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Found 9 results

  1. So I love the AH update, I really do. (CHONKY PONEHS FOR LYFE!) But in my opinion mules could really do with some improvements! For one, and this is the most important thing for me, they really are too small. Especially when you consider their pulling power! They're stronger than 4 draft horses but are somehow less than half the size!? I'd really like to see them a bit bigger and be a size that fits their performance better. Another thing (that I don't expect to see any time soon but would be nice!) would be to have mules' colours vary according to the colour of their horse mother. ie if you had an ebony mare you could get a black mule, and so on. I attach some pictures to show what I mean both in terms of size and colour variation. Ebony mule Chestnut mules Grey mule Also, this:
  2. A few thoughts I wish there was able to get in the game : Larger size of building even with max lv: So you can build your insane large compound into a castle instead of using tall walls Just noticed that Bdew have a servermod for that Enable steep slope building: Noticed that even with max lv Im not able to build fence in a 40 slope border, something that I would like to do Let you "Level" when surfacemining: Good to have when demolishing a mountain And over to the more insane thoughts and wishes for those who living on an island Enable caves (without water) under water level: For those times you settle on an island and dont want to use a boat/build a massive bridge over to the mainland. More decorative furniture: For the "home" feeling in the game
  3. Can someone please make a mod to increase the max size you can make buildings or make your skills 999 so you can build bigger... You would be a legend if you can make this happen! thanks
  4. It's not really important and it's like that since ages now so we got used to it but if the action queue size it's just a number why is not loaded immediately on startup like all skills do as an example. Sometimes may take longer but maybe it's because of lags i'm not sure. [06:27:30] Welcome back, Keyos! Xanadu - the great mystery. [06:30:32] You may now queue 5 actions.
  5. Hello all, what are your experiences with headless dedicatet server. I try to run a custom map at my server - but wurm unlimited server will not start., Last line in log: INFO: Finished loading Wurm IDs, that took 1.879341 millis. ... for more than 15 minutes it will not be go on and i abort. Map size 2048 will work wothout problems an fats. Maybe map size 4096 is to big for RAM and wurm server gives no feedback? AMD Athlon II X2 RAM 4GB CentOS 7.2 Greetings
  6. Sources: Wurmpedia lists ship sizes on the following page: Boathouse concept I would like to build (see the spolier): Outcome: Ability to park any ship inside a boathouse without any of its masts poking through the roof of the building. Otherwise, design the roof as bridges with spaces between them to act as roof trusses so that when a ship is parked, its largest mast sits in the open space between roof trusses. Issue: Based on the above, a Caravel is 7 long x 2 wide x 7 tall (measured in tiles). If 1 storey of a building is 32 dirts, then a Caravel is approximately 224 dirts high. Given that the boathouse concept in the link above is a 3 storey high building, it means that the Caravel's masts will poke through the bridge, i.e., roof of the building resulting in cosmetic ugliness for those who care. Option 1: One way to get around that could be to set up individual flat bridges with spaces between them, i.e., roof trusses. This way, you could park a Caravel so that its largest mast pokes up between two flat bridges, i.e., roof trusses. Each flat bridge can only be max. 3 tiles wide but building two of them to act as roof trusses with a 1 tile space between them means a boathouse can accommodate a 7-tile long ship such as a Caravel perfectly. Option 2: The other issue though is that a Caravel has 3 masts so even if you park it so that its largest mast sits between roof trusses, the other two masts may still poke through one of the flat bridges. Therefore, the next option would be to build the building high enough to accommodate the Caravel's other two masts without them poking through the roof trusses and still park the Caravel so its largest mast sits between roof trusses like in option 1 above. The downside is that you have to build a taller building resulting in the need for more materials. Option 3: The final option is creating a building(s), cliffs or land bridges that are high enough (approx. 7 storeys / 224 dirts) so that when you use a flat bridge as a roof, no masts will poke through. In this case, there would be no need for roof trusses as in Option 1 or Option 2. It's essentially the same as the original boathouse concept except the building, cliff or land bridge would have to be tall enough to accommodate the largest ship dimensions (length/width/height). The biggest disadvantage is the amount of extra materials required to build it. Also, the thickness of the bridge takes up space too so you would probably have to build 8 storeys high just to be safe and avoid any mast from poking through the underside of the flat bridge used as the roof. Option 4: Same as option 3 above except uses a combination of a building that is X storeys high and an arched bridge (with steepness up to 20) so that a 7-tile high ship such as a Caravel can be parked underneath without any of its masts poking through the arched bridge used as the roof. Questions: Since the new ship models are out, measure the following in tiles: - How long is the longest ship? - How tall is the tallest ship? - How wide is the widest ship? Bonus to also know this: - How tall is each mast on the Caravel? Who already has or is willing to measure this or are all of the ships the exact same dimensions regardless of the new models? In Closing: I realize that some people don't care about the cosmetics. Others may just opt not to build a roof at all but to me that defeats the purpose of building a boathouse that has a roof generally. I just think it would be ugly to park a boat inside a boathouse and have its mast(s) poking through the roof of the boathouse. This is the whole reason for this thread, to find the best option to avoid this issue and accommodate all ship types using a single design.
  7. Please correct me if anything looks off, but this is what I believe to be correct, after a fair amount of measuring: 1 tile is 4mx4m 1m is 10 dirt (If a cave "cube" of rock is the same height as width and depth, then it should be correct) A Xan map grid is 400 tiles, which = 1600m The map is actually 20x20 map grids. When you sail past 20, you cross, even though the map drawing looks slightly bigger. So, 20 x 1600 = 32km across the map. If all of that makes sense, then I believe there are 64 million map tiles on Xanadu. If every tile could be deeded, it would cost 6400 Gold (1c per tile to deed) and 1280 Gold in upkeep/month. Also, I believe flat top mountains to be somewhere around 10k-12k dirt high. *ALL feedback is welcome. If I am wrong or just did dumb math, I'd love to get it corrected. Thank you!
  8. When I try setting a custom screen resolution for anything below 640x480 the setting doesn't stick and defaults to 640x480. I am wanting to set the game resolution to 200x200 and lock int he window positions and sizes. I can do it for 667x699 (which is half screen for dual clients) and all the settings are saved and loaded on start up just as expected. thanks
  9. I have this adolescent horse that is the same size as a youngin'. Does the age necessarily affect the size? Are there venerable horses that are this small? Image related: