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Found 3 results

  1. ITEM AVAILABLES PRICE mortar 1k 2s per k dirt 4.2k 1s per k support beams 4s per 100 concrete 1s per 100 ribbons 4s per k clay 1s per k tar 1s per k peat 1s per k moss 1s per k logs 1s per k (low ql) small nails 500 1s per k large nails 500 1s per k shafts 1k 1s per k planks 1bsb(5,333) 1s per k wood shingles 1s per k wooden beams 200 2,5s per k grass 4k 1s per k ash 3s per k (creation ql) lye 30 c per barrel charcoal 2s per k (-50ql) gold sheet 6c per sheet war arrows 3s per k (creation ql) hunting arrows 3s per k (creation ql) rock shards ask 1s per k marble shards 1s per k slate shards 1s per k sandstone shards 1s per k stone slabs 1s per 100 marble slabs 1s per 100 slate slabs 600 1s per 100 sandstone slabs 1s per 100 stone bricks 2s per k slate bricks 2s per k marble bricks 2k 2s per k sandstone bricks 2s per k pottery bricks 3s per k colossus bricks 2k 2s per k pottery shingles 1s per k slate shingles 2s per k frying pans 5s per k (creation ql) turrets ask 60c per turret marble brazier pillars 5 1s per pillar large crates 10c per crate catseyes 1s per crate rounded stone 1 crate 50c per crate DISCOUNTED PRICES ^ *taking orders-none is too big! (PM Zoranah ingame) Free delivery to any coast. Can always pickup at Deli H8(Sunburst) After 3 orders you will automatically go to my '20% off list' for all future ones
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy 1x slate shingles, 5k slate shards, and 5k marble shards, and hoping to have them delivered as soon as possible Please send me a tell if you can meet this order I live on Xanadu at S25 on the coast, so delivery won't be too difficult Thank you!
  3. Hey all I have 1.4k Slate Shingles chipped and ready to be collected at my docks at X4 : Y16 - West Coast Release (Fort Huntsman Docks). I am looking for 1s/500. Contact me here on forums if interested. -Thanks in advance. -=Jakeii=-