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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I have a 22.28 ql Supreme Small Barrel, Pinewood. Starting Bid: 3 silver Increment: 25 copper Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout *I always PM before sending anything via mailbox/delivery so please look for my message :). *If you do no see a message from me after winning an auction then please send me one since sometimes it seems forums can be finicky and it might have gotten "lost". *I wait 7 days for a response to my PM for mailbox/delivery coordination... If you do not contact me I will put the item back up for auction :). *If you change your bid without a PM/explanation in thread... any further bids you place will be considered invalid and not count. *If bids are being changed I will more than likely add time to the auction - with a posted explanation as to why I am extending. Have a happy auction! Launce~
  2. Hello Wurmians, are you in need of a cheap delivery for yourself, your sold or purchased wares or your personal stuff? You just found the best place for it! I'm offering delivery by ship. Server Outer Coast* Inner Coast* Close to Coast* Inland Pristine** 50c no inner coast 60c 65c-100c Release 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c Xanadu 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-200c Exodus 50c +10c +10c 65c-100c Deliverance 50c +10c +10c 65c-100c Independence 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c Celebration 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c *Coast = Shore with direct sea access for large ships (eg. Cog) **20c discount if start and end are on Pristine I ll upload colored Images soon, if you re not sure about if ist coast, inner coast or Inland, feel free to pm me. Some bulk and containers for sale:
  3. What happened: So after todays update i went to milk my animals. Unsealed small barrel, it already contained some milk, 41kgs to be exact, milked the sheep, barrel weight going up, milk weight stays the same. At the moment i have a 47kg small barrel with 41kg of milk in it. Same thing happened with bison (same procedure, take a smal barrel that had some milk in it and was sealed, unseal, milk the animal) What i expected to happen: The milk weight to increase... Steps to reproduce: What i tested - Made a brand new cedarwood small barrel, milked a cow with it, milk 1kg added, works fine. Milked another cow, milk 1 kg added, works fine. Sealed the barrel with a peg. Unsealed the barrel on ground, milked a cow, 1 kg milk added, works fine. Sealed the barrel with a peg, unsealed the barrel in inventory, milked a cow, 1kg total weight added but not 1 kg of milk. If i drop the barrel, the missing milk shows up, and if i milk the cow with the dropped and then picked up barrel, the weight added works fine, so it seems there is something glitching the milk weight gain for a barrel that has been unsealed in inventory.
  4. Rare unfinished small barrel Starting bid: 1s Min. Increase: 25c Buyout: 5s Sniper Protection: 1h Reserve: None You can decide what wood type you want the rare small barrel Pickup can from Mahassatva Bodhingsa Sangha (i8) or something else. Xanadu can be mailed.
  5. Hi 30ql rare small barrel Starting bid: 50c Min inc. 20c Buyout: no sniper protection: 2hours. (can COD as buyer expense)
  6. Another quality auction brought to you by Black Forest Smithy (Click to view merchant) #1 Rare Awl 50ql Ulost - 5s bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 3s reserve 15s buyout #2 Rare Large axe 78ql Animals demise Whereami - 3s bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 5s reserve 15s buyout #3 Rare Small wooden shield Cedarwood Ulost - 2s bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 1s reserve 10s buyout #4 Rare Small barrel Pinewood Rosedragon - 1s bidding starts at 1s 1s increments 1s reserve 5s buyout All items have 30 mins sniper protection Happy bidding!
  7. I went to make some cordage ropes this morning and I put them in small barrels as I go, then put them away in the bsbs sorting by ql. Today the cordage ropes do not fit in a small barrel, when 20 would fit a few days ago. No sense for such a change, its a rope, and only weights 0.50 kg. We should not ever have a problem putting ropes in small barrels. Update: I did notice that cordage ropes are now 0.50 kg and not 0.60 kg anymore when created. Why would making them smaller make them not fit?
  8. Simple idea. I think it would be nice to have a rack to hold small barrels, I was thinking it would hold 25 barrels, like a fountain does. Edit: Best image I've found so far.