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Found 3 results

  1. wts chess king/queen 2s each other pieces 30c each 24 sleep powder 1s each. buy all sp`s and get free delivery
  2. WTS

    WTS Sleep powder x22 1 silver each or 20 silver for all. Lorewood Gardens Xanadu S/E of Summerholt ( at 6810, 2449) Feel free to contact me here, or in game on saraie
  3. Hi there clearing out a bit since i am at one month warning bell for deed to your benefit.. GEMS Have 103 ql with 113c';s worth cuz a few are under 10 ql standard price.. Sleeping Powder 1 sleep powder pickup near Vrock Landing or festivity events on or near 10th Birthday of Wurm TOOLS Have a variet of iron picks with woa starting at 57 woa and going up to 69 woa.. they are at 50 ql... they go for enchant power -10 so between 47c's and 59c;s Have a couple coc iron pickaxes with between 50coc and 69 coc they go for enchant power straight to copper pieces so 50 copper to 69 coppers.. Have a coc hatchet at 40 ql with 73 coc for 73 coppers.. also have a woa hatchet both iron by the way and the woa goes for enchant power -10 in coppper pieces and i believe its a 63 woa Have a 73 coc Grindstone at 9ql which can be iimped to 30 if wanted and it goes for 73 coppers.. Have a 69ql rake which ill let go for 20 coppers.. Have variety of cotton, potatoes,onions and pumpkins. garlic and cooked meat.. all go for 90 copper./k and pickup can be on coast near vrock landing or at sojourn (prefered) on lake selkie (at H15) delivery for 1 silver/k have a hatchet at 90ql with 99coc and 62 woa taking offers... <sold> HORSES Piebald aged "southlightning" three speeds.. Plus plenty of 4 speeds and 3 speeds and if you hurry some free ones as well all with at least 3 traits two or more speeds.. the 4 speeds i sell for 20 c's and 30 if delivered my discretion of course..