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Found 5 results

  1. We have quite a few threads reporting errors with missions requiring you to build an epic structure in a wrong location or even new ones that say 'this is not the time to build'. This has been reported a number of times and is already in the database with links to the forums where reported. In order to clean things up a bit, I'm going to reference those links here and close the other threads so that we can track the issues in one place. When reporting, please post the name of the mission and description and what server you are on and the approximate map positions you tried.
  2. Don't want to hassle with finding the right mission then traveling and setting up a building site for the epic construction piece you want? Or are just not skilled enough to create one yet!? If so you came to the right place! We have set out and constructed many of each epic structure so you don't have to and they can all be delivered from I-13 Xanadu at a 1s flat rate to any server but chaos! (If your close to the delivery boat when ordering we will waive the delivery fee, all items my also be picked up for no extra charge.) Pylon: In Stock Price: 2s Spirit Gate: In Stock Price:1.5s Shrine: In Stock Price: 1.5s Temple: In Stock (Current model is a ? Bag) Price: 1s Obelisk: In Stock Price 1.5s
  3. Hello everyone! I have question, can anyone help me understand how it works? If I buy unfinished shrine can I build it on my deed at freedom server? If the rules of shrine mission apply in this case? Does it need to be specific location, only 5x5 slabbed area or it can be finished anywhere? If it can't be built on deed can it be done on perimeter and later expand deed over it? I just want nice decoration for our deed Thank you in advance for any advice!
  4. I am looking to buy an unfinished shrine if anyone has any for sale pm me and we can go over price...thanks
  5. Since there's nothing in the Wiki, and the servers are down, I thought now would be an excellent time to provide some info on the SHRINE, a buildable object that is occasionally requested as a criteria for completion of Valrei missions. STARTING THE SHRINE: The shrine, like most buildable mission structures, provides various criteria for the location and terrain of its construction as a part of the mission briefing. As is typical, a 5x5 slabbed area that is flat seems to be the common requirement, as well as a certain area of map, along with various other criteria that sometimes appear (must be greater than 100 steps up, some X must be within Y tiles - i.e. some fruit trees or bushes must be within 5 tiles, etc.). Like most epic mission structures, it can be started with a bit of clay on a slab. Success chance appears to be around 50%, and it did not appear that any materials were consumed or damaged on failure. The unfinished shrine does have a model, unlike the temple and some other buildable mission structures that appear as a question mark bag. In the unfinished state it is approximately the size of a pile of items. MATERIALS: The components needed to construct the shrine (aside from the clay and slab to start) are: 100 brass lump 100 plank 10 small iron nails 10 slab 10 "other items" that are of medium difficulty to obtain. It is not confirmed if the "other items" are constant or randomly generated on each shrine start or mission start, and hence will not be reported or spoiled in this post. CONSTRUCTION NOTES: At time of construction (29-Oct-13), it appears "bugged" like most epic buildable structures, such that on completion you may receive the error message: This can be fixed, per GM replies, by right click -> move -> push/pull one time. The structure will not actually move, but it will become "aligned with the energies" to give mission credit and read as completed. FINISHED STRUCTURE: An example of the finished structure is pictured below. It is approximately 2-3 times the height of a well. It can be improved and repaired using the carpentry skill. Wisdom Mausoleum, located on Serenity/JKH, completed by Covenant and Mirax SCENARIO POINTS/KARMA: Also as of this posting, at time of most recent construction on Serenity, Epic Cluster (29-Oct-13), it appears Scenario Points and Karma are not split amongst the various people who contributed to the construction, despite their contribution percentages being recorded on a plaque on the shrine as with most mission structures. It is not clear if the final piece addition determines who gets the points, or the push/pull action, or the largest % contributor, but as of this post, points were only awarded to one player. GMs have replied stating they would elevate the question of point allocation to the devs for clarification.