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Found 7 results

  1. Would be a QoL to add: Toolbelt: a empty all slots command with some "are you sure" popup, to clear all saved spots you saved on your toolbelt Skill Tracker Same as above, yet delete a certain skill tracker set. Purely QoL, but would be nice.
  2. This is not a bug, but a thought. This seems to get me a lot and sure I can't be the only one. When you right click on the Skill Tracker window to switch it to another Skill window. Go down to Load Skill Tracker and then you get another sub-menu. When you slide over to select your new Skill Tracker window, some times you don't notice you went down and now you have the Save To sub-menu open and you just messed everything up. Is there anyway to split those two options apart some how? Thanks, {Phx}Reaper
  3. Should add somewhere that you can now change the name of your 10 skill tracker setups via the skill tracker options function. Skill Tracker List window Skill Tracker Options window
  4. I would like to suggest adding a set of arrows that switches between your tool belt/skill tracker save slots. I'm thinking either to one side of the tool belt or having the arrows bracket the window. This would cut down the clicks needed for I'm finding as a fairly used option as I do several different crafts.
  5. As the title says. Pretty sure it has been suggested before, but will add anyway. Make it possible to rename the saved toolbelts and skill trackers. Atm we have toolbelt/skill tracker 1-10. Would be much easier if we could rename them. Much easier to change between them isntead of going thru them all.
  6. Looks like the skill tracker increment (number in parenthesis) is only the skill gained in the last tick. Used to show the total skill gained during the current session.
  7. The skill tracker was a nice addition, would be even nicer if we could have different skill groups, for example switchable with a drop-down list (similar to how configs are handled in the launcher).