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Found 26 results

  1. Silver coins

    Hello friends Wanted to make this a permanent thread on my account since every few days or every week i have some silver coins for sale, so, from now on gona bump it or update on the days that i have new coins for you. Standard and non-negotiable rate of 1silver =1euro. Got references too, if needed. Pm (ingame)Zoranah or Raldon for more info Thanksies
  2. Close

    Looking to sell 1g 80s Price is set at 0.85 euros for a silver. If anyone buying all the coin, price is set at 0.8 euros (1.8g for 144 euros) Verified PayPal only.
  3. WTB Silver Coins

    I am looking to silver coins, at least a gold, but will buy any amounts. PM Cedricthegreat in game or leave a message here
  4. Sold, close pls

    As title says: Selling upto 3 gold in silver coins, smaller amounts possible. Available: 0 silver Contact me ingame or on forum (Macoofer)
  5. WTB Gold coin

    WTB gold coin or silver coins, pm me in-game Nachtiti and we walk (fastest way to reatch me) but here is fine too but may go slower
  6. Hello i have to sell up to 50s 1s-1e PayPal only
  7. wts 75s(sold)

    sold, ty
  8. plz close

    Buying silver 1€=1S PM me with what you have for sale. Thanks // Dor
  9. WTS 50s

    Available: 50s 1s:1€ verified paypal is a must comment here, pm in game or send a message if interested
  10. sold

    sold pls close
  11. Hi all, I have piled up 50 silver coins for sale currently. I have a verified paypal account and a long track record of happy customers. See here: I can also walk you through the process if you are new to it. Basically you need a paypal account and a mailbox in wurm. PM me here on the forum for exchange details.
  12. [sold]

    All sold, can be closed, thanks :-)
  13. 90 Silver Coins -- Closed

    It is difficult to know what the market is these days for silver so I thought I'd try an auction. Proceeds will be used to resub my main for another year from the store. If you think the start is too high, feel free to offer lower. But frankly, silver has a fairly high entertainment value for me in-game and I can think of lots of ways to spend it. With that in mind I'm selling 90 silver. Bidding starts at 80 Euro. Buyout is 90 Euro. Increment 1 Euro. No timer and hence no snipe protection. I'll end it when I feel like it and it is entirely possible first bid takes it if we manage to connect in-game.
  14. WTS Silver Coins, Verified Paypal

    Hello, I have 50 Silver coins for sale currently. Can split them up in smaller amounts. 1 Silver coin = 1 Euro. If you take all, I am willing to give a discount. PM me for details. Thank you :-)
  15. Sold, can be closed

    Thank you, all sold :-)
  16. Coins 10-15

    Please Close
  17. WTS 34 Silver coins

    Hello! Today I have 34 silver coins for sale (1s:1e ratio). Your PayPal account is needed to be verified (best option is to send money for it as a gift instead of normal paying - we won't pay service charge). Please pm me if interested.
  18. CLOSED

  19. WTB 15-20 silver coins

    Hi I want to buy 15-20 silver coins. I'm in Deliverance Paypal verified Contact ingame (Turmoil) or by PM Thanks
  20. Sold [close]

    Hello, I have 20 silver coins for sale for 20 Euro. Have verified Paypal and you should have this too for this transaction. The coins are located on Independence. Can be sent to anyone on Independence, Deliverance, Celebration, Exodus or Chaos. Might even be able to bring an alt to Epic for the deal if required. Post here or send me a forum PM if interested. Sold! Can be closed. Thank you! :-)
  21. Wtb 50S

    I'm looking to buy 50s, but will settle for 40s if that's what you have for sale Also interested in buying more - up to a full gold coin - if you happen to be selling that amount. PM here or ingame to Asdf with offers, thanks! [edit] Got the cash.
  22. Mailbox to Chaos, Celebration, Independence, Exodus and Deliverence available at no cost to purchaser! I can provide instructions on how to move coins to the Pristine, Release or Epic servers if necessary but do not currently provide this as a delivery option. Price is simply €1 for 1 silver. So 1G is €100 Minimum amount 10s.
  23. Wtb Silver Coins(Celebration)

    Hello, I am willing to buy Silver Coins. I have got 8.2USD(6.01EUR) on my paypal account that i want to use in buying them. If anyone got an offer please PM me.
  24. Silver for sale, 10s/10E, current stock is 40s. Paypal verified, also Wurm verified as not a skeezeball. Place orders here or feel free to PM me.
  25. Wtb Small Amount Of Coin.

    Looking to buy 10-25 Silver with Verified PayPal. Forum Pm with Amount and price.