concrete 300 11ql 1s per 100 SOLD Support Beams 150 5s per 100 SOLD Mixed Planks 1,000 10ql 1s SOLD Metal Lumps Tin lumps 3,500 25ql 1s per K Iron lumps 3,000 40ql 1s per K Iron lumps 3,000 60ql 2s per K Iron lumps 1,000 75ql 3s Zinc lumps 1,000 65ql 2s SOLD Gold Lumps 1,000 1ql 1.5s SOLD Marble Items Mortar and Pestle 10c each SOLD Fruit, Veg & Meat Onions 92ql 1s per K Apples 500 33ql 1s per 100 SOLD Storage 64 Small Crates 3c each 50 Large Crates Cedar 10c each SOLD (Custom orders can be completed) Tools Working to enchant tools to 50+ woa & coc Rift Items No stock Info I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game Any C.O,D, items will be mailed via our 100 enchant mailbox
  3. Greetings Buyers, As you see whats standing in the title, I would like to sell my knarr with some crates and stuff in it. Knarr is made out of Applewood and is 22ql You only need to pick it up if you win this auction! Can be collected from Pristine Ingame map: P25 Community map: Y12 X37 Starting bid: 12s Min. Increments: 1s Buy-out: 20s Buy-out through PM: Disabled, Keep it in this thread please! It's a 24h auction, without a sniper. Have fun bidding!