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Found 1 result

  1. 1) Redesign of directional stances/attacks and target window. -Shieldblocking- There is 5 directions to choose from: Center, Up, Right, Down, Left. Blocking the center gives a mediocre block chance to all directions, yet a slightly higher block chance at the center. Blocking in a direction will provide supreme blocking chance in that direction (this includes high block chance vs special moves), mediocre chance in the 2 nearlying directions and poor chance in the polar oposite direction. Choosing blocking direction can be done without choosing a target and will apply to all entities engaging the player. All the player needs is a shield. Block direction just like stances are always visible. In addition choosing Left or Right will shift the blocking chance radius in the choosen direction. A message saying "XXX is protecting that area." is no longer a thing. (aka the special move blocker msg) This change incorporates perfectly with the attack direction mechanic already implemented aswell as the aimed shoots with archery. -Swing Direction- 9 directions to choose from. A drastic change is that if you aim to hit in the same direction as the enemy try to strike you, then a increased parry chance will occur. (example: when the enemy aim low and you aim low) Choosing center will spread your hit focus over all directions but with a slight focus towards the central zone (20% center, 10% in each other direction). It will give a mediocre parry chance for incomming strikes in all hitzones but without any benefitial parry chance against special moves. Choosing a direction will give increased hitfocus and parry focus for that direction and the 2 nearlying directions (excludes center). mediocre hit/parry focus to the 3 nearlying zones and low hit/parry focus to the 3 zones on the polar opposite side. (25% primary, 15% adjacent, 5% polar opposites, 10% rest) Example of a player attacking bottom left: Hit directions just like now also allows special moves to be performed. -Aimed Shots- Archery now utilizes the fight options window for special shoots. in addition to the select bar. The window lits up once the ranged option is choosen. Works just like aimed shots nowdays except that hit chances for the various target areas are slightly higher and are about the same except regular "shoot" (center icon) which has a slightly higher hit chance but a focus towards the center. Aimed shots work like special moves. Works on both players and non-unique creatures. Foot/Legshoot - Bottom. Foot: -40% movement speed for 15 seconds. Legs: -25% movement speed for 15 seconds. Hand/Armshot - Left & Right. Right side - Hand: -50% attack speed for 15 seconds. Arm: -25% attack speed for 15 seconds. Left side - Hand: -25% block chance for 15 seconds. Arm: -50% block chance for 15 seconds. Concussion - Top. -25% cr for 15 seconds. Dual Axis locations such as Bottom Right will have a 50/50 chance of performing either directions move. -Target Window- Target windows now display defensive directions, attack directions aswell as certain combat related debuffs. (2handed weapons will display the agressive stance icon instead of a shield) Yea you heard that right, you dont need to look in the combat log as much anymore. The information is already sent to the client so it may aswell display it. User friendlyness at its best. 2) Siege GUI changes Drag/drop always comes first. Repairing secondary. Load/Unload third. Winch 4th. Fire followed by unwinch 5th. Always in that order. Makes it easier to use the siege equipment and more streamlined. (there is only 8 button slots on the select bar!) Currently when a siege weapons are loaded there is no unwinching icon... This means someone spent their time making a unwinching icon but its actually never used ingame. ever. Not to mention that by activating a new item while a siege weapon is loaded the firing and unwinching option are both gone from the GUI. 3) Shield Rebalance Shields become a balance between the benefits of blocks per second and block angle zone vs attack speed and weight. Wood grants more accurate blocking, yet less blocks per second due to recoil comparable to metal. Metal also bash better. Smaller shields excell at smaller skirmishes/duels while providing proper protection against smaller number of attackers in a narrow angle and having fast attack timers. Larger shields excell at large-scale warfare, being able to take on many agressors at the same time at wide angles while having the drawback of lowered attack speed. Tower shields is the ultimate protection against projectiles and attacks. But has mobility drawbacks and poor offensive potential. 4) Heavy Infantry Equipment prenote: the equipment is presented with the equipment timers in mind. As such you wouldnt be able to switch between 2h huge axe and a tower shield in a split second while targeted. Heavy infantry equipment is only usable while not mounted. Trying to mount a vehicle/animal will be denied untill the special equipment is removed. (A message will be displayed) Naturally the equipment cant be equiped while mounted either. -Pike- Long range 2handed polearm. Too close: 0-0.75 tiles Good: 0.75-2 tiles Too far: 2+ tiles Special: 350% dmg modifier vs mounts. 250% dmg modifier vs riders. +5cr vs mounts and riders. -25% speed. can't parry. 15kg weight. Useless against targets within 0.75 tiles. -Tower shield- Pro: Supreme fullbody blocking chance, very durable at high quality and good for longlasting sieges. Quite suitable for "I don't have a clue what I'm doing" newbies. Con: -25% speed, -40% attack speed, 25kg weight, no blocking/dodging at 90 degree angle behind the user and +2cr when striking from that angle. Only made out of steel. ------------------------------------------------- 5) Alteration to essential longterm pvp skills/stats Prenote: these 3 skills were choosen due to being essential requirements for pvp combat and the time required to be "up to par". The changes here are intended to allow newer players to be able to join the pvp side of the game quicker without grinding for a half year which will most likely result in them quitting if they got a serious interests in pvp. -Body strength- Instead of the current damage reduction (X/100)-0.2 it would instead be 0.4log((X*0.8)-15)+0.07 Thus giving a damage reduction per level curve that looks like this (note: red = new, blue = old) Thus giving an effective hitpoint chart that looks like this: As can be seen effective hitpoints from body strength would gradually change per level rather than a slow start with extreme payoff at higher levels. It would allow newer players to more easily join up in combat and thus not alienate newer players. (currently they generally get asked to "grind up" for 6-12 months...) If its proven survivability is "too high", then consideration into nerfing everyone should be taken into consideration. and curves similar to the one below could be applied (black) -Meditation- Meditation just like body strength is one of the key components atm which take considerable time to produce benefitial gains, yet are extremely dependant for combat and thus is a requirement. Reduce meditation path switches to max 1 week per question. (not only does it helps newbs, it also makes path switching a proper thing for older accs with path level 11 switches taking 2 months.) Increase meditation ticks size by 3-5x. (there is no other real way to fix it. meditation is too benefitial and time consuming atm) -Fightskill- Move the current 10% gain FS barrier from 70 to 90. Treat FS more like a regular skill. It's extremely benefitial for combat by providing CR. Players would still need to hunt for their weapon skills and what not, but they wouldn't be required to hunt the current insane ammounts merely to get anywhere past lvl 70 FS. -Overall- Now i bet some players will complain about their effort/time spent doing a skill or w/e... The reason they would complain is becouse it took so much effort and time and is exactly one of the things u wanna avoid since its pvp requirements. 6) Spell resistance / AoE spells / Lesser healing spells -Spell resistance- Spell resistance would be on a 5 min timer and directly scale in strength based on the dmg/healing received up to a certain %. The resistance would give a reduction in the effect of the damage/healing received. Thus making spells less usefull, but still have some of their effect. -AoE Spells- AoE spells currently scale indefinetly in power based on the number of targets involved. So to adress this a max limit in healing/dmg per spell would be introduced. AoE spells (excludes active AoE field spells) would take into account the number of targets and divide it's output among all the targets. Healing: Check spellpower to see the healing output. Gather affected targets for the spell. Confirm they got wounds and are friendly. if not exclude them. Divide healing output per target. Pick the largest wound of the target. if its larger than healing output available then do a partial heal, if not then fully heal and reiterate untill out of healing output or all wounds gone. (if the AoE heal allow multiple wounds healed) Damage: Check spellpower to see the damage output. Gather affected targets for the spell. confirm they are hostile. If not exclude them. Divide dmg output per target (and cap it at a % dmg of the full dmg output). Apply Wound(s). Hybrid (aka Scorn): Do a damage check where it checks for targets affected, If hostile entities are found then also do a heal check for an equal value. -Lesser healing spells- A problem with the lesser healing spells is that they got virtually no use in actual combat. Mainly becouse there is no time to open someones inventory, look through all the wounds, find the best wound and then cast the spell on it. Thus I suggest healing spells such as cure light to be able to target creatures directly and when doing so after a successfull cast it automatically picks the largest wound and heal as much as it can with its healing output. Thus allowing lesser heals to be usable in actual combat.