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Found 4 results

  1. Server Name: US Central 2xCraft/2xSkill/PvP Come join us! US Central based server, but all are welcome. 2 times craft speed, 2 times skill, gain PvP Looking for mature players to join. 30,000 creatures / 30% Hostile. Active Admin
  2. Just want to get a sense for what people are noticing since that last big client graphics update. Personally, my laptop now sounds like a hair dryer, unless I run on very low settings and only 1-2 clients at a time. CPU, RAM and GPU are ALL working much harder for me. Mostly the GPU though. I used to be able to load up to 30 clients on one machine. Now if I load 10, my laptop will lock up. At 4-6 clients, it is pushing very hard. Just one client on good quality settings will make it run loud. What is your experience since the update? Let's let Code Club know and maybe they can use the feedback and modify the update to run more efficiently?
  3. Hey all, I have been fighting with the game for awhile now trying to make it playable as it generally will completely freeze when it decides it needs to load something. The FPS will hit 0 and then jump back up for a time being until the game is forced to load something again. This happens with all settings on the lowest possible setting, including taking all animations off as well. Solution you can try: My computer is horrible, dual core with a GTX 460 with 8Gigs of ram, so I do not expect a lot out of it. However I was able to get a nice fluid game play with even decent graphics and distance rendering settings by going in to my Nvidia settings and checking out the 3D settings. For some reason my settings were set to have the CPU handle all 3D rendering thus bogging down the system. I changed this setting to have the GTX 460 handle all 3D rendering and it has been amazing! Anyways, maybe this will help someone. - Sin
  4. Hey guys, First, english is not my first language, so excuse me if there are any grammatical errors. Gotta tell you that I'm running out of patience trying to update Wurm, problem is, when I first install the game and download the packs, it downloads super fast, but when it stars to update the packs, download speed drops drasticaly and it often hangs when updating! Yesterday, I installed the test client, it was a pain in the &%*! Client hangs constantly when updating and when you quit the client to try again, you have to update all the files that were already updated all over again! I'm desperately trying to update to 1.1, but I just can't take it anymore, why don't you devs provide us a way to download UPDATED packs outside of the client, like torrent or direct http? So, today after 1.1 was released, gave up trying to update and installed Wurm from scratch, again, it downloads the packs super fast, but this time, for my surprise, graphics.jar pack provided is not the newest one released, so I am forced to update. Non-sense! Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Obs.: I'm using unstable client, 64 bit java 7 u25 and I'm not using any anti-viruses