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Found 3 results

  1. Since I've been playing again, I've noticed it is a lot harder to reach things from on my cart. I almost have to be right on top of a log to pick it up, or on top of a BSB to open it. Is this because we sit now? What I would love to see is full reach from anywhere on one tile to anywhere on an adjoining tile. Sitting on vehicles makes our visibility much worse, so we need more range to balance it out. Either that, or let me choose if I want to sit or stand. I'd choose standing every time. When riding a cart or ship to battle, it does seem a bit silly to see people sitting and swinging weapons.
  2. Essentially this allows one to sit on the various chairs/stools we have. What is the benefit? A small increase in skillgain for certain skills A small decrease in timers for certain skills A slight increase in the amount of hunger food restores Base all of these on chair QL. Moving ends the sitting. Optional Extra : Allow sitting on rugs for a lesser effect. Nice and simple.
  3. My suggestion is pretty simple: Add a "sit animation", it could be as simple as making it like a gesture in "loop", doing that gesture would trigger the animation on and off. Any other animation, like walking, fighting, waving, etc. would stop that "sit down" animation loop. This would serve no industrial purpose, but I think it would broaden the chances of interaction with the enviroment. ----------------------------- O ----------------------------------- Another posibility would be that certain items have the "sit down" option in their menu when right clicking them, and the character could "embark" the item, with a sitting down animation, but I recon this would be more complicated to implement than a free sitting animation as a gesture. Maybe even a "sit on ground" animation that you can trigger anywhere.