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Found 23 results

  1. I have 5 sleep powders I want to sell for 5s. Will deliver to any coast this afternoon in Freedom.
  2. Hi I have collected a stash of sleep powders and finally realized I have way too many. I have 178 across various accounts and would like to sell 100 for 100s or 90eu (I am willing to negotiate the price a bit since it is a rather large amount but please do not disrespect me or yourself with lowball offers. I am in no hurry to sell them) Thanks and happy wurm-ing. You can contact me ign@ Tuanta
  3. Rares

    -97QL pelt 90coc-1s -89QL chisel 79botd-80c -70QL compass 82woa-3s -90QL leather knife 81 botd-1s -98QL whetstone 97coc-2s -94QL whetstone 85coc-1s -94QL whetstone 84coc-1s -silver ring 6QL 89nolo-1s -oils of armoursmith x7 -86 average QL -oil od stonecutting x2 -potion of woodcutting 95QL =RARES= -rare chisel 96QL 41coc 93woa-9s -rare trowel 87QL 92coc 85woa-8s -rare needle 58QL-5s -rare ropetool maple 65QL 84coc 97woa-7s -rare ropetool pine 93 QL 84coc 88woa-6,5s -rare oak spindle 79QL-5s -valentines pottery-1s -fireworks x3-80c each -spyglass 70QL x2 -snowlantern x5-1s each -2 dragon skulls-9s each
  4. With the few hours in the day, most people don't have time to travel to buy sleep powders. Please allow us to mail them either as: 1. A drop item, but no drop on death (thanks thorgot) 2. Keep it as no drop, but add an exception to allow dropping into a mailbox like "dropping" into trade window. More people will buy them if they can be mailed, I sure will.
  5. Aniceset, I will hold the requested items until we can meet up to exchange.
  6. I want to sell 70 ql spyglass (4.5s) and 2 sleep powders (2s) PM me if you want to buy.
  7. Recycled thread, more sleep powders now than before, and a new potion Oil of the Weapon Smith 99.13ql 3s Oil of the Armour Smith 87.84ql 2.5s plus cod 15 Sleep Powders 1s each All sleep powders spoken for now, so only the oil of armour smith left (just going to put that in my merchant, please close the thread)
  8. WTS 14 sleep powders, 1s each pickup or 14s for the whole lot picked up If over 5 bought will do free delivery or Pick up at: INDY
  9. rare small shield, oak - 3s rare carving knife - 6s rare rope tool, oak - 6s rare fruit press, oak - 4s rare long bow, pine - 2s 5x sleep powders - 5s merchant contract - 8s I am located at Q18/Xanadu. Delivery by COD or pickup, unless otherwise arranged.
  10. i have 5 sleep powders on exo 1s each can free delivery to indi, deli, exo and cele - sold 2 x red dragon bloods - sold 5x black drgon blood sold
  11. As title says I would like to sell 12 Sleep powders for a price of 12 Silver. I can deliver but you can also pick it up from S22 on Xanadu. Price of Delivery needs to be negotiated.
  12. rare bone 1x for 25s sleep powder 5x for 1.30s each (6s if buyer take all) Location - pristine M18 / Name in game Brum
  13. I want to buy Sleep Powders in the location of North Xanadu.
  14. WTS referral 6.5 silver (sold) 4 sleeping powders 1.5 silver each (will consider delivery to other servers) (Sold) All have been sold. Please close thread.
  15. Hello, I want to sell up to 2 units of sleep powders 1s each if you pick them at 32x 46y (Templarios de Hispania village), or 1,5s each if I need to deliver (only in Deliverance).
  16. Selling 29 sleeping Powders on Independence. Prices as follows: quantity 1-5 = 1.5s each 6-10 = 1.4s each 10+ = 1.3s each Pm me on the forums as Borieck or ingame as Andistyr. Can deliver or meet you on Indie.
  17. SOLD - thanks - CLOSED WTS - Referral on Deli = 6.5s or happy to swop for sleep powders Please PM me - Baloo Thanks
  18. WTS 14x Sleep Powder 1,5s each. Free delivery when you purchase all
  19. There are 44 sleep powders for sale. 1.5s/each or 60s for all. Pickup only at Ruffus Hunt deed. 41.5x 20.5y @ Deli.