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Found 18 results

  1. For the sake of new players - who should all be allowed access to the benefits of caffeine - please allow them to drink coffee/tea/cocoa which has a QL below 10. Just seen someone in CA_Help who made their first coffee, and being disappointed at not being able to drink it for the skillgain effects. This is really important for folks who want skills during this event but can't play much. Thanks.
  2. As some of you know, there has been a Wurm Online skill gain/skill check simulator available online for a while now, albeit not in a form that is easily shared. This tool allows you to simulate various skill-related statistics, such as your chance to gain skill by mining a certain ore with a certain skill and pickaxe, QL of ore, how likely you are to be able to tame a certain creature, and so forth. Given how useful it is, and since people have been talking lately about wanting something like this, I've decided to host it on my own server in order to make it available to everyone. You can find it here: Note: I did not create this tool, and may not be able to implement new features or updates, depending on my own poor knowledge of JavaScript. @asdfdeveloped the tool, and consented to me making it more widely available to the public; all credit for its existence should be directed toward him. If anyone has questions on how to use it, or what something means, feel free to ask in this thread! And if it goes down for some reason, please PM me or let me know however you can, because that means something is definitely wrong. This is not an official tool. It was created by a player, for other players, and is not affiliated with or officially endorsed by Wurm Online, Code Club AB, or related parties. I am sharing it because I find it useful as a player, but I can in no way vouch for it being 100% accurate, or supported in any official capacity. Basic usage notes: Simulation kind selects the type of action you are simulating. Fixed bonus (channeling) is the most generic type of simulation, simulating a basic skill roll with a given Difficulty, Skill, Bonus, and Tool QL (see below), so it can be useful as a sort of generic skill roll simulation. Pretty much every skill check involves these numbers, but the other simulation types calculate them for you. Iteration count for the simulation selects how many times the code will simulate the task, in order to generate statistics. The default is 25,000, which should generally be more than enough to create a good sample. Rounding changes rounding behavior, either of the simulation or the displayed numbers. I'm not really sure what the implications of this are, so I suggest leaving it at the default, which is "Nearest". Difficulty is the difficulty of the action, which is necessary to input for some simulation types. For the purpose of Channeling, this is the difficulty of the spell. For Fileting, this is the damage the meat item has. Bonus is the bonus applied to the skill check. Often you won't need this, or won't know it. 70 is the maximum value; any larger bonus is capped at this number. For Channeling, if your alignment is maxed out and you're in your god's domain, your bonus is likely at or near 70. In the results window: Range is the range of results. For example, "-40 - 98" means that the simulator's lowest result was -40, and the highest was 98. All skill checks in Wurm have a result between -100 and 100. Anything below 0 is a failure, and anything above 0 is a success. Successes below 40 (i.e. 0-40) give skill. The exact value of negative results usually doesn't matter much, but for Channeling, this is important as it relates to your chance to shatter or damage the item when enchanting. Skillgain is the percentage of results that gave skill. For example, "28.07%" means that roughly 28.07% of actions would give you skill in the skill being simulated (note: parent skills and characteristics might not have the same chance). 0+ is the percentage of results with a value of 0 or greater; for skill rolls, this equates to a successful skill check. 90+ is the percentage of results with a value of 90 or greater. Mean is the mean (i.e. average) of all results.For example, with a mean of 57.09, you would expect your average in-game result to be 57.09. The best skillgain percentage possible is somewhere around 52.5%, with a mean of 20.
  3. Hi! Inspired by the final statgain mod by almight Keenan, I decided to make one that worked with agos modloader. The mod allows you to change the difficulty of any skill independently, including characteristics, which is the same as increasing or decreasing skillgain. The mod also allows you to disable a priest penalty to some characteristics. Version 0.6 is out! Download skillmod v 0.6 Changelog: Get the zip file and extract it into your mods folder. Usage: Open the file To disable or enable the 25% priest penalty to some characteristics set: removePriestPenalty=true To change the difficulty of a skill you need to edit its corresponding factor. 1.0 is the default setting (1x modifier) Higher setting makes the difficulty easier and is roughly equivalent to a skill gain factor. The difficulty settings stack with the server skill gain modifier. So with server skill gain modifier of 2x the following config: FILE: Body=10.0 Soul=10.0 Mind=10.0 ... Weapon_smithing=2.0 Meditation=5.0 Gives a skill gain modifier of around: EFFECTS OF SETTINGSBody 10x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer Soul 10x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer Mind 10x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer... Weapon smithing 4x //Affected by server skillgain modifier Meditation 5x //Not affected by server skillgain modifer You may remove skills that you do not want to edit from the properties file. To add a new skill or a skill you previously removed, the first character must be uppercase and any spaces must be replaced by underscores. To change the stat gain modifer (Credit to Webba) # The lower divider is applied to skillgain on all characteristics below 31 # The upper divider is applied to skillgain on all characteristics above 31 # This is a divider so higher number means less skillgain # 5.0 is default for the lower stat divider # 45.0 is default for the upper stat divider lowerStatDivider=5.0 upperStatDivider=45.0 EDIT: Added some clarification to what the mod does and how you set stuff
  4. Fileting a fish now takes a number of seconds equal to the number of filet produced, at a rate of one per second. However, after the first 10, they stop giving butchering skill, even if the filet falls within the standard 1.01-39.99 QL range. If a player stops the action and then starts it again on the same fish, it will start giving butchering skill again, for the next 10 filets, and then stop again. This should be fixed, either make one fish give no more than 10 butchering skill ticks (which would be strange, why should a large fish not give more skill over more time), or change it to not stop giving skillgain after the first 10.
  5. Why not Mind,mind logic, mind speed, body control, body, soul depth, soul?
  6. I've asked around a bit, and I haven't spoken to many people who actually want to change the Epic skillgain system in the upcoming update. Most of the changes being implemented sound good, and I expect will bring some life to the server (already have, in fact!), but I don't recall anyone in the past requesting even quicker skillgain than we already have. And I definitely didn't hear anyone requesting this new system that completely changes how skills are gained; where actions give skill, rather than skill relying on timers. Remember, Epic already has increased skillgain (2x) and the curve to assist new players in starting the game. It has been demonstrated before that you can be completely PvP ready in under a month of gameplay! In my opinion it just makes a legitimate server cluster seem more gimmicky, like Challenge.
  7. Have PoK 25% skillgain be spread out among lower levels like SotG on insanity path. PoK you get hardly any perks until the high levels so it'd be a nice balance to the buff to Insanity path. I think that it would really help encourage newer players to meditate, with the end goal not seeming so unreachable.
  8. So in this post on the steam forum warlander says in his third post that in WU skillgain is success based and not timer based. Warlander [developer] 25 Sep @ 4:57pm Correction: skill system in WU is different than the one used in WO - it is not timers based, but success based. Link: However this was on 25 september, i have not read anything about it since then. Does anyone know if it is confirmed to be that way in the final release? I think it would be good to know for the settings of the server, since you would not have to compensate a faster timer with more skillgain.
  9. We need some books now for our bookshelves. By taking some leather (1kg) and some papyrus (20 sheets) you can make a book (Weight 2.5kg). Books hold 20 pages worth of text in total when written in, they are written one page at a time (so essentially an array of papyrus sheets). Reading a book works like reading papyrus, except that the menu has a subtree for page number. Optional Extra: double clicking a book and then right clicking a bookshelf lets you store and retrieve the book from there. This being the only non-inventory way to store books in a way that they won't decay. So far so good, like most book suggestions, here is my unique twist. Ideas : Whenever a player gets a rare roll for a skill they also gain an "idea" about that skill (a 0 weight item) that can be traded, but is lost if dropped outside of a player inventory. These are useless on their own but when used on a book create a skill book for that skill which gives a different kind of effect based on the type of idea: Rare rolls give "<Skillname> inspiration" which, when used on a book creates a "<Skillname> manual" which grants +50% skillgain in that skill for book QL*2 minutes. Supreme rolls on a skill it creates a "<Skillname> insight", when used on a book creates a "<Skillname> guidebook" +100% skillgain in that skill for book QL*2 minutes. Finally if a Superior roll is granted it creates a "<Skillname> trade secret" which can be crafted into a "<Skillname> tome" which grants an affinity for the skill on use. ALL skillbooks are single use.
  10. Data Mining Data

    TL;DR If you don't care about skill gain/hr, stop reading now. If you want to maximize mining skill gain per hour, keep reading! Executive Summary: Things tend to be poorly tested in wurm. I recently returned with a new character and wanted to skill my mining. I found the wiki's advice and the advice in freedom chat to be very lacking. I decided I would try to determine how exactly mining skill gain works in wurm. A little story: Many moons ago in wurm (gold 1 & early gold 2) priests routinely 'blessed' items. Why? because the conventional wisdom was that bless 'reduced damage and decay.' I made a priest early in gold 2 and wondered how much damage reduction bless really offered. I asked in chat and no one seemed to have an answer. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to test it. I made two very low, same quality pickaxes and blessed one. I mined the same number of actions with each pick on the same wall tile. At the end of the test both had exactly the same damage. Again I asked in freedom chat about it and didn't receive a satisfactory answer. I asked Rolf on IRC what effect bless has on items and he responded something like "Bless only works on altars." Since then I've been very skeptical with common knowledge in Wurm as it's often untested and little more than rumor. Basic Info: There are ten mine able resource types in wurm: Rock, Iron, zine, tin, lead, copper, slate, silver, marble, and gold. Each resource type has a hidden 'difficulty' attribute. For a given mining skill and pickaxe quality higher difficulty resources produce fewer units at your maximum mining skill and more units at quality 1.00. I mined all 10 resource types with the same mining skill and pickaxe of 100 units each then looking at the average quality of the piles it appears the ore difficulties appear to rank as follows: rock < iron/zinc < tin < lead/copper < slate < silver < gold/marble admittedly though my sample size for the piles was very low and the order of difficulties could be wrong. Another player's testing gave this order: rock < iron < copper < tin = zinc < lead = slate < silver < gold = marble To get a better understanding I would really need to mine probably 300-500 of each resource type with the same pick and mining skill to clearly see how they rank. That's another 3-5k worth of mining though at this point I would really like to mine for skill. Thus rock will produce the highest average quality with the most units at your mining skill and the fewest units at quality 1.00. Conversely gold/marble will produce the fewest units at your mining skill and the most units at quality 1.00. Mining increases a total of 7 attributes and 3 skills. Body Body Strength Body Stamina Mind Mind Logic Soul Soul Strength Mining Miscellaneous pickaxe I mainly focused on the Mining skill and ways to maximize it in my tests. I didn't look at how to maximize the other skills. I spent considerable time mining all 10 resource types with a large number of unenchanted, coc, coc+woa, and woa, and rare pickaxes trying to figure out how exactly the skillgain for mining works. I was confused for a good while until I noted a number of things happening: You only gain mining skill if the ore/shard produced is greater than quality 1.00 and less than quality 40.00 In other words the unit must be from quality 1.01 to quality 39.99 inclusive. If the unit is quality 1.00 or 40.00+ you will never gain a mining tick from it. Please note that you can gain any of the 9 other attributes/skills from the other quality units, but not the mining skill itself. I also noticed that the size of the mining tick is exactly the same regardless of the resource type you are mining holding everything else constant. Rock shards give exactly the same size tick as gold for a given pickaxe, mining skill, and mining timer. I then tested mining a capped quality 30 gold vein to see if it would produce mining ticks when the ores came out at quality 30 since a great number of them would. It appears the server calculates what quality the ore "would have been" had the vein not been capped when determining whether you get a mining tick. There's no advantage or disadvantage to mining capped or uncapped veins. I also noticed that if you start a mining action with zero stamina the skillgain for that action is reduced by approximately 90%. This is probably to prevent someone from setting a heavy object on their mining key bind and going to bed to mine all night with zero stamina. Please note as long as you have some stamina when you start the mining action you will get full skill gain even if you end the action with zero stamina. I also noticed that the 'size' of the mining tick is directly proportional to the length of the mining timer. Longer timers produced larger ticks. Putting all this together I was able to reverse engineer the probable formula for mining skillgain. If(quality > 1.00 && quality < 40.00 && startingStamina > 0) then skill gain = =0.001+t/10000-w/100000+c/100000 where t is the mining timer in seconds w is the wind of ages (WoA) cast c is the circle of cunning (CoC) cast As you can see the WoA cast actually retards the skill gain. This is to counteract the bonus you get from it lowering the mining timer. The net effect is zero. Circle of cunning adds to the skill gain. Longer mining timers also increase the skillgain. CoC increases skill gain. If we disregard the effects of WoA for a moment the most optimal mining timer would actually be 0 seconds. This is because you get 0.001 mining skill tick regardless of the timer length. The effect of this 'bonus' is less pronounced the longer the mining timer (and thus the size of the mining tick) is. At first glance having a pickaxe enchanted with WoA would seem to help as it reduces the mining timer and thus increases the effective skillgain per hour. Unfortunately the formula subtracts some of the potential skill proportional to the size of the WoA cast. After testing 2x QL 74 picks one with woa and one without then calculating the skillgain per hour after accounting for the size of the mining ticks and the length of the timer WoA neither helps nor hurts the overall skillgain. It does, however, allow you to get in more mining actions per hour. So how do we maximize skill gain? There's no magic formula for this because there are multiple variables and only one equation. In theory it doesn't matter what resource you mine (vein quality also doesn't matter) since they all give the same skillgain holding all other things constant. The key to maximizing the skill gain is to get as many of the ores/shards to come out at 1.01 to 39.99 quality while at the same time maintaining the fastest possible mining timer. If you are producing too many units at quality 1.00 then move to a lower difficulty resource and/or use a higher quality pickaxe. Conversely if you are producing too many ores at your max mining skill and not enough in the optimal range then you can move to a more difficult resource type and/or use a lower quality pickaxe to increase the number of optimal units produced. Again please note that using a lower quality pickaxe will increase the length of the mining timers which can at times adversely impact your overall skill gain. Of course the answers to the above questions change as your mining skill increases. The best combination of resource type and pickaxe quality at 30 mining will obviously be different than at 50 mining skill. As you skill continues to improve you will need to reassess your ore type and pickaxe quality. The best way to accomplish this is why looking at your ore piles to see what percentage of ore is being produced in the optimal quality range. For example I was able to produce a full 60% of my Marble shards at optimal quality using a QL51 pickaxe (steel with coc 86) with 58 mining. I was mining at a rate of 0.57 skill points per hour without using sleep bonus. This is an excellent rate of skillgain. ~AspergersSyndrome, Mayor Grindewald, H9, Xanadu link to very messy google docs
  11. Hey! I'm coming up with a skillgain estimation equation for meditating! I will need help gathering data though, so if you'd like to help, please post in this thread! If you have over 20 meditating skill, please send me: - logs of all 5 of your first 5 daily meditation chances (i.e. whether or not they were successful and your skillgain amounts). Please note: I will need all 5 of the logs, not just the successful ones. - the amount of CoC on your meditation rug - your current skill level (rounded to the nearest hundredth, i.e. 40.06) - the QL and type of your rug, with QL rounded to the nearest hundredth (e.g., normal, 12.27) - whether or not you were using sleep bonus - # of affinities you have for meditation - Epic or Freedom Yes, I realize skillgain is based on a RNG but RNGs are predictable to a degree. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Please link Toys Puppeteering and Yoyo to any Main stats Characteristic skillgain. You could also add which main stat u think suits it.
  13. It's been a long day of adventuring, you've slain a dragon, your priest lost an arm and your knight will never walk again, until he enters an inn where the magical cure-all of the RPG universe awaits. Yes, your bed. It would be a nice touch if beds acted as a QL/5 power healing cover for people sleeping in them, granting one healing tick per hour offline. Rest and relaxation is important for healing! You know, sometimes inspiration comes to you while you are asleep? Dreams can answer questions you never knew you had... Once sleep bonus reaches the full amount if the player spends another 8 hours in bed (offline) they have a chance depending on bed QL (QL/5)% (and maybe modified by their soul stats?) to wake up with a skillgain buff in one random skill for 30 mins. 2x (80%),3x (18%) ,4x (1.9%) or even 5x (0.1%) skillgain during that time. There is nothing quite like breakfast, it's the meal that keeps you going until lunch and then some! After sleeping for 6 hours (regardless of sleep bonus) the next piece of food you eat will give double nutritional bonus. Because breakfast is important and it's likely a bonus most players will see once, maybe twice, every 24 hours of wurming. Finally... Well someone already beat me to it!
  14. with under 20str you cant dig on/adjacent to roads, yet attempting to still runs the action timer, and gives all the skillgains.. body, bodystrength, bodystamina, mind, mindlogic, digging, misc items, shovel ...exploit? I cant see that there are that many benefits apart from not having to drop the dirt, which is annoying and marginally time consuming. but is does allow someone with a keybind to hammer away on the keyboard every 10-15 seconds while doing something else. it's a quick way to get you to the skills needed to be a follower, or to 20str for griefing pavement, and of course because roads are often flat and level you can get a decent headstart on the digging skill without the hassle of the slopes being too steep to dig. over all i know it's not a major exploit, so may not even need rectifying, that's your call not mine.
  15. Essentially this allows one to sit on the various chairs/stools we have. What is the benefit? A small increase in skillgain for certain skills A small decrease in timers for certain skills A slight increase in the amount of hunger food restores Base all of these on chair QL. Moving ends the sitting. Optional Extra : Allow sitting on rugs for a lesser effect. Nice and simple.
  16. Hello Wurmians What it's all about: Since I play Wurm I heard a lot of ideas about how mining is done best. To verify the best methods I just started to enter my mining data into a Google Document. It's free for everyone to contribute. But please don't change anything someone else wrote (of course, right?). Requirements: If you wanna contribute you need Ago's great Wurm Skill Ratio tool. IMPORTANT: For the Wurm Skill Ratio tool to be able to work properly you have to set the skillgain increments to always (Wurm Settings -> Text -> Skillgain Tab Updates -> Always). (Thx Yaga) Oh... and a pickaxe of course. The Results: If we get enough enough data and I improve my Google Docs skills we should get some nice diagrams in the end showing us exactly what to mine at what skill to get the best results. Assumptions: - Circle of Cunning (CoC) gives a percentage increase in skillgain (f.e. a pickaxe - CoC48 increases the skillgain by 48%). - It is assumed as well that sleep bonus doubles the skillgain. - Wind of Ages (WoA) reduces skillgain since the mining timer is reduced. But since it is much harder to tell how much less skill you gain when using WoA tools I'd like to exclude WoA completely from the test for now. Assuring accuracy: To assure that the results are as accurate as possible the test requests that you only enter data if: - the mining session was at least 50 actions - (100 would be better but my time won't allow more sometimes so I won't ask it of you ) - you used sleep bonus the whole time or not at all - (no entries if sleep bonus ran out halfway) - you have no Wind of Ages (WoA) on your pickaxe - (I hope we can all agree that it reduces skillgain plus would make the test extremely complicated) - you are on Freedom - (since on Epic servers skillgain is somewhat increased) If anyone has any objections to how I wanna run the test or can show me a significant error in reasoning feel free to reply here. So if you wanna contribute you can find the document here: Mining Test - Feel free to contribute Thx for reading, Tekari TL;DR-Version: Mining Test to verify best skillgain method - if you think this thread is TL; and you DR then please don't contribute
  17. Tempering (water), sharpening (whetstone) and polishing (pelt) should get their own skill. Much like tools such as shovel, carving knife, file and such. Isn't the idea about Wurm that there is a skill for pretty much anything? Why not those 3? isn't it silly that you only get skillgain in 1 out of 5 tools when smithing? (Hammer) So I think it's about time that this changes.
  18. Today after patch i wanted to grind some WS and got surprised by very low skillgain. Got only 0.67 for 2.5 hours with SB on. That's very strange because only a few days ago i was getting around 1.5 WS in a hour doing the same. My skill is low (just 24) so i don't think that it's just slowing curve. When i looked in skill tab closely i've seen that i'm getting WS ticks only for damaging items or improving them with lumps. All other actions give only smithing , hammer or chars. Looks like a bug for me.